12 Best Twitter Bots, Growth Tools & Automation Services

It can be really difficult to grow a Twitter following, especially at the start. A Twitter automation tool or bot can simplify the process.

Here are some of the best Twitter bots, growth services, & automation tools on the internet.

What Is the Best Twitter Bot?

The best Twitter bot is Twesocial. Twesocial is number one on our list because it is highly personable, has unique safety features, and prices its services reasonably. It caters to a wide range of customers while remaining specialized with Twitter. 

Best Twitter Bots, Growth Tools & Automation Services (2020)

Here are my favourite Twitter automation tools, bots & growth services.

I’ve started with the top provider first.

1. TweSocial

TweSocial - top twitter bot 2019

TweSocial is a powerful Twitter growth service that will grow your Twitter on your behalf consistently & organically.

I like the fact that even though it’s a high-end service, TweSocial is still affordable. In fact, they’re currently one of the most affordable Twitter marketing companies out there.

Getting started with TweSocial is easy. There aren’t any downloads. You simply sign up for their services online, and then they take over from there.

You will get assigned a case manager who is the only person you’ll work with over the course of your subscription.

Using search technology and hashtags, TweSocial works on building an effective marketing strategy that fits right into your specific Twitter account and who it is your brand is trying to target. They get as particular as possible with their targeting, so that you’re only attracting people who might want to follow and engage with you.

TweSocial has a couple of bonus features that you can utilize if you wish. These include targeting specific usernames of idols to share your account with their audience instead and targeting explicit locations based on where you are in the world and what your brand is all about.

Another bonus feature of Twesocial’s is targeting particular genders. Your brand might be primarily to do with female products, which means that you’ll want to be targeting mostly females. TweSocial can do this to ensure you’re attracting the optimal audience.

You can go even further with their bonus features and include ones like negative keywords. This feature avoids targeting keywords that aren’t going to be relevant to your account.

  • Personal case manager
  • Affordable pricing
  • Visible pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Advanced targeting
  • High quality customer support
  • Bonus features
  • Can only be used for Twitter

2. Tweeteev


If you want an effective Twitter growth service that’s going to help you really boost your engagement on one of the internet’s biggest social media channels, then you need to check out Tweeteev.

Tweeteev can optimize your content and account in general so that you can get real, active people checking it out on a daily basis.

Tweeteev wants to help you increase your overall exposure in a natural way, so you don’t get in trouble with Twitter. They even offer the opportunity for potential clients to try them risk-free, so you can get a good idea of what they’re about. 

One of the biggest advantages of using a company like Tweeteev is that you can set and forget your customized features, which is going to end up saving you a ton of time. Their simple, streamlined service is made better by their personalized case managers that really care about your individual needs and how they differ from the next customer.

Another thing that you will like about this Twitter bot company is that they have very competitive prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you use them. Try Tweeteev today and see the difference they can make to your Twitter engagement and growth in general.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Visible pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Personalized case manager
  • Good quality customer service
  • Can only be used for Twitter

3. Media Mister

There’s a lot to get done on Twitter, which means that outsourcing to a reputable company is definitely a viable option. One such company is Media Mister, a Twitter bot that knows everything there is to know about growing a successful Twitter profile.

They know that you need to be constantly attending to your existing following, and coming up with different and unique ways to interact with potential followers, too. From Twitter views to poll votes, there is a lot that you can accomplish with Media Mister.

Perhaps one of the things that stands out to us the most about this company is that they offer help with many different social media sites, so it doesn’t matter if you need help on just Twitter or on Twitter and Pinterest, they can accommodate. They also have a money back guarantee.

  • 30 day refund policy
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good customer support
  • Chatbox
  • Large variety of features
  • Large variety of platforms to choose from
  • Affordable pricing
  • May have too many features for some

4. Crowdfire App


If you’ve been looking for the best Twitter bot for a while but you can’t seem to find it, then you need to check out the Crowdfire App. This simple, yet extremely effective automated tool can help you with multiple facets of the engagement process – and they can do it on other channels as well.

This means that you can grow your presence on platforms other than Twitter, but you can pay the same company for it all.

Another thing that we like about these guys is that they can help you schedule your content in advance, and they will even show you what your post will look like before they upload it for you. There’s a lot to love about this user friendly company.

  • Tailored posts
  • Customizable features
  • Secure https site
  • Affordable pricing
  • Advanced scheduling
  • No free trial

5. Jarvee


Jarvee is a bot for twitter that automates your account actions for you. Don’t forget to use a Twitter proxy to stay safe if you use software such as Jarvee.

I’m not going to go over this bot in-depth today, because I’ve already done a full Jarvee review which you can check out.

I prefer TweSocial, but if you are on a budget and don’t mind setting up and running things for yourself, then Jarvee is a nice option.

  • Automated bot
  • Accepts paypal
  • Inexpensive
  • Not limited to twitter only
  • Free trial
  • Requires lots of technical knowledge

6. FollowersUp

Followersup - Twitter

If you liked the sound of what Media Mister has going on, then you may want to check out Followersup as well. They work on a similar premise, by accommodating the vast majority of social media platforms out there. This way, you can consolidate all of your social media marketing needs in one place, and save yourself a lot of time – and money.

They have created a super simple way for you to choose the type of Twitter engagement you want. Say, for example, you want more likes. They will ask you how many you want, and through this they will be able to tell you how much this is going to cost you, how long it will take to deliver, and the kind of warranty you’re looking at.

They say that their orders are executed quickly, and they offer safe services that can’t be detected by the majority of social media channels. All in all we think that Followersup is a great option if you need help with your Twitter growth, or any other growth for that matter.

  • Safe and secure
  • Money back guarantee
  • Quick delivery
  • Good quality features
  • Good quality customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Might be a bit too overwhelming for some

7. SocialPilot


Sometimes, you need a little bit of help with your Twitter growth that you can’t get from doing it all by yourself. This is where a company like SocialPilot comes in.

This experienced company has all the features you need for your automatic Twitter growth, from looking at detailed reports of what’s working and what’s not, to helping you figure out what your most popular hashtags are.

They can also help you figure out the best times to tweet, so that your target audience can find your content better. If you’ve always wanted help with your Twitter growth but didn’t know how to find the right company, here they are.

  • Tweet activity analysis
  • Best times to tweet
  • Increase Twitter engagement
  • Chatbox
  • Secure https site
  • Good pricing
  • Twitter mentions
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Free trial
  • Not easy to find their pricing

8. Tweet Full

Tweet Full

Tweet Full creates an automatic scheduling system to do daily tasks such as auto liking or auto retweeting other people’s tweets, particularly those who have tweets that are relevant to your account.

How Does Tweet Full Work?

You can also set Tweet Full up to automatically follow people for you. There are a few ways in which Tweet Full works to promote your profile efficiently.

The first way is to find potential customers. They do this through the use of hashtags.

Like most other social media platforms, hashtags are an excellent source of searching out potential customers and connecting with like-minded people in the Twittersphere. Tweet Full’s bot scans the hashtags you provide and then searches for people to follow based off that – because they are targeted, you will find many of them will follow you back.

If you have a solid sales funnel then those people will become customers of your products and services that you are trying to promote. Twitter, like all social media online, is a community.

The second way they work to promote your business is through engaging your targets. On behalf of you and your Twitter account, they take the hashtag process one step further by interacting directly with those potential customers they have sought out.

They do this by liking and automatically re-tweeting recent tweets they have posted, which immediately draws engagement. This is a simple, yet efficient way of seeking out potential customers and bringing them back to see what your business is all about.

When Tweet Full interacts with potential customers by liking and re-tweeting their tweets, these potentials will get a notification and an email from Twitter.

Does Tweet Full Have a Free Trial?

Yes it does. They will give you 14 days of use absolutely free of charge. It’s worth trying it out – buy Twitter followers just on that basis.

My Tweet Full Results

I got these results just during the free trial. I’ve blacked out sensitive info for the account, but you can see that this bot works really well.

Tweet Full Bot Results

Final Thoughts on Tweet Full

Through Tweet Full you can automate your manual tasks on Twitter – saving you a lot of time. While we all know it takes a lot of time and hard work to build a lucrative business successfully, there are some very innovative ways these days to outsource tasks like managing your social media – that isn’t going to adversely affect your motivation to continue working hard in other areas.

It’s all about being on top of the ball and choosing resources like Tweet Full to improve how your business performs on Twitter. There are too many other like-minded people out there striving for the same thing for you to rack up extra minutes you don’t have working on a task that can easily be automated.

It brings peace of mind putting your trust in an intelligent automated system that uses algorithms to hone in on exactly what your target demographic is, and then focusing exclusively on them, wasting no time in growing your business on Twitter.

9. Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks Pro

Next on my list is Tweet Attacks Pro, another bot. Tweet Attacks Pro takes automated social media platform bots to a whole other level.

With all the recent hubbub about Instagram going around shutting down automated bot websites such as Instagress and Archie, the word “artificial” has risen to the surface in association with these automated systems, and not in a positive light either.

People are now more aware than ever of being spammed by automated systems, resentful of how popular these have become in place of real user activity. So this is the perfect time for Tweet Attacks Pro to put their hand up and remind people about their automated services.

Tweet Attacks Pro automation service that mimics human actions and activity, which prevents it from coming across as spammy. While automatically carrying out your functions, it remembers to mix it up a little bit here and there and operate at random so it can’t be traced back to its automated system of processing. One example of this is instead of reading your preferred hashtags and using this information to follow anybody who is remotely relevant; it will disrupt this pattern now and then by unfollowing people as well.

This renders it as natural of a process as possible, eliminating the risk of being seen as spamming potential customers. With Tweet Attacks Pro you get the best of both worlds – automated scheduling with authentic actions.

Tweet Attacks Pro has three packages available.

The first service is their “One Account Pro Version” which is the most affordable of the three. They charge you a one-off fee of $67. What this package provides is all of the automated services that Tweet Attacks Pro delivers, but it is limited to one account. So if you only have to worry about one account, then this is the best package to go for – and comparatively, its very reasonably priced, as a lot of other automated services charge weekly fees that quickly add up beyond this price.

The second package available is called the “Unlimited Pro Version.” From the first package to this is the most significant price jump out of the three. They offer a one time fee of $267, or you can pay an annual fee of $147 to keep it running, so if you’re planning on promoting your business through Twitter long term, the one-time cost is probably the best way to go. This package allows access to all the service of Tweet Attacks Pro, except for multiple accounts.

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The third and final package that Tweet Attacks Pro offers is the “Unlimited Elite Version” which has a one-off fee of $297 or an annual payment of $197. It is the only package that they provide that offers complete automation of all services – the other two offer all services, but not full automation. There is too much of a good thing, however, so be careful how liberally you use this – having everything automated can make it easy to overuse.

10. Manage Flitter

It’s a bit of a manager and a bit of a bot, depending on what features you are using. Manage Flitter is a semi-automated social media platform that primarily leaves the power in your hands to manage your accounts with as much control as possible. While they offer automation in some areas like scheduling tweets at optimal times, they alternatively provide you with sleek and innovative software that allows you to manage one or many Twitter accounts all from the same platform.

Manage Flitter is for those of you who like to retain more control over your Twitter account than not and have services that allow you to be hands on.

It’s nice to know exactly how your account is running and who is visiting it, so with Manage Flitter, it’s easy to keep on top of the incoming and outcoming activity on your Twitter page. Again, because it requires more interaction from your end, it functions more as a management tool that works alongside you with the very best software that accurately portrays how your business is doing on Twitter.

Its only automatic feature is called PowerPost. PowerPost gives you the unique ability to quickly find out when is going to be the best time to post those all-important Tweets so that you don’t risk them sinking before anyone who might be interested has had time to see them.

So what are the key features of Manage Flitter?

It lets you sort your followers and following lists so that you don’t lose track of what’s what and who’s worth keeping an eye on. You fit these two categories into a range of criteria that lay them out for you in an easy to understand way, helping you work out exactly who is still worth following and promoting your business to. They also provide a reliable search engine that makes it easy for you to find new people to follow. Instead of wading through many hashtags and weeding out the chaff to see the real winners, they’re readily available through a quick and painless search.

Manage Flitter also allows you to track who unfollowed you, which gives you valuable analytics around your business’s demographic.

All these little features combine to create a robust and active platform that quickly enables you to work on promoting your business in the right ways and towards the right people. If you didn’t have this kind of data, you wouldn’t be able to figure out exactly who you should be targeting quickly, and you would run the risk of knocking on doors that were never meant to open in the first place.

Manage Flitter is an excellent management service for those of us who fall under the overachieving Type A category, encouraging us to continue our excellent work while being aided by a very sophisticated social media management platform.

11. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse differs from previously talked about tools as it is a manager and scheduler across all social media platforms, so not technically a Twitter bot, but some aspects of it are automated.

Comparable to Manage Flitter, they leave a lot more of the work to you so if you’re somebody who likes to retain that control as much as possible, Agora Pulse is a suitable medium between no outsourcing at all and complete automation. The electronic side of things is limited to scheduling posts and moderating data, so the rest is up to you and the friendly team.

If you’re an agency, they point to their listening, collaboration and reporting features that will help you do your job better – most organizations like to maintain a healthy grip on the reigns and know precisely how their Twitter account is being promoted through a service such as this.

They help large teams by simplifying the workload between individuals, helping to delegate the often dull and mundane tasks so that each member can focus on what they value the most in their chosen role. With small businesses, Agora Pulse takes over the part of management team, offering an easy to use platform where everything is at your fingertips so that you can stay ahead of the big guns and not get overwhelmed by the competition.

Their packages and prices are on the more dearer side, so it’s worth noting that they probably cater to teams and businesses that have factored in this kind of outsourcing for their Twitter pages into their budget. It might just be too expensive if you’re small fry or even an individual, so Agora Pulse is most accurately aimed at a more stable level of business.

Even their smallest package that is stated to cater exclusively to small business is $49 a month, which over the course of a year adds up to be quite a lot so requires you to be committed to promoting your business on Twitter.

The differences between the packages are how much their team is involved in the collaboration process. All packages offer an unlimited supply of the essential services available, which you would find in most other social media management platforms and automated bots.

Their smallest kit provides you with access to three social media platforms, but only help from one of their team members.

As you go up the ranks in price and performance, these factors increase. The medium package at $99 a month allows you access to 10 social media profiles and help from 3 team members, with all the same access to their essential services. Another difference as you go up the scale is the ads – they offer 10 ad campaigns per account with the medium package, so Agora Pulse is heavy on promotion and marketing.

Finally at their enterprise level, costing $299 a month, they offer help to 40 social media accounts and access to a team that is 12 strong.

12. Social Oomph

Our last Twitter automation tool is similar to Agora Pulse – it is primarily a social media management company with some automatic bot-like features.

It also provides services for social media platforms across the board, not limiting itself just to Twitter.

Social Oomph is one of the more simplistic platforms for managing your social media accounts. It provides all the necessary services that other management platforms do, but unlike Agora Pulse it’s a lot more affordable.

They are the only platform that appears to offer essential services for free – they have two packages: no charge and professional.

Hailing from Canada, they were initially formed with the primary focus of servicing Twitter users, but as they grew and activity on social media grew, they expanded their resources to cover all other social media platforms.

With this in mind, they might be one of the most reliable sources to outsource engagement on your Twitter business account. They have been in the game for almost ten years, so will know a thing or two about marketing and promoting a social media business page. They have specific features catering to each social media platform, so its easy to figure out what exactly you need help with and where.

Being one of the most established companies on the market, you could be forgiven for underrating them initially – their platform comes across so simple and easy to use that it could easily be mistaken for a mediocre service.

Let’s take a look at their two packages.

The first package is free and provides you with the basic services that most other social media management platforms will charge you for. With the free package you get services like scheduled Tweets, the ability to track keywords, tracking your clicks and most fundamentally, access to five Twitter accounts.

Now it’s worth remembering this because the free package only gives you these perks if you’re working on your Twitter business profile. All other social media platforms you may be wanting to promote are excluded from this free offer, and you have to pay for the professional package to obtain their management of your other accounts. Because they were initially a company that catered exclusively to Twitter, this stipulation makes sense.

All other features you could want to use fall under the professional package. Within the Twittersphere, these include keyword searches, avoiding spam profiles through their profile filtering system, organize new followers into categorical lists and interestingly, limited automation.

Their mantra is “quality, not quantity,” so as a management company with a limited emphasis on automation, their goal is to work closely with you so that you retain most of the control, ruling out the possibility of leaving it all to an automated bot. This certainly has its benefits – again, for those Type A’s who want to be as involved as possible, this almost old-school technique of management is ideal.


What is a Twitter Bot?

Twitter is a platform that allows you to create posts, much like Facebook and Instagram, except for one tiny little detail – each post is limited to 140 characters (although this has varied and changed recently). This forces you to get creative and strategic with your posting, and become excellent friends with the term “less is more.”

Twitter is a unique way to promote your business through the art form of the written – in this case, typed – word, which brings with it a healthy serving of pressure and competition.

Many people these days pay for the services of Twitter bots & automation tools, another wonder of the internet – resulting in an automated scheduling system that cuts down your physical time on Twitter so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

A Twitter bot is a piece of software that has been deliberately designed to automate your basic Twitter engagement. We all know that growing our Twitter accounts is a long, drawn-out process, and finding the right people to be interested in your tweets is harder than it seems. A Twitter bot can streamline the process, from tweeting and retweeting so that you can focus on bigger picture stuff.

Do any of these bots or growth services provide fake followers?

No. They don’t. They work by promoting engagement and getting real people to follow you.

Why Should I Use a Twitter Bot – and Will I Get Banned?

So, why should you use a Twitter bot for your engagement, then? One of the most common reasons that people use a Twitter bot is to help them save a bit of time on their end so that they can free up their schedule a bit more.

Engaging with your existing and potential community is one of the most time-consuming things you could do, so getting a company to help you that comes with an automated system is definitely going to make things easier. As long as they are respecting Twitter’s terms and conditions, you won’t have to worry about the risk of being banned.

What are the Pros of using a Twitter bot?

The biggest pro to using a Twitter bot is that you can shift some of that responsibility onto someone else, often an expert who knows the industry both inside and out.

This is a great way to make sure that you don’t get burnt out growing your Twitter brand, and you can still find the time to create content that your audience will love. Another thing that you’ll find with most Twitter bots is that they provide their clients with analytics and real-time data, displaying the progress they’ve made for you.

What are the Cons of using a Twitter bot?

Just like with every other tool or feature out there for Twitter, Twitter bots do have their drawbacks, too. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks is that Twitter bots are capable of spammy behavior.

This means that if you set it to be too fast, it could make your account look spammy, which is going to tip off Twitter and run the risk of you being suspended or banned. Another risk that comes with using Twitter bots is that some of the time, they don’t target the right people for your content, another sign that could tip off Twitter.

Are there any bots or growth services with a free trial?

When you’re checking out companies like the ones we’ve listed above, we always recommend making the most of the free trials that they offer. This is because it’s always wise to check out their services against your Twitter profile to ensure that it’s the best fit for your overall goals.

It’s a great way to approach their services with no strings attached before you sign up for something that you can’t back out of. Just make sure to avoid those free trials that ask for your credit card details – otherwise, you run the risk of being charged once the free trial is over.

Final Thoughts on Automating Twitter

Twitter, unique in its approach to the roaring social media lion through limited character posts is a practical and innovative way to promote your business and find potential clients.

There are many ways to do this, from complete user activity that you run on a day to day basis, to outsourcing these simple tasks through a growth service or management company that will hold your hand or even an automated bot that will wash your hands entirely of it.

Whatever way you choose to promote your business on Twitter, it’s worth taking advantage of a Twitter bot or other automation software – you’ll stay ahead of your game and give yourself the best chance of growing your business online.

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