Best Twitter Proxies List (for Bots & Automation)

Best Twitter Proxies List (for Bots & Automation)

When looking for the right Twitter proxy, it’s vital that you get the balance right between affordability and quality.

You also want to make sure that the Twitter proxy can accommodate for what you need.

Twitter proxies are going to make sure that you aren’t blocked from managing more than one Twitter account at once.

There are a lot of Twitter marketers out there that need this kind of access, and using a Twitter proxy is their best chance of being able to do their work properly.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best Twitter proxies out there.

Warning: Your Personal Details Are Visible

Your IP:
Country: United States
Region: VA
City: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.018
Longitude: -77.539
Timezone: America/New_York
ISP: Google LLC

Scary, Right?

This is your personal data that ANYONE can view.

The only way to protect yourself fully is with a VPN. A proxy can provide some protection, but a VPN is a more complete solution and will ensure your privacy.

We recommend this VPN, or this proxy.

Best Twitter Proxies

Let’s review some high-quality options that we think are great choices to go with your Twitter bot.

1. BeeProxy


Twitter is one of those social media platforms that are important to make the most of if you want to grow your brand online. However, it can’t be done without a Twitter proxy.

While there are some Twitter proxy providers out there that are sub-par, there are others that you just can’t pass up on. One of these is BeeProxy.

We love BeeProxy because they’re one of the newest, most underrated proxy companies that we’ve come across.

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They are an effective, reliable private proxy company that can deliver a whole host of different proxies for various servers, including HTTPS and SOCKS5.

Another thing that we love about BeeProxy is that they’re really good when it comes to customer support.

They have a customer support team that is available around the clock, and they also have a chatbox on their website, which you can access whenever you need it.

We also like that they two-factor their server authentication, which means that your data is safe when you use their Twitter proxies. Their prices are affordable and fair and accommodate all budgets.

One of the best parts of their rates is that if you sign up for a longer time period, you get to spend less.

For example, it’s going to cost you less to sign up for a year than it is to sign up for a month to month subscription.

2. SmartProxy


We love that SmartProxy is not only effective, but it’s high quality too.

In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a Smartproxy customer out there that has had any issues with these guys – which unfortunately isn’t that common in an industry like this.

We also love that they make the signing up process nice and straightforward, so you don’t have to be a techy to get going with them.

They also have sticky and rotating Twitter proxies available as a part of their features too.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data

There are a lot of people out there that think Bright Data is one of the best Twitter proxy services around, especially when it comes to your Twitter account.

This is most likely because they have a wide variety of feature options available, including things like residential proxies and mobile phones.

One of the small downsides to this company is that they’re on the pricier side of things – you need to spend at least $500 a month to make the most of it.

We love that they have millions of proxies for Twitter to choose from, though.

4. SSLPrivateProxy


If you’re already using a Twitter growth service to help your profile along and you’re looking for a private proxy to match it with, we recommend SLPrivateProxy.

This Twitter proxy provider comes with some of the best private and shared proxies you’ll find. This proxy company offers quite a few features and can protect your Twitter activity from things like spam, phishing, and hacking.

The only downside to these guys is that you might find their Twitter proxy range to be a bit limiting, but apart from this, we think they’re a great option.

5. High Proxies


High Proxies, interestingly enough, own SSLPrivate Proxy. This means that you know of two proxy companies that a directly linked, so you can feel confident about their quality and accountability.

We love that High Proxies has a premium package, which comes with quite a few Twitter proxy options that you won’t find with their other packages, or with other companies for that matter.

If you want to use a number of different high-quality proxies at the same time, we recommend High Proxies.

6. Blazing SEO Proxy


We have to say before we get into the review that Blazing SEO Proxy is one of the more expensive Twitter proxy options, but if you’ve got the budget for it, we think that they’re worth it.

This also means that they put a lot more effort into their services that you may find elsewhere, so if you can afford to pay more right now, you’ll soon find that it pays itself off.

Blazing SEO Proxy is also adding new locations to its list of proxies, and they’ve just recently added Japan and Canada.

If you like to be with a company that’s really good about their updates, we suggest these guys.

7. Buy Personal Proxy


If you’re someone that is a bit green when it comes to using proxies and doesn’t really know where to begin, Buy Personal Proxy is a preferred option that isn’t going to make you feel too overwhelmed.

The best part of this company is that they have options that you can use for both individual use and if you work for an agency as well, as they have flexibility.

They are also one of the more affordable Twitter proxy options, too, which is also great if you’re just starting out and don’t have the biggest budget.

Unblock Twitter Using a Proxy

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of proxies before, most likely from someone who is responsible for managing more than one Twitter account at once. However, if you haven’t heard of a proxy before, we’re here to help you understand a bit better.

A proxy is a server that can help you get passed different obstacles that come with normal internet browsing. With a proxy, you can easily access all of the websites that you need to, wherever you are.

When you connect to a proxy that is located somewhere else, for example, if you’re in England and you connect to a proxy located in America, you will be able to browse as if you were in the states instead.

This is because a Twitter proxy can mask what your real IP address is, without the internet provider you’re using knowing what IP address you’re actually on.

Why and Where is Twitter Blocked?

If you can’t access Twitter, this is most likely because the server that you’re on has blocked you. This can be for a number of different reasons. Let’s take a look:

  • The Government: if you live in the Middle East or Asia, then you may not be able to access websites like Twitter for traditional and governmental reasons. This is most common when there is social unrest. This is because Twitter is the kind of place where people discuss their opinions openly.
  • Companies and Schools: there are quite a few companies and schools in America that have blocked access to this website because they say that it helps with a reduction in cyberbullying, as well as eliminating distraction.
  • Individual Examples: there are quite a few marketers these days that need to manage more than one Twitter company at a time for their customers, but if Twitter realizes that they’re doing this, they’re going to try and block their actions. This is because Twitter will think that the additional accounts are fake.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Proxy Providers

It’s important to pay attention to what you’re getting when you sign up for a specific Twitter proxy.

If you want to be able to use Twitter without any technical issues, then you need to sign up for a proxy that is high quality and has evidence of some positive reviews online through third party websites.

We also feel confident that with our list of the best Twitter proxies, you’ll be able to bypass those Twitter blocks and keep working on your clients’ Twitter accounts in no time.

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