3 Best Places Buy Instagram Accounts (Aged Accounts for Sale)

Best Sites to Buy and Sell Aged Instagram Accounts Safely (Marketplaces)

So, you’re currently traversing Google searching for marketplaces for you to buy Instagram accounts.

It’s not surprising, actually.

Buying & selling Instagram accounts is big business.

The popularity of social media has led to a lot of lucrative opportunities for many different individuals.

Now that we’re all familiar with social media and what we can do with it, there’s another way that it can help us make a bit of money – as social property.

With the recent reduction of being able to buy followers – there is now a new trend: buying Instagram accounts that already have an existing following.

Over the past couple of years, this industry has grown in leaps and bounds and is definitely the preferred method for anyone hoping to still do well on the gram.

With this in mind, let’s talk about the ins and outs of how to buy Instagram accounts, and recommend the best sites to buy and sell aged Instagram accounts.

Best Places to Buy Instagram Accounts

Buying an aged Instagram account that has already established a successful following is a great way to kickstart your online marketing dreams.

We all know that Instagram is one of the best ways to get your brand’s name out there these days, so buying an account that already has a successful following is a pretty great way to go about it.

So, where is the best place to buy Instagram accounts from?

1. Fameswap

Fameswap - buy Instagram accounts

Fameswap is a great marketplace that lists Instagram accounts for sale. The aged accounts listed here have real followers and engagement.

Their layout is simple, yet effective, and they can help you purchase accounts on other social media channels as well, like YouTube and even TikTok.

👉 View Instagram Accounts for Sale

As far as we can see, their accounts and how much they cost are pretty reasonable when you compare them to other companies.

They have a lot of existing customer testimonials through Trustpilot that attest to their reputation and accountability, which means a lot in an industry like this.

Fameswap is what you would call a middleman service, where instead of getting in touch with the seller directly, you purchase it through these guys.

With everything, we can see from them, and through the images below, Fameswap is comprehensive, above board, and cares about their vendors.

Fameswap describes itself as a marketplace, and this is precisely what they are, making them a great option to buy and sell Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts.

  • Buy Instagram accounts
  • Sell Instagram accounts
  • Trusted website
  • Positive reviews
  • Secure https site
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Variety of different industries and niches
  • Could be considered on the expensive side

2. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Account

UseViral is currently by far the best website to buy Instagram PVA accounts from.

They are typically known for other things, like being able to grow your Instagram account for you, but they saw an opportunity and seized it, which is why they’re now in the business of buying and selling Instagram accounts for their clients.

They have a lot of information on their website that helps you learn everything about their services and how they could benefit you, and from what we can see, we also think that their price points are pretty reasonable, too.

They can also help you with accounts for other social media sites, too, like Snapchat, TikTok and Reddit.

You can pay through PayPal with these guys, so there’s no need to worry about the security of your details.

With a chatbox on their website, UseViral makes it easy to get in touch with them should you need to.

  • Buy Instagram Accounts
  • Cheap pricing
  • Chatbox on website
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lots of information
  • Credit card payments available
  • No free trials

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Instagram Account

SidesMedia is one of those all-in-one type websites, where you can buy anything from a social media followers for your social media marketing strategy to website traffic that relate to your niche and industry.

Of course, you can also purchase your Instagram accounts here, and from what we can see, their prices are pretty reasonable.

If you need accounts for Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit as well, you can get them all here.

They accept PayPal as a payment method, which means that you can safely transfer the money, and they have a contact page if something isn’t right.

All in all, we think that these guys are your run-of-the-mill Instagram account website, where you could potentially find some pretty good deals.

  • Buy Instagram accounts in bulk
  • Can help you with most social media accounts
  • Contact form
  • Secure https site
  • Only has fresh accounts

Other Marketplaces to Consider

Here are some other sites you might want to research in your quest:

  • Social Tradia
  • Insta Sale
  • Too Fame
  • E-flipo
  • Viral Instas

How to Choose Your Middleman Company

As you can see from our list above, there are a few good websites out there in terms of finding a good quality Instagram account to purchase that actually comes with real followers.

The number of followers they have will vary greatly, as will the price.

When choosing the best company to go with, though, it’s essential that you run a background check on the accounts that you’re interested in purchasing.

The first thing you need to do is see what the engagement rate is like, and then determine whether the followers themselves are legitimate or not.

When looking at the comments, see whether people are leaving genuine ones or whether they’re just a couple of emojis.

The best companies out there will provide you with a bit of this information, to begin with, ultimately saving you a bit of research time.

Tips for When You Buy Instagram Accounts

When you’re considering which Instagram account to buy, we suggest that you think about the following things:

  • Stick To Your Niche: it makes complete sense to buy IG accounts that are already within your niche, right? The last thing you want to do is purchase an account dedicated to cupcakes, only to start posting images of wine. Try sticking to the same theme that the followers are used to so that you don’t end up losing a lot of the existing following.
  • Always Make Sure You Get the Right Password and Email: if you don’t manage to get the email that is connected with the account, the former owner can just say that their account was hacked, and end up keeping not only the account but your money, too.
  • Change Your Password and Email Right Now: of course, this is nothing more than common sense, but making sure that you change these two things as soon as you purchase the account is vital. Obviously, it’s going to make sure that the previous owner can’t have access to it anymore.
  • Use ‘Goods and Services’ with PayPal: with PayPal, you’ve got two options, and one of them is going to allow you to get a refund if the vendor doesn’t come through with the goods. This also means that if the vendor is asking you to use the ‘Friends and Family’ option, you need to think twice about their intentions.

If you have read Instagram’s terms and conditions, you’ll know that technically, it goes against them to purchase an Instagram account.

However, there are currently no laws that say you can’t sell and buy social property.

This means that if you take a bit of time and do your research, there are plenty of loopholes to make this option viable.

Bottom line: It’s not illegal to buy Instagram pages.

Wrap Up

Remember, when you’re looking to buy an Instagram account; the more research you do not only into the company, but the Instagram accounts you’re interested in buying, the better off you’ll be.

As you can see, while there are some smaller accounts that go for less, the majority of the time, you’re talking about a bit of a price tag.

This means that you need to protect yourself in every way that you can to ensure that you don’t get ripped off.

Make sure that the place you buy Instagram accounts from has a good existing reputation, and make sure that the accounts they are selling on behalf of the vendor are legitimate, and come with real, authentic followers and engagement.

It always pays to do your due diligence, so don’t shy away from asking all the important questions.

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