Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

There has been a significant increase in the number of people using their smartphones for online activities.

This sharp increase in mobile users has coincided with a decrease in desktop users which means the desktop is no longer the primary way we visit websites, get information or even shop online. Because of this, businesses are being forced to move to where the customers are to gain a competitive edge.

If your business does not have a business app, a lot of your present and potential customers could likely be moving to your competitors. With businesses pivoting towards a mobile-first approach, we are going to look at why your business should have a business app and what benefits you stand to gain.

Increased Engagement

A mobile app is vital if you would like to keep your current customers engaged with your business or brand.

A mobile app is much more beneficial than a website in this regard because mobile apps can be built to include features that would otherwise not be integrated into a website. Because of this engagement, mobile apps act as reminders to your customers to keep engaging with your business.

This is especially true if you have periodic push notifications that aleter customers with exciting and beneficial information.

Increased Sales

Mobile apps are an efficient channel for customers to purchase from you. In many cases, mobile apps simplify the purchase process which improves the likelihood of customers purchasing from your business and not abandoning their carts.

A competent app development company should be able to streamline your sales and purchase process so customers find it easy to navigate, do not get frustrated during the purchase process and, therefore, become much more likely to purchase. Appetiser, a web and mobile development company based in Australia, comes to mind.

Appetiser has built mobile apps for some of the biggest brands in the world and yours could be next. They do not stop there though, because they also help you market your app idea.  


Almost everyone owns a smartphone. So when looking for a convenient way to engage with a brand, browse or shop, customers will likely reach for their mobile app.

Opening a browser to visit your website wastes a lot of time and this is where the convenience of a mobile app comes in. Engaging with your business or even buying from becomes as simple as clicking on one icon on their homepage.

With this convenience, you will always be in your customers’ palms which leads to higher engagement and interaction with the business which results in increased sales. 

Personalized Communication

People do not like generalized messages. A business app gives your business the ability to personalize its communication by leveraging the personal information your customers provide when they sign up or as they use the app.

This allows companies to craft content and messages to individual users. This is extremely beneficial as more and more users expect all engagements they have with different brands to be personalized.

Personalization in this way can help customers form deeper connections with your business which will lead to better engagement and better sales outcomes. 

Direct Marketing

Using personalized messaging and push notifications, businesses can use their mobile apps to do direct marketing.

This is where the business pushes products they are sure their customers will love because they already understand the customers through their user-profiles and submitted information. In this case, push notifications become a direct marketing tool and a way to remind customers of the existing great and new product and services.

Brand Awareness

A business app ensures your customers are constantly aware of your business and increases the frequency of communication with your business.

Regular interaction like this fosters loyalty and trust. Also, it has been proven that the more a customer engages with your business, the higher the probability they will purchase from it. Because of this, mobile apps have become potent tools for building and promoting brands.

Better Customer Service and Support

Customer experience influences purchase decisions all the time. People do not like to shop or buy from brands they have had a bad experience with in the past.

Customer services and support is one part of the experience equation and mobile apps do help improve this experience. They do this by not only providing relevant information in a timely manner but by also giving customers additional channels they can use to reach your business.

By doing this, people can get the information or help they need, anytime they need it which makes for a better experience when users engage with your business. 

To ensure a good experience, it is important to make the process of contacting your business intuitive and easy and the response helpful and almost instantaneous.


There are so many benefits to having a business mobile app developed.

Two of the main reasons are increased sales and competitiveness. Do not allow your customers to shift to other businesses that have business apps so have one built for your business today. 

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