42+ Best Instagram Automation Tools [NEW 2021 Update!]

The Instagram services landscape has changed a lot in the last year, let’s look at the top Instagram automation tools that still work.

Operating a business is one of the most time-consuming activities you will ever experience.

It takes time to plan a business, develop a business, set it up, build it, and then there is your social media presence, which is exhausting to maintain, let alone grow.

All that work is overwhelming and stressful, so it makes sense that today’s business owners turn to automation tools for Instagram and other social media accounts.

The Instagram tasks of following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, and sharing leave you little time to effectively get on with the day-to-day operations of your business, which affects growth.

The good news is that you have no reason to spend countless hours on Instagram to grow your account’s presence alone.

This is where Instagram automation comes in.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

You have useful and effective solutions at your fingertips with this list of Instagram automation tools.



Growthoid is an automation service, similar to the likes of Growthsilo. The main difference is that this is HIGHLY personalized – you get to talk with their CEO on the phone!

I recommend giving it a try for a month to see how effective it can be and to decide if it’s the right option for you.

It helps you get those Instagram activities done ten times faster than doing it manually by yourself.

  • Secure https website
  • Natural, organic features
  • Targeted features
  • FAQ section
  • Great customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • No free trial


Growthsilo Review: Does it Deliver as an Instagram Growth Service?

Growthsilo offers outsourcing for your Instagram growth and engagement. It is a powerful Instagram automation tool with a good reputation for organic development via a dashboard.

Experienced people are on hand to help you manage your account, which has catapulted their service to the top of the industry.

Their experience and expertise allow them to cultivate your brand’s page through a natural and organic development process. You will boost your engagement as you like it without the need to buy it.

Why would you when you have access to this trusted, verified, and proven service.

  • Industry leader
  • Views AND interacts with stories
  • Extremely safe
  • One of the few growth services on the market delivering results
  • Top support team
  • Top development team
  • Up to 1500 real, targeted followers per month
  • Premium pricing (use the discount coupon below!)

Seek Socially

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

Seek Socially is a great choice if you want the ultimate social growth tool on your side to help you for Instagram.

They are easily one of the best Instagram automation tools in the business because they can help you with targeted, genuine, and real followers that are powered by the world’s leading artificial intelligence.

The best part is that they can help you grow your Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter all in the same place, you just get to decide what you want to focus on right now.

They have more than 10,000 existing clients, and with their starter pack beginning at $44 a month, we think that they’re going to be able to accommodate all different kinds of budgets.

They say that with this package, you get standard organic growth, normal support, and limited growth features, but then they also have a premium pack that is going to cost you $99 a month, and it comes with maximum organic growth, as well as all of their relevant growth features.

You also benefit from priority support, as well as unlimited growth. We think it’s going to be difficult to beat a business like this that is so dedicated to their clients that they will do anything to make sure that you are taken care of.

  • Organic growth
  • Priority support
  • Managed help
  • Unlimited growth
  • No trial period



Kicksta claims to be able to provide its customers with explosive social media growth, and based on their current customer reviews, we’re inclined to believe them.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you visit their website is that they promise not to use any fake followers or spam when growing your account for you, so the level of transparency here with the customer is high.

Kicksta promises organic growth so that you can enjoy the results of their services for a long time without wondering when they’re going to drop off again.

They want to help you find the kind of profiles that are genuinely going to be interested in your content, which, of course, is a way more sustainable approach to Instagram growth in general.

They have two simple price points, starting at just $49 a month, and going up to $99. Both of these we think is very reasonable considering what they can do for you.


Nitreo Review & 20% Coupon Code

One word that you’ll see a lot on Nitreo’s page is the word ‘organic.’

This is because their number one priority is to make sure that their engagement and growth can be completely authentic and genuine for each and every one of their clients.


This Instagram bot takes things a step further by making sure that everything is normal and looking good, and if there are any issues, they offer a two-week money-back guarantee, which we think is pretty cool.

Their results are real, and you’ll get more engagement, which we can’t argue with.

nitreo pricing
  • Secure site
  • Visible pricing
  • Customer support
  • Easy setup
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No free trial


Inflact Review & Discount Coupon

Inflact’s Instagram automation tool claims to be at least two times more effective than other companies out there, which is pretty impressive if it’s true.

They can help you with all of those basic Instagram automation activities, from scheduled posting to direct messages and even leaving comments on the content of your target audience.

They say that it takes less than seven minutes to get set up with them, and all you have to do is sign up and add your account to get going.

Their two-week price point is $37, while their monthly price point is $57, which is slightly cheaper.

As you can see, the longer than you sign up with these guys, the less you pay overall.

They have an extensive FAQ section on their website and have made sure to encrypt it so that you don’t have to worry about your personal information being at risk of hacking.

  • Bulk direct messages
  • Auto follow/unfollow
  • Likes
  • Scheduled posting
  • Hashtag generator
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Some user reviews say the follow/unfollow feature doesn’t always work

Trusy Social

Trusy Social

Finding a good automation tool for Instagram is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack – there are a lot of them out there, but there aren’t that many that are actually effective.

Luckily, Trusy Social is that needle in the haystack.

They know what it takes to be big on Instagram, but they want to do it in a way that is authentic and genuine.

They don’t mess with fake engagement or spam, they work hard to develop and stay on top of their sophisticated software that can help you find the best followers and interaction for your content.

  • High-quality customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Great growth
  • Tutorials
  • Doesn’t come with a trial



Combin is the type of Instagram tool you need to boost your Instagram engagement because they can do so at an efficient rate that’s enviable among these types of companies.

What’s more is that Combin places a special emphasis on the security side of things, so that you know what you’re getting is safe and high quality.

Combin uses a combination of smart software and human interaction to bring you a level of engagement you won’t get with many other businesses.

As well as their basic features, Combin can also give you a weekly report that shows where they are placing their efforts.

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant, as you can imagine, is an Instagram tool that will make the most of hashtags when it comes to successfully growing your engagement.

They state that using their hashtags generator to create the right hashtags for your content is going to increase your chances of success significantly, and help you reach the right kind of Instagram followers.

Task Ant say that they’ve already helped thousands of clients get more engagement with their popular Instagram hashtag app, so we recommend trying these guys out if you’re a fan of hashtags and think this is the key to your success.

  • Expansive database for all of your hashtag info needs
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Great customer support
  • Can help you come up with the best hashtag strategy
  • It’s a manually run service



One of our favorite Instagram automation tools right now is Upleap.

Upleap had grown in leaps and bounds (no pun intended) over the past few years, as their clients have grown with them.

They know that one of the most important things for people to have with their engagement growth is authenticity, which is why they’ve developed a system where they have real people growing client accounts manually over the phone.

This is a great step towards offering completely natural, organic engagement for their clients, without the risk of being suspended or banned by Instagram.

If you’re in the market for completely organic Instagram growth without the risk of getting in trouble, Upleap is your company.

One thing that stands out to us about Upleap is that they offer potential clients a free three-day trial that you can check out without having to share your card details with them.

We love this touch and think it’s vital as a company if you’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Upleap promises that their setup is easy and that you can receive real results, and based on what we’ve seen, we’re inclined to believe them.

Check them out today and see why they’re such a popular option.

  • Free trial for three days
  • Don’t have to share your credit card details
  • Great prices
  • Good customer support
  • Advanced targeting
  • Might not be enough diversity in the three packages

Media Mister

Media Mister - Instagram

If you’re looking for an Instagram automation tool that is NOT a bot, then you’ve come to the right place.

Media Mister have been in this game for a while now, and it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing.

One of the first things that you need to know about them is that they’re not going to put your account at risk of being scammed, banned, or the subject of fake engagement.

Their automation tool can help you grow your account authentically, so that real people find it and follow you.

They can also supply real views and likes, that are going to make your content look great as well. This means that you can cover everything through one company, which isn’t often the case.

Another thing that we are happy to see is that Media Mister can help you with other platforms as well, not just Instagram.

If you need an excellent all-rounder that can cover it all and do it affordably, you need to check out these guys

  • Great website with https security
  • Good customer help
  • Affordable rates
  • Great features
  • Variety of options
  • No trial for free

Follow Adder

Follow Adder

If using an Instagram bot program to configure and control your account is your preference, Follow Adder is a premier Instagram tool for efficient Instagram automation.

This app works on autopilot once you configure its settings to your preferences by using the features Follow Adder provides.

Automatically schedule posts, commenting, and liking according to your settings. The software is trusted, safe, and effective at helping you manage your Instagram activities and your time.

Follow Adder Discount Coupon / Code

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Other Instagram Automation Tools



Every company has a different thing that they specialize in, and Grum’s specialty is scheduling.

They know that there are other important parts of running a successful Instagram account (even if you bought the account), but they also don’t want to underestimate the importance of scheduling your content at the right time.

Grum’s automated software makes it incredibly easy for you to remember to post your content at the right time so that you can free up more space on your calendar to focus on other parts of your business.

Getting your scheduling right is an important step in becoming successful with your Instagram page.

Tailwind App

Tailwind App

Tailwind App is one of those companies that likes to have a finger in every pie, which is why they can offer you Instagram engagement across the board, from liking and commenting to following and even scheduling.

Additionally, they can show you the results of the engagement they’re doing for you so that you can know exactly where your money is going.

What’s more, Tailwind App can also help you out on Pinterest too, so they’re great if your efforts are centered around Instagram and Pinterest.

They say that they are trusted by over 200,000 agencies and brands and you can also get started for free without even having to give them your credit card details.



If you’re looking for a high quality Instagram automation tool to implement into your Instagram engagement strategy, then you may want to think about checking out ektor.io.

Now that Instagram has eradicated a lot of Instagram automation services, it’s worth reconsidering their approach.

This is what you’ll find with ektor.io. They want to help their clients get ahead, without risking their reputation. Their services are undetectable by the new Instagram algorithm.

This is because ektor.io is a part of a new generation of Instagram automation tools. The only downside that we can see is that you have to download it and use it on your desktop.

However, it has so many features that you can implement into your engagement strategy, that there’s only one possible outcome, and that is success.

They can help you connect with your target audience through hashtags, and you will be asked to continually update the timeslots, to the engagement is authentic and natural-looking.

ektor.io offers a sophisticated approach to your Instagram growth that you’re not going to find with too many other companies out there.

  • Proxy compatible
  • 100% real engagement and followers
  • Completely safe and can’t be detected
  • Comes with a Mass Story Viewer feature
  • One time subscription payment
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Automatic commenting, liking, and following/unfollowing
  • Always updating its features
  • Maximum 2 accounts can run on this software



There are a number of companies that run in a similar fashion to Jarvee and are popular because these types of companies let you keep a lot of the control when it comes to implementing your engagement.

Jarvee is automated Instagram software that you download to your laptop or desktop. Their easy to use dashboard make your engagement a straightforward task.

If you’re thinking of signing up with Jarvee, we recommend taking a look at a couple of their video tutorials first, because if you’re a first-timer, you may struggle with the dashboard a little bit.

However, it won’t take long for you to figure everything out and then you’ll be away.


Sendible is a social media manager that claims to be the number one for agencies, so it’s something you’ll be looking for if you’re already pretty well established with your company and have the budget now to do some promoting.

Sendible has a free trial and can help you manage your Instagram and its engagement, as well as provide solutions for your social media marketing in general.

This is a big picture kind of company because they want to be able to help large scale organizations that have trouble keeping up with their online engagement.

With 20,000 clients and counting, Sendible is confident that they will be able to streamline your Instagram processes and deliver you, high-quality clients.

Owl Metrics

Owl Metrics likes the analytical side of things and considers using Instagram analytics to grow your audience the right direction to take.

This is a practical company that uses real-time analytics that is actionable and realistic. They have an analytics engine that can help you grow your account naturally and organically.

Owl Metrics is all about understanding your audience and why they like your content. They also want to know how your audience is growing, too, so they can focus on those areas of growth as well as the areas that are lacking a little bit too.

Owl Metrics don’t just want to attract new people to your account, they want to understand their needs as much as possible.


The VSCO app is an app that you want to take over your Instagram if you’re dead set on becoming one of the most successful creators out there.

This Instagram app is similar to other companies like Jarvee because they want you to be able to create beautiful content as well as attract new followers.

This is why Vsco offers some excellent editing tools and incredible presets so that you can optimize those photos and make sure your content is as good as it can be.

Through personal community stories, Vsco also inspires you to always be working on creating more content that’s better, and more in tune with your target audience.


Not only can you design anything you want with Canva, but you can also link it up to anywhere on the internet and publish it.

This is why Canva is an ideal app for you if you love creating content on Instagram and want people to be blown away when they see it.

While engagement is the foundation of Instagram, content is built on this foundation. Without great content, you’re not going to be able to get an audience to stick around.

With apps like Canva you now have the opportunity to make amazing content that’s going to stand out from the crowd.

Link Tree

Link Tree is aptly named because it focuses on one particular part of your Instagram.

Remember when we talked about how every company in this industry focuses on a particular niche?

Link Tree is doing just that by placing all of their focus around one small part of your bio – the link.

Link Tree’s software allows you to optimize your Instagram traffic through the one link that you have in your bio. They maximize this link so that you can have all of your essential content through this one link.

What this ultimately means is that your content can live on for a lot longer than your feed. This depth will impress visitors to your page and may even turn them into real paying customers.

Instaboomer Social

Instaboomer Social is a bot that you need around if you’re concerned about the term’s and conditions that Instagram has when it comes to using third-party sources for your engagement.

Instaboomer Social makes sure that their software falls well within these terms and conditions, putting your safety first.

There’s no risk of being red-flagged by Instagram or even banned when you use a company like Instaboomer Social.

Because they have already done the hard security work for you, you can sit back, relax and trust that they are doing their best work while complying with important regulations.

Have to Have It

Have to Have It may have the longest free trial we’ve seen so far in this industry – it’s hard not to be genuinely impressed by it. They offer their services for your Instagram account for free for an incredible thirty days.

If we think five days is going to be enough for you to decide whether you like the service or not, we know that thirty days is going to be even more so.

As well as offering such a generous free trial, Have to Have It also focuses on the shopping side of things for your Instagram.

Have to Have It can curate an attractive shopping page for your product or service so that it’s easy for people visiting your Instagram to purchase what you’re selling.

You want these guys around if you’re looking to increase your revenue by creating higher conversion rates.


Juicer helps you to put all of your solid engagement efforts online into one easy to manage place.

You’ve probably got a website that you connect your Instagram up to, which helps customers find it when they come across your page.

Juicer wants to make the most of this website by creating a beautiful Instagram feed within it. This will feature all of your relevant hashtags, as well as all of your social media posts, too.

This means that your website visitors don’t have to click through to see different social media platforms – it’s all in one easy to manage space that brings your brand together nicely.

Managed Social

Managed Social is all about making sure you work smarter, not harder. They know that by combining both automated software and human interaction, they’ve got the recipe for success and can take your Instagram to the next level.

Their exclusive growth strategies are customized to suit your personal needs so that they aren’t just randomly targeting people who may not even be interested in your content.

What’s more, this is all handled by professionals, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of their strategies.


As you know well by now, each company in this industry has decided to focus on a particular niche. Otherwise, the competition is just too high, and you won’t be able to succeed.

Woobox is no exception to this, and have made the smart move of narrowing down their niche so that their expertise lies in just one aspect of Instagram automation.

Woobox is all about getting people excited about your brand through things like a contest, polls, and giveaways.

There’s nothing like a giveaway to spice things up and get people interested in your content again, especially if they’ve been around for a while.

Woobox has all the tools you need to set up your own campaigns on Instagram and drum up some new leads.


It was only recently that Instagram launched its video feature, which allowed videos to now be a lot longer. As a result, you’re probably seeing a lot more video content on there, and the competition is heating up.

If you want to stay ahead in the game, your video content needs to be just as good as your photo content.

This is where Magisto comes in. Magisto can help you make high-quality videos in just minutes.

They have powerful video editing software that makes every aspect of making the best videos undeniably simple and straightforward.

You’ll never have to worry about producing great video content again when you use a company like Magisto.


Similar to Owl Metrics, SocialRank wants you to know as much about your existing and potential audience as possible.

It’s all very well choosing a few relevant hashtags and hoping for the best, but if you want to truly succeed through your Instagram, you’ll need to become an expert on your target audience.

This is why SocialRank is the company you need. They offer an incredibly easy way to find, organize and manage your ultimate audience on your Instagram.

They even give you the option of scheduling a time to see a live demo of their service, so you can determine if it’s a good fit or not.


Iconosquare is another company that is generous with their free trial. They offer up a fourteen-day free trial, which we think is more than enough time to figure out if you like their style or not.

While it’s not as long as thirty days, it’s still plenty of time to get to know their services and whether they’d be a good fit. Plus, you don’t have to give them your credit card details.

With 25,000 business and agencies on the books, we think that Iconosquare has something that’s worth checking out.

As well as using analytics to grow your Instagram, they can also offer multi-page management if you have more than one Instagram account and need a company that can multi-task.

What’s more, Iconosquare will compare your personal performance and engagement against what’s happening to other pages in your industry. This way, you’re guaranteed the very best results.

Plan My Post

PlanMyPost will act as your automated virtual assistant across activities on your Instagram profile. Their easy-to-use platform allows you to manage your posts and engagement on Instagram.

Instead of logging into your Instagram account every time you want to post something, you simply schedule that post ahead of time. You can use the bulk upload feature and watch your engagement grow.

It saves you time and effort and takes the stress out of manually performing all your Instagram engagement.

Special features like an advanced image editor and post preview tool lets you prepare it and see it before you schedule it. You can use this service with any other in the list.

Stim Social

Stim Social know that their clients are on the hunt for great Instagram engagement, and they’re willing to pay for it. Stim Social uses their automated app to attract followers that will be interested in your content.

You won’t waste your time finding random people coming to your account that don’t like your stuff – it will all be people who are genuinely interested.

Stim Social is similar to Jarvee because they offer a five-day trial free of charge, which is helpful for knowing whether they’re the right fit for your page.

We like that the Stim Social website doesn’t ask for your credit card information with this offer, too.


FameMass isn’t your average service. Their services span across a bunch of social media platforms, so they can help you beyond Instagram.

FameMass is used by experts and high-level marketers who also endorse this service, so you can feel confident that they are the real thing.


The fake likes and followers you get from a lot of these companies today cannot compete with the authenticity and reality of genuine, active Instagram users.

Fake likes and follows are merely short-term solutions that won’t last, leaving back where you started.

GramthGrow strives to provide the most powerful organic growth for your Instagram page. They seek out and find authentic and active users on the social media platform.

That is how you gain followers who interact with you and your content. That is something fake followers cannot do. Their growth service interacts on your behalf with people, which will result in real people who are interested in your products or services.


Firestrike is a managed Instagram engagement service that is helpful if you’d rather give someone else the controls and focus on different aspects of your business instead. They also give a very clear and concise description of how they work, so there’s no room for doubt or confusion.

Firestrike includes all of your basic automated features, as well as a few advanced ones. This makes their affordable prices even more appealing.

Firestrike is arguably one of the most diverse and flexible companies currently out there because they can help you with your engagement no matter what industry you fall into.

All you have to do is take a look at the positive reviews on their website to know just how great they are.

Social Sensei

While there are other companies on our list that offer you a free five-day trial, there aren’t that many who are prepared to share their service with you for this long free of charge.

Social Sensei is another one of these companies, and it bodes well for them when it comes to the quality of their company.

Social Sensei, again like other companies on our list, consider it important to find the right people who are going to be interested in your account. Social Sensei’s organic app means that you can receive efficient Instagram engagement that works around the clock for you.

Social Captain

Social Captain is one of the most popular Instagram automation tools right now, and if you visit their website, it’s pretty easy to understand why.

These guys seem to know exactly what their clients need, and they make sure to stay accountable to them the whole time.

We love that they have a chat box that pops up when you first visit their website, encouraging visitors to ask any questions they may have.

Social Captain offers a live demo on their website and promises its clients that they only work with real growth, so you will be able to enjoy the results for a long time to come.

They say that the entire setup process is only going to take you two minutes, and then you’re away.

They work by targeting only the kind of people that they think will be interested in your content, which is going to grow your profile a whole lot faster.

They not only want to help their clients boost productivity, but they also want them to stay involved to an extent, too.

This is why they have a dashboard where you can customize certain settings. There’s a lot to love with a company like Social Captain.


Instavast promises potential clients a free three-day trial, so you can check out what it is they do before you commit to anything.

This is one of the best ways to get to know a company before you officially sign up, and as you will see below in our FAQs, we always recommend trying free trials if you get the chance.

Instavast can help you with all the basic Instagram automation activities you’ll need, including commenting, liking, and even direct messaging.

They say that it’s super easy and simple to get started with them, and what’s more, you can set your growth to be automatic, so you don’t even have to think about it while it’s happening.

They also use analytics to improve their client’s overall results so that they’re more targeted and effective. They also put their customers’ privacy first and make sure that nobody realizes you’re using an automation tool – including, of course, Instagram.

There’s no download, so you don’t have to worry about your computer catching a virus, and their price points are good for an unlimited number of accounts. If you have your brand on multiple pages or you manage more than one profile, we recommend checking these guys out.


Graminator wants to help you supercharge your Instagram account, and they have someone who can help you navigate the website as soon as you click onto it, so they are definitely there for their customers every step of the way.

You can claim a free trial, which, as you know, we highly recommend, and they have other features aside from basic Instagram automation tools that you can use to make sure your profile gets ahead.

We love that you can also schedule upcoming content, and their automation service runs 24/7 so that you don’t even have to think about it.

As well as being able to grow your account organically, Graminator comes with dedicated customer support and can help you get more real, active followers.

They know that your Instagram means a lot to you, and the last thing you want to do is ruin its reputation. Not only can Graminator keep it safe, but it can keep it successful, too.


Instamber describes itself as an advanced Instagram marketing tool that can help both influencers and businesses get ahead on the gram.

They want to not only help you manage your Instagram engagement, but they also want to help you schedule your upcoming posts. At the end of the day, their ultimate goal is to help you grow your overall brand faster.

As soon as you sign up with Instamber, you get exclusive access to a personalized marketing assistance, who can hold your hand through every step in the process.

They also want to know as much about your profile as possible, including what niche or industry it falls into. This is going to help them target the right people for you.

Once they know how to implement your Instagram engagement strategy, they can get started.

Because their service is cloud base, you don’t have to worry about downloading anything to your desktop, and risking your computer getting viruses.

What’s more, you can customize their features as you wish, transforming their service into something that’s going to cater to just your account.

What’s more, they offer detailed reports of the progress they are making for their clients, so you can figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Instant Dash

Instant Dash’s main goal is to provide an Instagram growth service that everyone can benefit from.

They know that the grind out there isn’t easy, which is why they’ve made their services not only easy to execute but affordable as well.

They have a dashboard demo so that you can get to know their dashboard and how it can work for you before you sign up for anything, which is only going to take up 1 minute of your time.

Their prices start at just $19.50 per month, and go all the way up to $150, so, as you can see, they have something for everyone here.

Their cheaper price point has a surprising number of features, still, including 24/7 online access. They say that all of their services are 100% secure and safe, and what’s more, you can cancel any time, so there’s no obligation.

They even offer potential clients a free 14-day trial, which is the longest trial that we’ve seen in this industry so far. They want to help you target the right audience so that your time, money, and efforts aren’t wasted.

The fact that they have different plans catering to different demographics says a lot about where their priorities lie.

Falcon Social

The thing that stands out to us the most about Falcon Social is that they’re the type of social media service that can manage more than one channel at a time.

This is ideal if your brand is spread across the board, or you’re someone who is responsible for managing multiple profiles because you’re a part of a bigger agency. Either way, Falcon Social can cater to their customers’ needs.

They want to help you boost your engagement and the way that it is done so that it becomes more efficient.

All you need to log in to do is to schedule and publish new content, engage with the audiences that Falcon Social has found you, and monitor post performance so that you can adjust accordingly.

With Falcon Social, you can request a free demo, and you can even plan upcoming content so that you don’t have to think about it for longer than necessary. Their support team is available seven days a week, both through their chatbox, and email.

There’s a lot to love about this Instagram automation tool that wants to see all of its customers do really well out there.


Just like with most of the other companies on this list, one of the first things you’ll notice when you check out Gramflare is that they offer their potential clients a free three-day trial.

They have a community of over 8000 people, and they have some pretty powerful features for your Instagram growth that can end up making quite a difference.

They also prioritize the privacy of their clients’ accounts, which, of course, is what most people are worried about the most.

They make sure that their services stay within Instagram’s guidelines on using a third-party app, and they also promise unlimited growth for your accounts, no matter how many there are.

They can even send new followers a welcome message in their DMs, and they can help their clients schedule upcoming posts so that they can instead focus on making even more awesome content.

They can even help their clients target their audience by location, and the best part is that they can manage your account from anywhere.

These guys show a lot of promise and indicate that they are upfront and honest with their customers – something that’s harder to find in this industry than you may think.


Instazood is your super friendly Instagram automation tool that can help you with all of that basic automation.

Not only can they help you automatically comment, follow, unfollow, direct message, and schedule upcoming posts, but they can also help you view stories and automatically like other people’s content as well.

One thing that we love in particular about Instazood is that they let you still have full control over how they implement your Instagram strategy for you. This means that you can customize their features to suit your niche and industry, and find the best target audience for your content.

We also love that they promise that customer safety is a top priority for them, and make sure to reduce their speed so that you don’t get in trouble with the gram for using their service.

Their technical support can help you whenever you need it, and perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to download anything – it all happens online.

Their powerful dashboard comes with many different customizable features, and you can get it in many different languages, too, so no matter where you are in the world, you can benefit from Instazood.

Xplod Social

Xplod Social wants potential clients to know that they can help them get real Instagram followers with their powerful Instagram automation tool.

They know that it’s not easy finding a reputable company to work with, which is why they want to make sure that they’re one of the best in the business.

You’ll notice that they have a chatbox on their homepage where you can ask them questions or contact them if there’s an issue, and they also make it super easy to sign up with them.

Their dashboard is where you can set up your next Instagram engagement campaign, and customize their features so that they fit in with your needs.

You get to set everything up so that they aren’t just randomly targeting people for you – they’re focusing on who might actually be interested in your account.

You can even measure the results they bring in and adjust their features accordingly so that it’s always working in your favor. Not only is this Instagram automation tool easy to use, but it’s also great for affordability, too.

They even offer one on one consulting, too, so you can tell them all about the kind of engagement strategy you want to execute.

Insta Hero

Just like some of the other Instagram automation tools on this list, Insta Hero makes sure that everyone who visits their page knows that they don’t work with fake followers.

They want to be able to connect their clients with real, active users – trusted people who are a part of their network. One of the best parts that we can see is their price points – they offer their service from as little as $2.99, which is almost unbeatable.

They have live chat support, which you can use to get help whenever you need it, and they claim to be one of the quickest, most straightforward ways to automate your Instagram engagement.

They offer PayPal as their main payment method, which is one of the safest ways to pay online these days.

Their quick and easy method of getting more followers for your Instagram profile has been proven time and again by their existing customers, so we can’t see any reason for you not to check them out.


Kenji offers all potential customers a free trial, and one of the best parts is that you don’t have to share your credit card details to check it out, which can’t be said for every other company out there.

They say that their service is both optimized for Instagram and fast, so you’re really going to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with them.

We also love that their set up is nice and easy and that you can get started for free.

Their smart targeting allows you only to target the people that you think will be interested in your content, and they provide their clients with up to date data on how things are progressing, so you can adjust their features accordingly.

If you need an effective, practical Instagram automation tool, we suggest checking out Kenji.

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

So, what is the biggest difference between cheap and affordable? When you’re out there looking at Instagram automation tools, it can be tempting to sign up for one based on how cheap they are.

If they’re too cheap, though, this is actually a bad thing – it means that there’s a good chance the quality of their service is low.

With this industry, for the most part, you get what you pay for, so most of the time, it’s worth forking out a little bit more. If you come across a price point that’s not cheap, but affordable, this is a great sign that the service is worth your time.

Don’t get sucked into those companies that have super low prices, because this most likely means that their services are cheap in quality, too.

Why Instagram Automation Tools Are Better Than Buying Followers

It’s much better to go with an Instagram automation tool for your account than purchasing followers if you’re planning on being on Instagram for a long time.

If you are just on there temporarily and want to create a large following quickly, then buying followers is your best option.

The reason why buying your followers isn’t sustainable is that they’re going to drop off again after a while.

When you sign up with an Instagram automation tool, however, they’ll take the time to figure out your target audience and interact with them.

When you’re interacting with people within your niche and industry, they’re far more likely to follow you, but to stay following you, too.

They’re also going to interact with your content, keeping your engagement rate looking good. Followers that you purchase don’t do this.


What is an Instagram Automation Tool?

An Instagram automation tool is a software tool used by many different companies out there to help their clients grow their Instagram engagement.

A lot of the time, it involves an automated piece of software that can put your engagement activity on autopilot so that you can wash your hands of it and focus on other aspects of your brand.

Sometimes, it won’t be automated and will be aimed at making better images to post or hashtags. It can be a great way to promote your brand efficiently, and most of them offer affordable prices, too.

Do Instagram Automation Tools Work?

In short, yes, they do work. However, you have to make sure that you are smart with how you use an Instagram automation tool, which means you need to make sure that your actions don’t look too spammy.

If you do, you could raise Instagram’s suspicions and be suspended or even banned. The smarter you are with your automation tool, and the more specific you get with your targeting, the safer you’ll stay while using Instagram to grow your brand.

The Pros of Instagram Automation Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using an Instagram automation tool to help with your online brand is that you can adjust the features to suit your niche or industry.

While not all of them come with features that are adjustable, you should find that most of them do, which means you can get super specific with the type of people that you target, and where they are in the world.

What’s more, a lot of Instagram automation tools can keep you updated on how progress is coming along with real-time data and analytics of their software with your profile.

This will help you to determine the perfect engagement strategy.

The Cons of Instagram Automation Tools

Where there are pros, there are cons as well.

As we mentioned above, because a lot of Instagram automation tools violate the terms and conditions of this social media app, if you’re not careful, you could end up getting in trouble, which may result in a suspension or total ban.

What’s more, if the automation tool doesn’t work as well as it should, you may end up having to do a bit of your own engagement from time to time.

Instagram automation tools can’t guarantee complete success, so you may have to do a bit of the work on your end still, too.

Are Instagram Automation Tools with Free Trials Worth it?

We think that free trials are definitely worth it when trying to decide which automation tool to work with.

This is because free trials are literally a free opportunity to see their service in action and decide whether it’s the right fit for your industry and niche.

What’s more, most Instagram automation tools won’t require you to share your credit card information to test it out, and if they do, be wary.

The last thing you want is someone charging your credit card once the free trial is over, especially if you have decided it’s not for you.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Automation

Besides the day-to-day tasks of operating a business like providing customer service, continual business development, and promoting your business, social media is vital to marketing and staying ahead of your competition.

All these tasks are time-consuming, so when you have the opportunity to automate and save time for the daily operation of your business, it is a wise decision to take advantage of it.

Third-party Instagram automation services give you the ability to reach out to a substantially higher number of potential followers and potential customers faster and more efficiently than you can on your own. Plus, they do not always come with the high price tags you expect.

Automating at least some of your Instagram and social media activities is one of the best and most cost-effective methods for marketing & promoting your business, brand, discounts, offers, and other special events.

Your competition is likely using some form of automation or Instagram growth service on their account or other social media channels.

That means you may be getting behind the curve and you may get lost in the crowd without an automation plan. At the end of the day, it pays for itself.

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