Web Development Vs. Software Development: Which Is the Better Career?

Web Development Vs. Software Development: Which Is the Better Career?

We are all familiar with the terms “Web Developer” and “Software Developer”, even if we aren’t sure what it means. Novice or new trainees often confuse both the words to be the same, which could not be further from reality.

But if you are trying to crack interviews for development jobs, you must understand the difference between both terms.

Even though both professions are branches of the same tree, they denote different areas of proficiency.

In this article, we discuss the similarities and variance between both to understand the ideal career path for you.

Variance Between Web and Software Designer

Web and Software Designer

Web Development: Web designers build engaging and SEO optimized websites for businesses. The job responsibilities can range from easy image processing to complex data processing.

To be successful in the role, web developers need to be creative to build a website from scratch. They need to understand the aims and objectives of businesses to have more clarity on the User Interface of the website.

Software Development: Software designers are accountable for designing complex applications used on mobile or computers. They create, personalize, test, document, modify and rectify the application based on consumer response and business objectives.

How to Become a Web or Software Designer

Web and Software Designer

Once you have comprehended the foundations of coding, you need to work on your technical aspects to master web development.

Both fields are reliant on coding expertise. However, to succeed in the role, both software and web developers need to sharpen different skill sets.

A web developer would typically need to hone their advanced JavaScript skills. They must also have a robust foundation in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to get started with designing a basic website that they can build from group up.

Just like web developers, software developers also need to be highly skilled at writing codes that can be tested, modified and repeated as needed.

They must have a clear focus on the business model and their objectives, which they can incorporate within the software to engage with the end-users.

Software developers have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders as they are expected to upscale the business while improving the revenue stream from operations.

Software developers need to be more detail-oriented, knowledgeable and experienced to build an app that includes a range of skills such as DevOps – primarily used to collaborate development and software operations.

Compensation Statistics

Both career paths have their own advantages and limitations. Software developers have a higher average salary, while web developers earn high hourly wages depending on the market demand.

Web developers also enjoy lots of flexibility as they can work from any part of the world and yet produce precisely what the company is looking for.

Software developers at top custom software development agencies have higher success in cracking jobs of MNCs or government organizations.

They often have to work closely and collaboratively with programmers. Working hours can be stressful as they need to work on-site with the entire team and business executives.

Compensation options for web developers are enormous in terms of hourly or yearly income. Interface designing or web automation are some of the primary skill sets for web developers.

With considerable experience and knowledge in the field, they can slowly climb up the corporate ladder to reach the position of web managers of engineers.

Though both professions entail similar skill sets, the outcome or end result produced is in no way comparable to each other. Apart from being a coding expert, software developers often need to understand the legality of business and regulations within which it can operate.

As per statistics released by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median salary for a skilled web developer can grow by 13% between the years 2018 to 2020. The average compensation of web developers can go as high as $75,000, depending on years of experience and expertise.

On the other hand, a skilled software developer’s median salary can go as high as $103,620. However, web developers can firmly earn potential with the benefit of providing freelance services by working with multiple firms at a time.

But the career paths come with their unique set of benefits and challenges, and how you tackle them will decide your success in the field.

Getting Started as a Professional

If you have creative flow and like to work with flexibility and independence, then web development is the right career path for you.

Getting a job as a web developer can be pretty challenging as a fresher. Hence, getting hands-on experience via mock tests could help in honing and practising required skills.

Mock tests often provide stimulation tasks, including fake brand names and model websites.

On the other hand, software development requires more than just practising. It requires real-time coding and application development experience.

The best way to start is by applying for internship positions to get corporate exposure and work with a knowledgeable and helpful team. An internship can be a massive help in building confidence and developing teamwork and collaboration abilities.

Also, having a solid foundation in C++, Java, Visual Basic, and SQL servers can give you an edge over the rest of the candidates.

In both professions, the thing that matters the most is your zeal and passion for learning. Having a degree won’t do much in the field if you don’t like learning and implementing coding in real life.

The broader your skillset is, the higher will be your options to choose from.

Final Verdict: Web Developer VS Software Developer: Which is better Career Option

Web and Software Designer

From the discussion so far, it must be clear what it takes to be successful in both the professions and what their pros and cons are.

Web Development is growing exponentially and is expected to be a world of a trillion-dollar industry in the next couple of years due to the growing online presence.

Software Development is key to a successful and stable business that enables the team to engage with the target audience directly or offer their service to boost customer experience.

Depending on your passion, drive and interest, any field could be the best if you are willing to put your 100%.

However, before taking the next step, you need to ensure you don’t turn your back on coding and constantly learning and expanding your technical knowledge.

The key is never to stop learning and being curious to apply new coding structures within the existing platforms. Having proficiency in any field will give you enough exposure to a multitude of opportunities while rapidly boosting your income stream.

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