25 Top YouTube Statistics for Marketers in 2021

2020 was a pretty impressive year for YouTube, as people turned out in droves to create videos in all different genres.

The YouTube statistics that we are going to talk about below showcase how people are using the popular video sharing platform right now and will give you an insight into what marketers need to know to connect with their target audience effectively.

Top YouTube Statistics

1. YouTube Has More Than 2 Billion Users

This isn’t as many as Facebook, but YouTube is still up there with two billion logged in monthly users.

What’s interesting about You Tube that makes it unique is that it’s easy to watch content without even creating an account, so logged in monthly users actually underestimates the total number of people watching content on YouTube every month.

2. Majority of American Adults Use YouTube

74% of adults in America use YouTube, which is more than Facebook, coming in at 68%.

This is almost twice as much as 3rd place, which is unscramble 40%. Needless to say, YouTube is the most popular online platform in the states.

3. Majority of 15 to 35 Year Old’s Use YouTube


77% of users between the age of 15 and 35 years old used YouTube.

This is the majority for users in the states, but only just. 73% of Americans between the ages of 36 and 45 use YouTube, and 70% of those aged between 46 and 55 use it as well.

What is really interesting about this statistic is that it shows a very different pattern to other social platforms, where use usually drops off sharply in the older age groups.

4. Majority of Kids Watch YouTube

80% of parents in America that have children under the age of 11 years old say that their kids watch YouTube. 53% of these parents say that their children watch videos on YouTube at least once a day.

This is another interesting statistic, and is different other social networks, where the minimum age of use is 13.

5. OTT Watchers Watch YouTube

OTT means ‘over the top’, and it talks about streaming services that are watched on TV. 94.5% of Americans who watch videos that they stream on their television are watching YouTube.

This means that You Tube is the most popular video platform in America. Netflix takes up second place at 74%.

6. 16% of YouTube Traffic is American

YouTube Statistics

We already know how popular YouTube is in America. However, what’s interesting is that only a fraction of all traffic around the world that goes to YouTube comes from the states. 16.4%, to be exact.

It is the largest source for YouTube traffic, but it still doesn’t make up the majority.

7. Majority of YouTubers are Male

56% of YouTubers are male, while 44% are female. While there are still plenty of women on YouTube watching and creating content, they don’t make up the majority.

8. YouTube is Second-Most Visited Site

The first? Google, of course.

9. It is the Second-Most Used Social Site

The first? Facebook.

10. People Watch Over a Billion Hours Every Day

People on YouTube watch more than a billion hours of video every day around the world. This is a huge amount of content being consumed every day.

11. Over 40 Minutes Are Spent on Average on YouTube

YouTubers that are over the age of 18 spend 41.9 minutes on YouTube every day. This includes all devices that YouTube can be watched on, from desktop and laptop, to TV and mobile.

12. YouTubers Like Watching on Mobile

YouTube Statistics

40.9% of YouTube’s watch time occurs on mobile. What’s interesting is that more people have been spending their watch time with their TV, so this number has been shrinking.

However, this is still a huge amount of watch time being dedicated to mobile.

13. 8 Pages a Day Are Consumed by the Average YouTuber

People aren’t just coming into YouTube quickly only to leave again.

The majority of people are looking at an average of 8.89 pages on YouTube a day, which of course increases the overall viewing time, and the amount of content that is being consumed.

14. A Huge Amount of BLM Content Was Viewed in June

The ways that people viewed content on YouTube in 2020 changed dramatically halfway through the year. In the first 10 days of June, BLM videos were consumed four times more than any other time of the year.

15. Beginners Got Popular in 2020

A huge number of videos with the word ‘beginner’ in the title were viewed in March and July of 2020, and around the world, videos within this category comprised more than 9 billion views.

A lot of people were teaching themselves how to do something, and a lot of people picked up a new hobby as the world faced lockdown.

16. 100 Billion Hours of Gaming is Consumed on YouTube

YouTube Statistics

There are now more than 40 million gaming channels active on YouTube, and more than 80,000 gaming channels have more than 100,000 subscribers. Minecraft was the most watched game with a whopping 201 billion views.

17. Majority of People Used YouTube to Get Fit

72% of people using YouTube in March used it to get fit and exercise at home.

18. Home Office Became Popular

Videos that had the phrase ‘home office’ in the title increased 210% in popularity in March 2020, and daily uploads of the same content increased 700%.

19. Livestreams Increased Exponentially

Or 45%, to be exact. This was just in the first six months of 2020. This is not surprising considering most of life was cancelled for the year.

20. B2B Decision Makers Rely on YouTube

50.9% of B2B decision makers relied on YouTube to look up information about purchases. This was ahead of even Facebook.

21. The Majority of Viewers Bought from a Brand After Hearing About it on YouTube

70% of viewers bought a product from a brand after hearing about it through a video on YouTube.

22. YouTube Ads Highly Targeted

YouTube Statistics

YouTube ads that are targeting people with intent have 100% higher lift than those targeted by other things, such as demographics. People watching YouTube ads also tend to watch the ads for longer than on other social media platforms.

23. Nike Top YouTube Ad

The top YouTube ad in 2020 in America was Nike’s ‘Never Too Far Down’.

24. More Than 5 Billion Dollars in Revenue

YouTube Statistics

In the states, YouTube will make more than 5.56 billion dollars in marketing revenue in 2021. This is more than a billion and a half more than what YouTube made from America in 2020.

25. Number of Channels Making Money Going up

The number of channels on YouTube making $10,000 USD a year is growing and grows by 50% year on year. The number of channels earning more than $100,000 USD a year grew by more than 40%.

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