A Guide to Social Distancing in the Age of TikTok & Social Media

A Guide to Social Distancing in the Age of Social Media

Most, if not all of us have now been told to self-isolate and stay at home as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout every community around the world, more and more people are considering social media as a way to vent, a means of entertainment, and a creative outlet that they can capitalize on while they are banned from being out in the world.

However, can using social media too much while you’re stuck inside your house takes a toll on things like your mental health. Let’s talk a little bit about this issue and how you can make the most of social media while at home without overdoing it.

Think of it as Physical Distance


If you’re located in any of the major cities or countries around the world right now, then there’s a good chance that your government or state has put sanctions in place requiring you to stay at home and stay away from others.

In the beginning, this included large social gatherings, like sports games, but now this has been extended to anyone outside of your immediate family. One of the best things about the modern world of technology means that we might be physically distant from others, but we can still socially connect with them through our phones.

Whether it’s through FaceTime, Skype, or social media, there are a lot of ways to stay connected to people that we love and care about right now.

It’s All About a Balance

Social media is a great way to truly connect with those that you miss, but it’s important to remember that if you’re feeling lonely or anxious, these feelings can be exacerbated if you spend a lot of time online.

A lot of the time, mental health is a big reason why people choose to opt-out of social media for a while, so if you’re logging in a lot to stay connected to people, remember to check in with yourself regularly and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. 

Try Directed Communication


When checking in with yourself regularly and making sure that you’re okay when it comes to how much time you’re spending on social media, it’s also worth trying out other means of communication at this time as well.

From an email to a text message or a phone call, there are plenty of ways to connect with those that you care about in a way that is one-on-one and intentional. You could even consider connecting with someone that you haven’t talked to for a little while.

Everyone wants to feel a little bit more connected at this time, so even just a simple text message can go a long way.

Use Humor

Right now, there are tons of celebrities that are making the most of their time at home, and in light of trying to keep the morale up with their followers, they have been posting humorous, often educational videos about the coronavirus.

Some have even put up videos talking about the best ways to wash your hands for 20 seconds, and what songs you can sing to make sure you get all the way up to 20. In tough times like these, where everyone is affected, a little humor goes a long way.

Check out these celebrities, making the most of their influencer online to keep people engaged and positive.

Foster That New Relationship

online dating apps

If you’re two weeks into a brand new relationship, don’t despair and pull the plug already! There are a lot of people out there that could attest to how successful online dating apps can be, and one of the biggest reasons why we have a luxury like this is because of technology.

If your new flame is hunkered down at home with their immediate family, and you are with yours, there’s no reason why you can’t continue down the road of your relationship – just from a distance.

If anything, it will a great test to see if it can last the distance, and if both of you are just as keen to keep things going when we can all get out again, all the better for it.

Let’s Get Creative

Tiktok Creative

There are a number of companies that are cashing in on helping the millions at home right now connect with the people that they love.

TikTok is also one of the best places to connect with others right now as well – from viral challenges to educational videos when it comes to relating to your community and building up a strong connection with many people, TikTok is one of your best bets.

Don’t go this alone – make the most of the technology around you by getting in touch with any of your family and friends.

Don’t forget to check in with yourself from time to time and stay on top of your mental health while you spend this time away from your normal routine.

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