5 Best Instagram Username Generators to Create Handles in 2024

A Guide To Instagram Username Generators

Quick Note: This article is about using an Instagram username generator, which is not to be confused with an Instagram hashtag generator.

Instagram is the second most used social media app on the face of the earth, with an estimated 1 billion users globally.

With that many users on the platform, how can you make sure that you stand out?

Choosing A Username or Handle

An Instagram username is the social media equivalent of your own personal brand.

Choosing the right username can be tricky especially if you’re trying to give off a particular aesthetic with your feed.

You don’t want a name that is too long, full of underscores and tricky to read.

You need something that expresses what you want to convey, but it needs to attract other users attention.

With all these factors coming into play, how do you go about generating a username? We’re all guilty of being sat staring at our screens only to default to the tried and tested username; our own names.

Thankfully, there are now loads of Instagram username generators available online to help you through this creative block, here are the best ones we’ve found!

Each username or handle generator has different strengths, some are awesome if you are looking to get creative, others are great if you are looking to convey your business or brand.

Top Instagram Username Generators 2024

1. SpinXO


SpinXO is a highly personalized Instagram username generator, this one is ideal for someone who wants a catchy and descriptive name for their own feed.

The site itself has an awesome user interface and is super easy to use. You can enter as many or a little information into the six boxes’ as you desire.

The more information you enter about yourself, the more likely you are to get a user name that represents you and your brand.

The minimum that you need to put in is your name, from here you can think about what you are like as a person, a little self-reflection never hurt anybody!

Are you bright? Cheerful? Or Sullen and dark? Well, whatever you think reflects you, enter it into the box!

The more you add the more personal the outcome will be. What about your hobbies? Do you go to the gym and work out regularly?

And if you do work out, think about things you like and then important words, such as strength.

The more links you can make the stronger the username will become! Finally, you can chose how many characters you want the username to be, then press spin.

A good think about SpinXO is that you get 30 options to choose from, and if you don’t like the ones it has given, simply change some of the information in the boxes and start again.

2. Jimpix


Jimpix is faster to use than SpinXO, all you do is enter your name and then choose one of 35 different categories, if you’re feeling brave, you can even select random.

Unlike other handle or username generators, Jimpix’s categories really are random, you don’t find birthstones or favourite colour in the options here.

You can choose topics such as Shakespeare or nosey words. What makes Jimpix an awesome generator is that you don’t lose your name, so your handle still remains personal. It just gives you options of adding a prefix or suffix to the selected name.

You can select more advance settings, such as length of user name as well as start letter, so if alliteration is your thing, this is the generator for you. It also throws out over 40 options for you, so you won’t be short on ideas.

3. LingoJam


The user interface of Lingojam is a real selling point, out of all the username generators we have tried this is by the far the easiest and quickest to use.

This does come at a cost though, when you type in your name or selected word, Lingojam pours out infinite options that we could never have considered in our wildest dreams.

Some of these names are so far from related from your selected word that we aren’t even sure how they are generated.

Having said that, Lingojam gives you options that you would have otherwise never considered, so it may well throw out the exact type of username or handle you are looking for!

4. Username Generator

Username Generator

As we said before, a handle or username is key to grabbing and retaining your audience.

Something short and sharp that accurately reflects you and brand is what you need your handle to do.

Username generator is awesome as it counts characters, you can select three options: equal to or less than 10, equal to or less than 15 or equal to or less than 18.

It is also super easy and efficient to use, simply put in your name or the word that you want to use, the length that you want it to be then click generate.

We found that Username generator gives some really good viable options that relate to your name or your chosen subject matter.

This generator would be really good for someone who wants to stat an Instagram profile for their business or hobbies.

You can determine how you want your audience to view your brand or yourself and then create the username accordingly.

The better the username or handle reflects you, the better the chances that it’ll stick in the audience’s mind, but don’t make it too long!

5. Username Buddy

Username Buddy

Username Buddy is ideal for people who are searching for anonymity online, this could be for a finsta (fake Instagram) account or a username to protect children whilst they are online.

The possibilities here are literally endless and you can be sure that you can generate a username that does not reflect you, your gender, your beliefs or any other personality trait.

You can have the option for inputting your name into Username Buddy and seeing what it comes up with, but the best part of this generator is that the ideas it gives you really can be used to protect yourself and children online by hiding behind the anonymity of an obscure username.

The platform is really easy to use and you can select as many or as few options as you wish.

The beauty of this platform is that you can select your prefix and suffix from a large random selection and then chose the beginning letter of the handle, the results that this platform garners are creative and can be used to shield your own name.

Final Thoughts

Selecting an Instagram username or handle can be really difficult.

We can spend hours blankly staring at our edit bio screen and come no closer to choosing a name that isn’t already our own, becoming frustrated and eventually defaulting back to our original.

Whilst the Instagram username generator sites throughout some options that you would never use, they provide you with the basis for some really good option that you may not have considered previously.

The key to a good username or handle, especially if you are promoting yourself or your business is to keep it short and simple and try and get it to reflect you and what you do.

You don’t want a username that is 20 characters long, full of underscores or other complex figures.

All the Instagram username generators we have reviewed here are super easy to use, although some take more considered thought than others, they will all give you some creative ideas that you hadn’t previously considered.

A great name can be the difference between large organic Instagram growth, and none.

Another benefit to generating usernames that are random, is that they can protect our identity online, this is particularly prevalent when children or young teens use applications lie Instagram.

These Instagram username generators mean that you can create a name that doesn’t represent gender or age and can keep the identity of the user safe and anonymous!

Have some fun generating a new username or handle, who knows, one of them might stick!

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