Innovation For Growth: Ways To Drive Improvement In Your Marketing Agency

Driving growth in your marketing agency? It’s an exciting time! You’ve seen or heard about the rapid changes in technology and consumer behavior that have impacted the marketing industry, but you might be wondering how to take advantage of them and position your agency for success.

As a savvy marketer yourself, you know that innovation is crucial to any successful business — especially one as dynamic as a marketing agency.

But what does “innovation” actually mean? And what steps can you take to foster innovation within your team?

We’ve put together this guide on how to drive improvement across all areas of your business so that it grows faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Increase Your Agency’s Efficiency

In order to increase efficiency, you should consider using marketing agency software.

This will help you organize your projects and clients, as well as manage them effectively.

There are a number of tools available for this purpose, including CRM software and project management systems.

You can also use team collaboration tools like Slack or Google Hangouts to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to what’s happening with each project and how much time has been spent on it so far.

For file sharing needs, there are plenty of options in this area too! The best part about these types of tools is that they’re usually free (or extremely affordable) so there’s no excuse not to try them out!

Improve Your Workflow

A workflow is the process of getting work done. It’s a series of steps that lead to a final outcome, and it can be improved by using software.

Workflow management software helps you manage your workflow by tracking tasks, automating repetitive processes and prioritizing projects based on their importance or urgency.

This way, you can spend less time managing and more time doing the things that matter most for your business.

Improve Your Marketing ROI

Improving your marketing ROI is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s also one of the areas where you can make a huge impact in both revenue and profit, with very little effort.

The first step is defining the problem before starting on a solution. What does “improving my marketing ROI” mean for me?

This is an important question because if your goal isn’t clear, then it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve it!

Once you’ve defined your goal (say it’s increasing the number of clients from 5 per month to 10), then set some SMART objectives against this target:

  • S = Specific – What exactly do I want? (For example: To increase social media followers by 50%.)
  • M = Measurable – How will I know whether I’ve achieved my objective? (For example: By using Google Analytics as well as a specific analytics tool like Sprout Social.)
  • A = Attainable – Am I aiming too high here? Is there any chance at all that this could happen within three months or six months depending on what kind of timeframe suits our needs best, depending on how many people are working on this project with us right now; what kind of resources we have available for them over time etcetera…
  • R = Relevant – Is this the right kind of objective for my goals? (For example: If your goal is to increase social media followers by 50%, then maybe increasing SEO ROI would be a better way to measure success.) 
  • T = Timely – When do I want this to happen? (For example: By the end of September.) You can also add a fourth T for Team – Who’s going to be involved in this project? How do we all work together best?

Increase Your Agency’s Collaboration

In order to make sure your agency is operating at peak performance, you need to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

This can be difficult if your team members are working remotely or in different offices; however, there are several tools available that can help with collaboration and communication.

  • Use project management software like Basecamp or Trello to keep track of ongoing projects and tasks. This will help ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done next and when it needs to get done by (and also let them see what other team members have been up to).
  • In addition, use a shared document system such as Google Drive or Dropbox so that documents relating to an account or campaign can be accessed easily by all involved parties–even those offsite!
  • If you’re looking for more robust solutions for managing client relationships, consider adding CRM functionality into the mix–this allows you not only store client information but also track interactions over time so that things like sales calls aren’t forgotten about between visits from clients!

Leverage Data Analysis and Forecasting

Data analysis and forecasting can be a powerful tool for driving improvement in your marketing agency.

By using data analysis to see what is working and what is not, you can ensure that you are spending time on the right activities.

You can also use it to predict what will happen in the future, so that you can make strategic decisions about how best to prepare for those events.

Finally, by analyzing past performance against goals set out at the beginning of projects or campaigns (or even before), you’ll have an idea about what needs improving when it comes time for planning new ones!

Create A Better Customer Experience for Prospects and Clients

Customer experience is a key differentiator. It’s the new marketing, and it’s critical to your success.

Customer experience is important because it has the power to impact your brand in ways that other marketing tactics simply can’t:

  • It’s measurable: You can measure customer satisfaction scores and NPS scores, as well as how often prospects come back after visiting your website or interacting with you on social media. These metrics help you gauge whether your customers are happy with their interactions with you–and if they aren’t, why not?
  • It drives loyalty: When customers have positive experiences interacting with you or working with one of your team members, they’re more likely to stay loyal over time (and tell others about it). This means fewer churners and more conversions down the line!
  • It attracts new leads: Prospects who have had great experiences working with other agencies may refer businesses like yours because they know what a difference it makes when clients feel valued and heard during each interaction.

Get To Know Your Customers’ Needs, Wants and Desires

To understand how to drive improvement in your marketing agency, you need to know what your customers want.

This can be difficult. Customers have a lot of needs, wants and desires–and these are constantly changing as well.

However, understanding these factors is key to developing an effective strategy that will help you sell products or services (and ultimately grow your business).

For example: if you’re selling coffee machines, and you find out that many people buy them because they like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning but don’t actually drink it themselves–this could lead you down an interesting path where instead of focusing on selling more units at higher prices (one way), maybe focusing on providing free samples or discounts on bulk purchases would work better?

A Great Marketing Agency Is One That Makes Sure Every Client is Happy

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that a great marketing agency is one that makes sure every client is happy.

A client’s happiness with your work will not only lead to repeat business but also referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

In order for you and your team to deliver on these promises, you need to have clear expectations from both sides at all times.

You should be asking questions like: What is my role? What are my responsibilities? How can I best serve this client? And so on…

The more clarity there is between you and your client about who does what and when it needs doing by–and what happens if something goes wrong along the way–the better off everyone will be!


We hope that this article has given you some ideas for how to improve your marketing agency.

Remember, it’s not just about making more money or getting more clients–it’s also about having a good time and being proud of what you do!

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