How Many People Use Twitter in 2024? (Twitter Statistics)

Twitter Statistics

Curious about how many people use Twitter in 2024?

Looking to expand your marketing strategy and reach more people across different social media platforms?

We’re here to help. 

Knowing the ins and outs of different social media networks can help you identify your target audience and find new avenues for generating more interest around your brand, content, creative endeavors, and more. 

Twitter is not the odd man out— while it isn’t as popular as some of the other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it’s still got a large reach and can get your content out to millions of people both in the US and around the globe. 

Twitter was launched in March of 2006 and is the home of the hashtag, which is still thriving across all social media platforms today. It’s still one of the most accessed social media platforms worldwide. 

While Twitter is popular for news and current events, it’s expanded over the years to content in all niches.

Chances are it could be a great untapped market for you, and it’s set to get even better considering Elon Musk has just bought Twitter for $44 billion.

Don’t spend hours surfing the web for relevant Twitter statistics— we’re bringing them directly to you in this article.

We’re going to check out the top Twitter statistics in 2024 that can help you to create a winning Twitter strategy. 

We’ll start with some important Twitter statistics and then get straight into it. Let’s do this! 

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Important Twitter Statistics 2024

Here’s a quick overview of some of the top Twitter statistics for 2024: 

  • Elon Musk has agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion
  • 80% of Twitter use happens via mobile
  • Carousel ads have a higher CTR over single ads
  • Twitter has 396.5 million monthly active users in 2024
  • Twitter has roughly 192 million mDAUs with increases YOY 
  • 21% of US adults are on Twitter
  • 42% of Canadian adults are on Twitter
  • Twitter is Japan’s #1 social media network 
  • Twitter Topics is followed by 70 million accounts 
  • 66% of companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing
  • B2B marketing is prominent on Twitter
  • Twitter is most popular in the US, Japan, India, and Germany 

Important Twitter Statistics in 2024

Curious about who owns Twitter, how you can get more followers, and how many people use Twitter? You’re not alone.

Those are some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the Twitter platform, and before we dive into Twitter statistics, we’re going to check out some of the answers. 

1. Who owns Twitter? 

As of April 2022, Twitter is owned by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion. This means that Twitter is now a privately-owned company.

2. What are the rules for Tweeting? 

There are some general guidelines across all social media platforms for users to stay safe and have a good user experience, and Twitter is no different. 

It’s important to stay within the rules of Tweeting so that you can ensure your reputation remains intact and you don’t get your profile suspended or shut down altogether. 

With a platform based around text and sometimes strong opinions, these are some of the rules that will keep you in line with Twitter guidelines: 

  • Posts under 280 characters 
  • No promotion or threats of terrorism
  • No child exploitation
  • No illegal activities
  • No hateful conduct or glorifying violence
  • No endorsing suicide or self-harm 
  • No excessively gory or violent media 
  • No spamming 
  • No disruptive behavior
  • No impersonations
  • No harassment or abuse 
  • No interference with elections
  • No intellectual property infringement
  • No harmful manipulation of media

Sound doable? These are the basic things that you should avoid in order to maintain your profile in good standing on Twitter.

All in all, it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid these topics and keep your Twitter reputable and safe for all users. 

The reason for the popularity of any social media platform can only be speculated, but there are a variety of things that make Twitter unique and appealing to the masses according to Twitter statistics when thinking about how many people use Twitter.

Twitter is heavily based on information and text; while you can still share media that enhances your tweets, the focus is still on the written word. 

When Twitter first started, the character max for tweets was only 140, but has since been increased to 280.

Here are a couple of reasons that could explain the popularity of the Twitter platform: 

  • Easy to socialize and engage with other Twitter users 
  • Information is easily accessible and direct
  • Global reach to millions of people 
  • Unique way to share information and opinions
  • Good for promoting events, interviews, causes, and more 
  • A platform for open discussion and info share

These are just some of the reasons that users have said they enjoy using Twitter. 

4. Can I make money on Twitter? 

It’s possible to monetize pretty much any social media platform on the web these days, including Twitter.

There isn’t one single way to do this, but Twitter does have a sponsored program that will help you to monetize your tweets. 

Here is some information about that as well as some other popular ways to increase profits on Twitter: 

  • Sponsored Tweets (you get paid a certain amount per click, must meet various requirements) 
  • Promote your own products/services 
  • Offer subscriptions or courses for purchase
  • Become an affiliate marketer and promote products 
  • Link to your website and funnel traffic out of Twitter for leads and conversion

While the monetization program that Twitter offers isn’t anything to write home about, it can be a way to make some money in addition to any of the above options for generating income on Twitter. 

Using Twitter’s audience to help boost your income is not unheard of and you can even strengthen your endeavor by cross-promoting through other social media networks. 

5. How do I get more followers on Twitter? 

 followers on Twitter

This is probably the most-asked question in relation to Twitter. More followers means more engagement, and more engagement means a better reach overall.

It will help to improve your social proof and boost your Twitter’s reputation and authority. 

If you’re trying to make money or increase your marketing efforts on Twitter, you’ll need more followers. 

Here are some options for getting more Twitter followers and engagements: 

  • Share relevant information: know your target audience and share content that they care about and want to see regularly 
  • Post visual content: including media (photos and videos) in your Tweets helps them to reach more people and get higher levels of engagement 
  • Interact: people have a higher opinion of Twitter accounts that actually engage, retweet, and respond. People will like you more if you are interactive and engaged on Twitter
  • Cross-promote: the power of social media is huge and when you have a solid presence on multiple networks you are likely to reach more people and see better results
  • Use a Twitter growth service: services like Twesocial will help you to get more real Twitter followers while you focus on other elements of your social media like content creation and captioning. 
  • Tweet consistently: if your Tweets are consistent, you are more likely to get more engagement based on the Twitter algorithm. Make sure you know your optimal posting times and Tweet consistently. 
  • Follow trending hashtags and topics: Twitter is a network of hashtags, so you need to know the ones most relevant to your niche as well as what is trending at the moment. Stay up to date on this info so that you can be part of relevant conversations on the platform. 

Focusing on these strategies can help you to bring in more real Twitter followers organically.

It’s not enough to wish for more followers— you’ve got to put in the work and do your part to get people checking out your profile. Stay visible and know your target audience. 

General Twitter Statistics 2024

These are some of the foundational Twitter statistics that can help you get a better understanding of the platform and how things are shaping up for the platform. 

1. 90% of the US population knows about Twitter

It’s not surprising that this is so high, as the integration of many social media platforms and new media outlets is all too common these days.

Even if a person isn’t on Twitter, chances are they can easily see Tweets on other websites and even on the nightly news. 

The stat is down 2% over the prior year. 95% of people in the US say that they are familiar with Facebook, and 91% know about Instagram. These are the most widely used social media networks in the US. 

You can use your Twitter content and share it across other social media networks, helping to establish your reputation and presence across multiple networks at once. This is the great thing about having networks that are so interconnected. 

2. Twitter had a 2.4% growth in its user base in 2021

Twitter knocked the predictions out of the park in 2020; it was estimated that Twitter would grow 2.8% in its user base but ended up with a growth rate of 8.4% according to Twitter statistics.

This is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so many people at home and seeking new forms of media and current events. 

In 2021, this high level of growth isn’t expected to continue. The forecast for Twitter user growth in 2021 is still upwards at a rate of 2.4%. Twitter grew its user base in 2019 and 2020, so 2021 should be no different. 

By 2024, it’s expected that Twitter will sit at a 1.6% user base growth rate, according to Twitter statistics. 

Twitter’s user base

3. How many people use Twitter in 2024?

Twitter’s daily monetizable active user count is almost 200 million.

This is something that is tracked not only by outside entities but also by Twitter itself, and it’s known as mDAUs (monetizable daily active users).

At the end of Q3 2020, Twitter had 187 million mDAUs, and they ended 2020 with 192 million. This is a 5 million difference in just a few short months according to Twitter statistics. 

What’s the takeaway here? Twitter is still drawing in mDAUs and growing pretty steadily. If businesses, brands, and creators continue to use Twitter for marketing efforts, this number could increase. 

While the number is quite small in comparison to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, it doesn’t negate the fact that there are still millions of users that are viewing Twitter all around the world,  making it a viable option for marketing and reach expansion. 

monetizable daily active users

How many people use Twitter every month in 2024?

So now we know the stats for the daily users, how about monthly? Well, the figures say that Twitter has 396.5 million monthly active users in 2024.

4. Twitter is the #6 mobile app 

On a global scale, Twitter comes in as the 6th most popular mobile app overall. This stat is based on the number of monthly active users and accounts for all mobile apps around the globe. 

It doesn’t include China, though, as China has restricted access to many global apps due to government policy and oversight. 

Even still, it’s completely possible that Twitter is used by those in China via VPN technology as with many other social media apps and general websites. 

5. Twitter turns 15 in March 2021

Yep, Twitter has been around for 15 years as of March 21st, 2021. It hasn’t hit the billion active user mark like other popular social media platforms have, but it remains one of the top platforms in the United States and in other countries around the world. 

There are plenty of users that log in and view the platform daily. This is good to know especially depending on your niche and target audience.

Twitter Statistics: Usage and Demographics

Here we’ll dissect who is using Twitter according to Twitter statistics and how they’re using it.

This is some of the most important information if you’re looking to understand your target audience better and look for new opportunities to reach more people that perhaps you’d never considered before. 

6. Roughly 20% of Twitter users are based in the US

The US claims about 66.7 million Twitter users, equalling 19.4% of all Twitter users. This makes the US the biggest single source of Twitter users around the world. This is also true for other platforms like FB, YouTube, and IG. 

Following the US is Japan, with India in third place. This has been the general trend on Twitter for quite some time now, but Europe has seen some spikes in Twitter usage in the past year, so you never know when things can change. 

7. 17% of Americans rely on Twitter for news 

Due to the high amount of US-based users, it’s no surprise that almost the same number of Americans look to Twitter to get their news as well, both domestic and international. 

Twitter statistics show that on a global scale, about 12% of people use Twitter for news.

In comparison with other social media networks, it’s a pretty low number; 36% of people claim they look to FB for news, which isn’t too surprising considering FB has the highest number of active users worldwide. 

Following Facebook, YouTube comes in at 21%, followed by WhatApp at 16% globally. Instagram is dwindling at roughly the same percentage as Twitter. 

This doesn’t mean that all of these people are Twitter users; they may browse Twitter without actually participating.

Of Twitter users, 59% say that they use the platform to get news, the highest percentage of all social media networks. 

Twitter for news

8. 5% of US Twitter users say it’s their most frequently-used social media network

Not super impressive, 5% of US Twitter users say that they use this social media network most frequently.

Considering that there are so many different social media platforms that provide different types of content and media, there are a lot of options that divide users’ attention. 

In contrast, 54% of FB users say it’s their most frequently-used platform.

Twitter is way lower than that, but even still, there are many different people who are dedicated to using Twitter every day even if it’s not the most frequently used. 

Think about your niche and what type of audience you’re looking to target. 

9. 42% of US Twitter users have college degrees

Since Twitter has somewhat of an informational, intellectual air about it that may come with a certain level of authority, it’s interesting to see that this statistic has been investigated. 

According to Twitter statistics, about 42% of Twitter users in the US have college degrees; 25% of all US Twitter users have no college education at all.

This may be relevant when considering socio-economic status, educational background and interest, as well as purchasing power. 

Males have a slight edge on all social media platforms according to Twitter statistics, but on a global scale, male Twitter users have a pretty stark lead over female users, with 70% of Twitter users being male. 

That means that 30% of users are female. There is only data for male and female genders reported. By region, things stack up a bit differently. 

The ratio of male to female is less drastic in the US, with 54% of Twitter users being male and 43% being female, Twitter statistics indicate. 

This same trend carries over to Canada, with 43% of men who use the internet having a Twitter account, and 41% of women using the internet. 

11. Twitter is the top social media network in Japan 

North America isn’t the only place that has a high number of Twitter users. Japan is the country that follows the US with the number of Twitter users, and Twitter has been ranked the #1 social media network in Japan overall. 

Japan has 64.1% of their population using Twitter; 25% of Twitter users live in the Asia Pacific region in general. 

The most popular social media platform in the US is Facebook.  

12. US Twitter users are more likely to be democrats

Many people take to Twitter to check out what’s going on in the political world, and it can be quite a heated topic. In any case, there are clear distinctions in US users in terms of a political party and who is on the platform more often. 

In fact, 65% of US Twitter users are more likely to identify as Democrats or lean towards that party; Democrats that are on the platform, are usually even farther left. 

Only 33% are Republican or lean toward the Republican party. It’s a curious statistic, but ultimately it means that Republicans are outnumbered on the platform. 

On January 8, 2021, Twitter permanently banned the account of then-president Donald J. Trump for inciting violence and encouraging violent acts such as the one that happened at the US capitol building. 

Twitter users more likely to be Democrats

13. 21% of US adults are Twitter users

This is one of the most consistent statistics to come from Twitter, indicating that the platform has solid footing and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, although it doesn’t show a lot of likelihood for huge numbers of growth. 

Twitter has increased the number of adult users 2% from 2019, and it is the 6th most popular network for use overall according to Twitter statistics.

Some other popular social media networks include Facebook (most popular, US), Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

14. 42% of Canadian online adults use Twitter

Canada is another North American country in which Twitter has become popular, showing that the US isn’t the only one making up the North American user base according to Twitter statistics. 

In fact, 42% of all online Canadian adults are users of Twitter, which is a pretty high number, showing Twitter’s strength in the country. 

Like users in the US, users of Twitter in Canada most frequently have a college degree and an annual income of over 60k. Again, while the statistic seems a bit odd, it’s important to know the educational background of your target audience as well as their purchasing power and needs. 

15. In Germany 30% more people were using Twitter in 2020

Twitter isn’t only popular in North America and Asia Pacific; Twitter showed a spike in its European audience in 2020 as well, most notably in Germany. They experienced the largest increase in Twitter users worldwide in 2020. 

In the final quarter of 2020, German Twitter users increased by 30%, a pretty healthy number. The total number of Twitter users in Germany is now 5.45 million. 

Reaching new users in global markets is becoming easier than ever and knowing statistics like these can help you understand which countries are surging in popularity and where your content might be most productive. 

16. 99% of Twitter users have at least one other social media profile 

Social media networks are common worldwide, and new ones are popping up all the time. These networks often overlap and media can be shared across multiple ones, helping to solidify your online presence. 

In fact, the typical internet user today has an average of 9 social media profiles or accounts. 

On Twitter, this holds true— about 99% of all Twitter users have at least one other social media network. 87% of Twitter users also use Facebook, and 84% find themselves on Instagram. 

Understanding the usage trends of internet users is valuable in knowing which platforms have the highest potential for marketing and reaching your target audience as well as which ones have the most competition. 

17. Twitter Topics has over 70 million Twitter followers

Twitter Topics is a pretty cool feature of the platform— this is a setting that users can activate allowing them to select trends and topics that they’re interested in and then follow them.

There is a long list of topics to choose from— over 5,000 in fact. 

70 million Twitter accounts follow Twitter Topics, showing a huge increase of 40% from Q2 to Q3 in 2020 alone. So, how do Twitter Topics work? 

Twitter Topics are similar to following a hashtag feed on Instagram. When you follow something on Twitter Topics, more content related to that topic will appear in your feed.

Understanding where your content and niche might fit into these Twitter topics is really important to connect with your target audience. 

18. 80% of Twitter usage is carried out on mobile 

The world is readily available in the hands of mobile users, and this stat about high mobile usage comes as no surprise. Twitter is available via the website or mobile app, and Twitter gets most of its traffic via mobile. 

Functionality-wise, the app and desktop versions are pretty much the same. The difference is convenience— it’s so easy to just open up the app and have a quick scroll to see what people are talking about on Twitter. 

19. 25-34 is the most prominent age rage on Twitter 

The largest age range of Twitter users falls between 25 and 34, but not by much. 28.9% of Twitter users are within those ages, but the second biggest age group is the 35-49 range, hitting an almost equal figure of 28.2%. 

This is valuable information because it means that your target audience can be virtually between 25-49 and be relevant to the most prominent age ranges on the platform, giving you more opportunity. 

20. In just the first half of 2020, 925,700 accounts were suspended by Twitter 

If the POTUS can be suspended, you certainly can too.

There are plenty of community guidelines and rules for tweeting that all users must follow in order to remain on the platform. If these are violated, Twitter can penalize you. 

In the first half of 2020 alone, 925,700 accounts were suspended, an increase of 6% over prior year. Almost a million accounts suspended— but why? 

The main reason was identified as “hateful conduct,” meaning that violence or harassment was being propagated from these accounts. This makes a big statement about the way people carry themselves online these days. 

It’s a good thing that Twitter cares about maintaining a safe and productive environment, and you should too— don’t risk your account being suspended by partaking in any of the restricted elements on Twitter. It may cost you your reputation. 

Twitter Business Statistics

Now we’ll take a look at some of the most prominent Twitter statistics regarding business to help you fortify your efforts on Twitter and understand where the platform thrives. 

21. Twitter’s valuation hit an all-time high in October 2020

Since Twitter’s launch in 2016, its valuation has varied, but it reached its peak in October of 2020. The company is valued at a whopping $39.98 billion dollars! 

22. Twitter stock price was also up by the end of 2020 

In addition to company value, the stock price was also up by the end of 2020.

This is a good thing for Twitter because in April they experienced a big drop from $34.22 at the beginning of the year to a mere $23.09 in April. 

After this, it continued to increase and landed at a 2020 high in October at $46.12, roughly doubling it’s low of 2020. That’s a good sign. 

23. Twitter video can help boost purchase intent by 34%

If you’re looking for ways to become more profitable on Twitter, video may just be the answer to your prayers.

From a business standpoint, lead generation and conversion are two of the most important things and Twitter may have what you’re looking for. 

Twitter videos may boost purchase intent by 34%, also increasing the generally positive impression of a brand or business by 14%, both of which are very encouraging statistics. 

Having a positive image on social media is always important, and using Twitter video can boost both your reputation as well as purchase intent. 

24. B2B marketing has a place on Twitter 

B2B marketing is popular on Twitter, with 82% of B2B content marketers taking advantage of the platform for organic content marketing in 2020.

Facebook has roughly the same number, meaning B2B marketing is a cross-platform directive. 

LinkedIn had the highest statistic, with 96% marketing on the platform. 

Moreover, only 27% of B2B marketers use Twitter ads, with 67% of them using Facebook ads. This means there may be somewhat of an untapped market on Twitter allowing you more results with less competition. 

25. 19% of retail banks have a dedicated customer service handle on Twitter 

Customer service is also an important part of social media for businesses, and retail banks have embraced it— 19% of them have a dedicated customer service handle apart from their bank handle. 

This helps customers to feel that they have avenues for contacting the company and getting their issues resolved on their own time in ways that are most comfortable for them.

People are interested in engaging with companies through social media and they expect to have the opportunity to do so. 

Consider social media for interacting with clients and new leads as well as providing customer service.

It’s important that you’re responsive— most people expect an answer from a company online within an hour. 

Twitter Advertising Statistics 

Twitter Advertising Stats

Last but not least, we’ll dive into some Twitter advertising statistics so you can get a better picture of what the Twitter ad landscape looks like and how viable it would be to expand your marketing efforts on the platform. 

26. Twitter’s user base offers a 353 million advertising audience

The number is up 8%, or 27 million Twitter users. It’s a good sign for advertisers that this number is increasing. 

Twitter offers support for advertisers through self-serve advertising tools, including breakdowns on the mDAU numbers as we discussed earlier.

These numbers are also increasing as well, which is a promising sign. 

27. Ad revenue on Twitter increased by 15% 

Twitter statistics tell us that advertising revenue is up by 15% on Twitter. So many marketers are looking to social media to reach their target audience.

For Twitter, most of this revenue increase comes from the US and Japan since they have the highest fraction of Twitter users worldwide. 

In Q3 of 2020, there was a lot of advertising related to events and re-opening, as well as product launches. This equaled about $808 million in ad spending. 

28. 66% of companies with over 100 employees use Twitter for marketing 

Businesses know that there are opportunities on Twitter and it shows with their engagement in Twitter marketing efforts. 

66% of companies with 100+ employees are using Twitter for their marketing efforts, using ads for marketing.

What’s more, 77% of users have a higher opinion of brands and businesses that respond directly to Tweets, meaning that an active presence on the platform is vital. 

Use a solid ad strategy and engage with your followers— you’ll be sure to see the results you’re looking for. 

29. Twitter ad engagement is up by 27% 

Engagement is pretty high on Twitter which was reflected in ad engagement. In Q3 2020, users were 27% more engaged with ads. 

This is awesome news for advertisers on Twitter considering that the price points for Twitter ads are lower than some other social media platforms. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper ad solution with good engagement levels, Twitter may be something to consider. CPE (cost per engagement) is down 9%. 

Carousel ads were recently tested by Twitter in November 2020, and it looks like they showed promise. Twitter statistics show us that it beat out single ads in terms of CTR in just that short beta test. 

This means that on both desktop as well as mobile, carousel ads outperformed single ads. On mobile, the CTR was 24% higher. Consider using various types of ads to expand your results. 


Twitter is off to an exciting start in 2022 with a huge takeover from Elon Musk, making it a private-owned company. As you can see from the Twitter statistics above, it’s a pretty interesting space that has a lot of potential in the future – but which direction it will take is anyone’s guess. As far as information goes, knowledge is power, so the more you know about Twitter through Twitter statistics like this, the better off you’ll be.


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