TikTok Statistics 2024: How Many People Use TikTok?

20 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know

While there are plenty of popular social media networks out there to choose from, it’s always a good idea to choose one that gets your content in front of the most users in your target audience. Enter, TikTok. 

According to TikTok statistics, TikTok has sprung up as one of the highest-performing social media networks to date and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Starting out as Musical.ly in the US, Musical.ly was merged into TikTok in 2018 and has skyrocketed in popularity with not only younger generations like millennials and Gen Z, but pretty much all age ranges. 

You can even find accounts like @ourfilipinograndma and @fashionablegranny, just going to show that TikTok has bridged generational gaps.

Even though TikTok has proved popular, it ran into a bit of controversy in 2020 when it was almost banned by former president Donald J. Trump. 

You know you’ve made it when the POTUS is coming after you! DJT wanted an American company to take over TikTok through sale from the Chinese owners Bytedance; this was blocked on a federal level and TikTok remained prominent in the US. 

TikTok has also run into problems in countries like India, but regardless of government attempts, it’s been virtually impossible to stamp out the popularity of TikTok on a global scale.

So, exactly how many people use TikTok? 

If you want to be a success on any social media platform, it’s always useful to know some general statistics about the platform itself; however, finding relevant TikTok statistics can be tough seen as how the platform itself hasn’t been released any officially. 

For that reason, we’ve done all the sleuthing and are bringing you the top TikTok statistics on the web in 2024. Let’s go! 

Key TikTok Statistics 2024

  • 1.1 billion people use TikTok
  • Pranks is the most popular TikTok category
  • 850 minutes per month are spent on TikTok per user
  • TikTok was the second-most downloaded app in 2020
  • TikTok was downloaded 850 million times in 2020
  • It has 89 million downloads on America
  • The biggest account has 110 million fans
  • 58% of TikTok users are female

Detailed TikTok Statistics 2024

We’re starting out this list of TikTok statistics with a bang— just how popular is your niche on TikTok?

You can pretty much find any type of content you’re looking for on the platform, but if you are interested in giving yourself a boost, knowing this info helps quite a bit. 

In terms of the most popular niches and content types, all boast over 1 billion views individually.

Entertainment is the most desired content on TikTok with over 443 billion total views. Whew! That’s a lot of eyeballs watching! 

After entertainment, dance is the most popular, which comes as no surprise since a huge staple on TikTok is dance challenges. Dance has significantly less views with only 150 billion, respectively. 

Following entertainment and dance are the following categories: 

  • Pranks — 54 billion views 
  • Fitness — 43 billion views
  • DIY — 29 billion views
  • Beauty and Skincare — 22 billion views
  • Fashion — 18 billion views
  • Recipes — 13 billion views
  • Life hacks — 8.3 billion views
  • Pets — 8 billion views
  • Outdoors — 1 billion views

According to TikTok statistics, it’s clear that entertainment and dance take the cake in terms of TikTok popularity, there’s no doubt that TikTok users are branching out and viewing content in other niches, giving you a good shot to get your content in a feed on TikTok and be discovered by more viewers. 

2. Engagement Rates: Highest of Any Social Media Network

Yep, you heard that right! The key indicator of social media success — engagement — is the highest on TikTok, according to TikTok statistics.

Data from Upfluence has illustrated that TikTok outshines Instagram and YouTube as the engagement king. 

Here are some TikTok statistics on engagement rates across the three platforms for comparison: 

  • Instagram micro-influencers: 3.86% engagement rate 
  • YouTube micro-influencers: 1.63% engagement rate
  • TikTok micro-influencers: 18% engagement rate
  • Instagram mega-influencers: 1.21% engagement rate
  • YouTube mega-influencers: 0.37% engagement rate
  • TikTok mega-influencers: 35% engagement rate

As you can see from these TikTok statistics, TikTok clearly outperforms the other platforms while YouTube is known for lower engagement levels, relying more on video views. 

3. Consistent Increase in View Time: 850+ minutes per month  

View Time

Statista has brought us this TikTok statistic, showing that TikTok users average 858 minutes per month viewing the app as of March 2020 in the US. 

Comparing from previous TikTok statistics spanning from October 2019 to March 2020, the increase has been sharp: 

  • Average view time of 442 minutes in October 2019
  • Average monthly view time of 526 minutes in November 2019 
  • Average monthly view time of 561 minutes in December 2019 
  • Average monthly view time of 680 minutes in January 2020 
  • Average monthly view time of 732 minutes in February 2020
  • Average monthly view time of 858 minutes in March 2020  

As of March 2021, TikTok statistics suggest an increase to roughly 52 minutes per day, or 1,612 minutes per month.

Almost double! Thanks, COVID-19. In any case, people spend a lot of time viewing videos on TikTok and the numbers prove it. 

4. App Downloads on iPhone 

Another way we can check the success of an app is to track the monthly downloads on the iPhone app store.

While this can vary greatly depending on the time period that one is taking a look at, TikTok has continually been a high performer according to TikTok statistics. 

Overall, TikTok has 459.2 million downloads on the Apple App store alone, accounting for 24.5% of TikTok’s total downloads.

On 2020’s list of most downloaded apps, TikTok scored the 2nd spot, beat out only by Zoom (again, no surprise— thanks COVID!)

TikTok had more downloads than even the most popular social media networks— Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s not the first time, either— TikTok was the fourth most popular app in 2019. 

We’ll have to see how TikTok continues to perform, as now that more people have the app, it will be interesting to see how their overall download numbers fare on the App Store. 

5. App Downloads for Android

Now that we’ve covered the App Store, we’ve also got to take a look at Android to understand TikTok’s overall download performance according to TikTok statistics.

Combining both of these metrics, TikTok comes out as the #1 downloaded app on a global scale in 2020. 

In 2020, TikTok was downloaded 850 million times worldwide. WhatsApp is the second most popular, with roughly 600 million downloads. 

In the Google Play store specifically, there are a total of 1.5 billion downloads overall, which is 75% of all downloads of TikTok.

TikTok surged in popularity in South America at the end of 2020, with the highest downloads coming from Brazil. Although not in South America, Mexico was second after Brazil.  

Following these countries are US and Russia with over 2 million downloads a piece. 

6. Global Popularity: #1 Most Downloaded App 

As we can see in the previous statistic, TikTok has dominated global popularity with the most downloads worldwide. This includes downloads of TikTok’s Chinese counterpart, Douyin, providing a quarter of all downloads. 

TikTok statistics show it was also incredibly popular in the US with about 89 million downloads; in India, TikTok hit about 120 downloads with no regard for the government ban on the app from July and after.

This goes to show that people want TikTok. 

In fact, the total number of lifetime downloads between both the App Store and Google Play come out to roughly 6 billion downloads. 

In the first quarter of 2020, TikTok was at its high point with an overall download count of 315 million (SensorTower) with the highest downloads in March, mirroring the current events unfolding in terms of COVID-19 and quarantine mandates on a global scale.

This data is no surprise considering that entertainment is the highest performance category of content on TikTok; people needed some relief in their lives and TikTok in at the right place at the right time.  

7. TikTok Monthly Active User Counts

TikTok Active User Counts

Along with downloads and view time, TikTok active monthly user counts have been skyrocketing as well.

Don’t be fooled, however— TikTok has been quietly waiting in the wings for a while now. 

If you look at mid-2018, both TikTok and Douyin already hit a total of 500 million global monthly active users, which in part is due to the high level of users in China.

If you asked someone in the US what TikTok was in 2018, most people probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you. 

Since then, the monthly active user count has steadily climbed, as to be expected with the amount of actual downloads.

Currently, the estimated monthly active user count on TikTok is roughly 1.1 billion. 

This is a huge deal, considering the following usage statistics: 

  • Facebook: 2.8 monthly active users
  • YouTube: 2 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram: 1 billion monthly active users 
  • TikTok: 1.1 billion monthly active users 

Yes, that’s right! In just a few short years TikTok/Douyin is giving social media giants a run for their money. Considering they’ve been around for 10-15 years, it’s pretty impressive. 

8. Highest Number of TikTok Fans: Closing in on 110 Million

The most popular person on TikTok is @charlidamelio with roughly 109.8 million fans on TikTok.

If you take a look at Instagram for comparison, she only has 39 million, giving a good example of how different social media platforms can have different outcomes. 

Building a cross-platform presence on social media is a big deal, and when you note the potential to reach more users in your target audience, you may find you have more success on one network over another. 

This is also due to the content offering and user base of each social media platform.

In any case, @charlidamelio took TikTok by storm and breezed right by the previous record holder, Loren Gray, in March of 2020. Gray had roughly 41 million followers at that time. 

Other top accounts on TikTok include Addison Rae (74.3 million followers), Zach King (54.5 million followers), and Bella Poarch (52.4 million followers), just to name a few.

There are 5 accounts that now surpass the one-time record holder Gray. 

9. Women Use TikTok More Than Men in the US

It’s a man’s world, as the song goes, but if you’re on TikTok, women can definitely make a difference in your viewership! The platform has become more popular with women as opposed to men.

This is based on United States users. 

As of 2020, 58.4% of all TikTok users were female, while males came in at about 41%.

The numbers aren’t too far apart, but when considering millions of users, the difference is actually quite large; the age of men and women who use the platform most frequently also vary. 

Largest female user base: 20 to 29-year-olds 

Largest male user base: 10 to 19-year-olds 

As you can see, there is quite a large difference in terms of who uses TikTok most, so knowing this can help you reach the right target audience.

TikTok India

In contrast to the US, TikTok is widely more popular with males. Over 90% of TikTok users are male in India as of December 2019.

The main population of males using TikTok are in their 20s, making them older than most other male users in other countries.

In other countries, the majority of male TikTok users are usually in their teens. 

11. Language Support: How Many Languages is TikTok available in? 

The number of actual languages available on TikTok has been iffy; some sources say 75 languages, some say 45, and some say 39.

This information may change depending on whether or not languages are added or removed, but in any case, there is a minimum of 39 languages available in over 150 markets, making it widely available to many different types of users.

You can change the default language on the app as you please. 

With so many default languages available, TikTok truly is an international app that makes many different markets feel a part of the community.

Even though much content is in English and English is a global language, having first-language support is a big plus for many users.  

12. Over 600 million Douyin users in China  

As we mentioned, TikTok has a Chinese counterpart, Douyin. Douyin is the top app in its market in China and their parent company ByteDance is the owner of TikTok.

It’s worth noting that Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok and has been around for longer. 

Currently, Douyin averages 600 million daily users. That’s up from only 250 million in January 2019. Douyin, just like TikTok, continues to grow exponentially.

This just goes to show that the creators of TikTok/ Douyin really knew that they had something great. 

Douyin remains at the top of the competitors’ list when looking at other companies such as Kuaishou and Bilibili.  

13. How Much is TikTok Worth? 

We can also see something about the value of TikTok by looking at its overall net worth.

Since ByteDance is a private company, understanding exactly how much TikTok is worth is a bit of a challenge, but we can take a look at investor offers to understand just how valuable the app is perceived to be. 

ByteDance itself is estimated to be valued at $180 billion, which is a huge figure.

TikTok has been under the eye of many investors trying to take it off of ByteDance’s hands, with offers as high as $50 billion dollars to acquire the app. 

As of now, ByteDance remains the owner and TikTok’s value is estimated to be at $50 billion dollars. That’s definitely not chump change! 

14. TikTok Creator Revenue: How Much do People Make? 

Most social media platforms really take off when money becomes involved, and there is a lot of potential for people to make a pretty penny on TikTok and Douyin. 

TikTok creators can make money from sponsorships or partnerships and content creation deals, and they can also get paid from TikTok directly.

TikTok will pay a creator when you have as few as 1500 followers, and as you gain more followers, you’ll gain more money. 

While it sounds great, TikTok doesn’t pay that much itself. For instance, if you have 10,000 followers on a live show, you can get about $100 from TikTok.

On average, an influencer gains roughly 2 to 4 cents per 1000 video views. Something is better than nothing, but not near what you can make through partnerships. 

You can gain anywhere from $200 to $20,000+ per branded video on TikTok when you gain a sponsorship deal; of course this number depends on the brand, your follower to engagement ratio, and your influencer status. There is huge potential to make money on TikTok. 

15. User Spending increased by 400% 

This is one of the biggest metrics that businesses care about— how much are users spending? Will it help with conversion and business expansion? The answer is yes. 

According to TikTok statistics and data analysis by Comprar Acciones, TikTok topped the list as the highest-grossing non-gaming app globally in January 2021.

The amount of user spending increased to $128 million, which is a 380% increase from its prior year amount. 

This does seem like a huge number (and it really is) but most of this revenue came from China, while only 8% came from TikTok in the US. 

16. 69% of TikTok Users are Teenagers in the US

Yep, you heard that right! While the generation gap has been somewhat bridged, the majority of TikTok users in the US are still teenagers.

In fact, over half of them, coming in at a whopping 69% of US users total. 

Again, this is important to understand when trying to identify a target audience and how to appeal to a variety of different TikTok users if your goal is to appeal to as many as possible. 

17. US Advertisers up by 500% 

As we mentioned, businesses and brands are looking for ways to increase their sales and find more potential customers.

Social media is one of the biggest outlets for advertising these days as a person has an average of 8 social media network accounts.

TikTok is no exception, and in 2020 the percentage of companies using the platform for advertising increased, seeing big-name brands such as Bose, Kate Spade, McDonalds, and more join the game. 

User penetration rose significantly as well, to 31.1% from a prior year figure of 17.3% in 2019.

The projection is that the platform will reach a 39.9% penetration level, showing that TikTok holds a lot of promise for conversion and advertising reach now and in the future. 

Not only that, 68% of TikTok users said that the digital ads they experienced were relevant to them in some way, showing an overwhelming majority of people who have a connection to the ads they view.

This is huge, and it was the highest number of any app. 

18. TikTok is New to Marketing 

While there are big numbers for TikTok, there is still some doubt about whether or not it’s going to pan out for marketers. Here’s how the playing field is shaping up for 2021: 

  • 58% of marketers plan to use YouTube
  • 55% of marketers plan to use Instagram 
  • 43% of marketers plan to use online ads 
  • 35% of marketers plan to use TikTok 

While this is still a pretty good number, some marketers don’t believe that TikTok will provide the best ROI; in fact, only 6% do believe that it will. That’s not surprising considering the giants that are YouTube and Instagram; they’ve always held the title for marketers.

In any case, with the increase in brands using TikTok for marketing, it’s no doubt that TikTok influencer marketing will continue to take off, especially given the high number of monthly active users as well as top engagement rates. 

Something about TikTok feels personable and casual; you can easily make a connection with your followers and that bond really may just change the face of marketing forever. 

19. Most Common TikTok Engagements 

TikTok Engagements

So, TikTok has the most engagement ratios of any social media platform, but what do users typically do?

Let’s take a look at the the most common actions across US and UK users as of 2018: 

In the past month:

  • 68% watched someone else’s video 
  • 63% liked someone’s video / followed someone else 
  • 59% logged in without taking any actions
  • 55% uploaded a video 
  • 43% uploaded a “duet” video
  • 41% uploaded a “react” video 

These TikTok statistics need a bit of updating with the influx of new users, but even still the final two percentages are very interesting.

Both of these features are unique to Tiktok, and almost half of monthly users took part in using those features. 

This indicates that the duet and react features set TikTok apart and create a big opportunity for content creation of that type to perform well. 

20. Over a Million Videos Viewed Daily on TikTok 

TikTok statistics long ago reached a huge milestone— 1 million videos viewed daily. They reached this in 2018, showing that they had a very smooth transition from Musical.ly and was becoming widely accepted. 

If we think about it now, it’s likely to be many more. TikTok has had an incredible time since they got going just a few short years ago. 

TikTok Statistics 2024: Summary

Now that we’ve wrapped up the top TikTok statistics for 2024, we’re going to give you a quick recap of the most interesting and relevant: 

  • TikTok has over a billion monthly active users 
  • It was the 2nd most downloaded app of 2020
  • The average user uses TikTok around 52 minutes/day 
  • Over a million videos are viewed daily 
  • More women use TikTok than men (at least in the US) 
  • Entertainment, dance, pranks, fitness, and beauty are the top 5 niches according to hashtag searches
  • The record for most fans on TikTok is 109.8 million (@charlidamelio)
  • TikTok has a lifetime user spend amount of over $300 million 
  • TikTok is estimated to be worth roughly $50 billion based on investment offers, while ByteDance (owner) is said to be worth roughly $180 billion
  • TikTok is becoming increasingly popular for both advertising and influencer marketing 
  • TikTok downloads and usage skyrocketed at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns 

And there you have it! Relevant and unique TikTok statistics at a glance. 

TikTok Facts

When something is popular, there is no shortage of questions about it. Before we let you go, we’re going to talk about the top 5 TikTok facts and get you those answers that you’ve been burning to know about. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. How Much Money can a TikTok Influencer Make?

TikTok Influencer

One goal of many users on TikTok is to build their reputation, or leverage one they’ve built on another social media platform, and make money off of partnerships. 

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of money that TikTok pays you is, well, pitiful. If you’re looking to rely on income provided by TikTok itself, don’t quit your day job. 

It is possible, however, to build a healthy business of influencer marketing and get some high dollar amount partnerships, especially if you can build up your audience and get to a level that would be promising to marketers, brands, and businesses. 

Some common tasks that you’d be required to do include: 

  • Promote brands in your video content as directly or indirectly as you (or the marketer) would like. 
  • Use TikTok videos to promote items you’re selling (probably connected to affiliate marketing) 
  • Cross-promote your promotions available on other platforms (commonly done with Instagram and YouTube) 
  • Creating live videos to engage with your viewers

These are just a few of the ways that you can make deals with your sponsors and partners, and you can get paid a nice coin for them.

The most popular TikTok user, Charli d’Amelio, could earn anywhere from $50k-$95k per post. 

Brands who use influencer marketing know that the reach is potentially huge for their brand and if they partner with the right TikTok influencer it could completely change their sales, brand performance, and reputation. 

That means that if you want to make good money as an influencer on TikTok, you’ve got to work on building your following and engagement first.  

It could really be worth it— there are TikTok influencers earning between 1 million to 5 million dollars and everything below. 

2. Who Owns TikTok?

In order to understand who owns TikTok, we’ve first got to understand ByteDance.

ByteDance is the company that has built TikTok into what it is today, and it was founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. 

In case you missed it, the father company of TikTok is Chinese-owned, which is why in 2020 Donald Trump claimed TikTok to be a security threat and promised to ban the app unless sold to an American investor. 

That didn’t happen, so the future ownership of TikTok will remain in the hands of ByteDance for now.

ByteDance also owns TikTok’s chinese counterpart, Douyin, making their revenue figures expansive and dominating the market in their particular category of app. 

3. What Country Uses TikTok the Most? 

The country that uses TikTok the most is the United States, with roughly 70 million users. The remaining country usage numbers are as follows: 

  • Indonesia: 22.2 million 
  • Russia: 16.4 million 
  • Japan: 12.6 million 
  • Germany: 9.1 million 
  • UK: 8.5 million 

That’s not all, though— just because those are the current countries doesn’t mean that other countries aren’t up-and-coming with huge levels of growth.

Countries like France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and the Netherlands have all proven to be very interested in using TikTok and have seen over 100% growth levels in some cases. 

4. How can I Get More TikTok Followers? 

Gaining more TikTok followers for any purpose can be a bit of a challenge, especially since there are so many videos available to watch. That being said, there are also a lot of engaged users, so that is a plus. 

One thing you should always do is know your niche and know who your target audience is. Know what hashtags are trending and always use them in your content so you can get more reach and more eyes looking at your videos. 

You can also check out competitor accounts and see what type of content is performing well, using it as a model.

Another way to gain more followers on TikTok is to engage with new users and accounts so that you can generate interest in your profile. 

There are some organic TikTok growth services that can help you do exactly that, saving you time and money, such as TokUpgrade. 

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to get more TikTok followers and since the platform is really popular but still relatively young, you have a great chance to make your impression now.

Developing top-quality content is key— always focus on what you are offering to your target audience. 

Well, that’s a great question. There are a couple of reasons that TikTok may have shot up to the levels of popularity that it has: 

  • Short content: people have short attention spans and like to be entertained quickly 
  • Interaction: users can easily interact with each other and feel involved in videos, connecting them with people and communities
  • Features: having options like duet and reaction make TikTok super personal and can help people to build bonds and make connections where it would otherwise be impossible
  • Quick feed: the feed on TikTok is very quick moving and allows users to get lost in a labyrinth of videos, one right after the other 
  • Trends: TikTok is built on trends and challenges, and it’s kind of a trend itself. People like to follow things that are happening and have something to talk about 
  • Creativity: there is an openness and opportunity to create fun and silly content on TikTok that doesn’t quite exist in the same way on other platforms 

These are just a few of the reasons why TikTok may have reached the level of popularity that it has.

Hopefully, after checking out these detailed TikTok statistics you have a better understanding of where TikTok falls in the social media landscape and where it may be going. Good luck! 




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