11 Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers (Live & Monthly) in 2024

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers (Real and Instant)

On Twitch, people are always trying to buy Twitch live viewers to get ahead.

There is no shortage of social media networks these days, and with so many to choose from, it doesn’t hurt to explore your options and expand your social media presence to smaller social media networks with a more concentrated user demographic.

One of the most popular platforms, Twitch, offers its users exactly that.

An Amazon site, Twitch caters mostly to video game players and music lovers, among other things, allowing you to tap into a totally different community and boost your popularity. 

In fact, Twitch users are pretty passionate, so they create a loyal and valuable following if you’re able to gain traction on the platform.

With 3 million broadcasters and 15 million monthly active users, Twitch offers you a unique possibility to make some money through social media. 

Because Twitch mainly depends on live streams, gaining a loyal following and viewership is the key to success on this platform.

If you don’t have a high number of viewers for your content, you’re unlikely to generate more popularity for your channel and live streams. 

The first thing you want to do to gain popularity on Twitch is to get more viewers and followers. But how can you get more Twitch viewers and followers? 

Gaining a loyal audience base can take time, and with the platform developing quickly, you have no time to lose. For this reason, many companies have emerged offering users the chance to buy Twitch viewers. 

This is a viable option for growth and when you buy Twitch viewers you can get yourself the number that you need to generate more growth on your videos, constantly perpetuating more viewership. 

Once you reach a certain level, you’ll start to monetize the platform and make some money for yourself on Twitch.

Now is the best time to start buying Twitch viewers and get yourself higher popularity levels as more users visit the platform every day. 

After reading our guide, you’ll know: 

  • Best sites to buy Twitch viewers (live and monthly)
  • Why people buy Twitch viewers 
  • How to make money on Twitch
  • How to safely buy Twitch viewers
  • FAQs about buying Twitch viewers

There’s no doubt you’ll be readier than ever to get growing on Twitch after finishing our guide. Let’s get into it! 

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers in 2024 (Live and Monthly)

These sites are unmatched in Twitch viewer quality, service, delivery, and pricing. When you buy Twitch viewers from these providers, you’ll no doubt love what they provide. 

Let’s take a look to see what you can expect from each one. 

1. Media Mister

Media Mister - Buy Twitch Live Viewers

Media Mister is one of the oldest social media growth companies out there and knows a lot about providing safe and quality services to their clients.

They have services available for pretty much any social media network imaginable, so you’ll be happy with their options. 

For Twitch, you can get affordable and high-quality views and live viewers that will help you expand your popularity.

You can buy Twitch live viewers as a one-time package, or a monthly package. If you buy monthly Twitch live viewers from Media Mister you’ll be destined for success, as your channel will look good all the time.

You can also buy video views and clip views.

When you buy Twitch video views and live viewers from Media Mister, they’ll be delivered over a safe period of time so that your account remains in good standing. 

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is a great place to purchase premium quality live viewers and video views that can both help you get ahead with your Twitch streams and get noticed for the right reasons.

Of course, you are probably at the other end of the totem pole right now and wondering how you’re going to climb it to success.

GetaFollower is a great choice for this because they are all about helping those that might not have had as much success on their own.

They’re not really interested in helping people who have a lot of money to spend – they root for the underdog.

They also make sure that everything that they do is super targeted as well, which is why when it comes to your video views and live viewers, they are going to get as much information from you as possible so that they are able to find the perfect demographic for your content.

At the end of the day, you need a company like this that is affordable and cares about your best interests, which is why they come in second on our list.

3. UseViral

UseViral Buy Twitch Live Viewers

Having years of experience providing clients with top-quality social media followers and engagements, UseViral has the highest quality Twitch live viewers on the market.

When you buy Twitch live viewers from UseViral, you’ll continue to see your popularity grow well after they get delivered. 

You can buy one time live viewers or monthly live viewers.

👉 Buy Twitch Live Viewers

👉 Buy Monthly Twitch Live Viewers

UseViral also sells Twitch followers and video views as well. You’ll reach your Twitch goals in no time with their affordable pricing and quick results. 

You can also grow other social media platforms with UseViral, including Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

When you build a strong cross-platform presence, you can promote your Twitch on other social media sites and double or even triple your viewership. 

With 24/7 customer support and a large network of real users that bring you real Twitch viewers, UseViral is the real deal. 

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Twitch Live Viewers

Offering a user-friendly website with very straightforward services, SidesMedia is one of the best options for buying Twitch viewers.

There are plenty of services that SidesMedia offers for Twitch, including followers and views so that you can gain more popularity on the platform. 

👉 Buy Twitch Live Viewers

👉 Buy Twitch Viewers Monthly

SidesMedia uses a network of over 5k users that will bring you live Twitch viewers both instantly or in monthly packages, so you’ll always get the best quality from SidesMedia.

They offer quick and safe delivery time frames so you won’t have to wait long to get your Twitch viewers. 

If you want to build your social media empire, SidesMedia also offers social media followers and engagements for sites like TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

SidesMedia has thousands of happy clients that love their high-quality service and customer support. 

5. FollowersUp


FollowersUp offers clients some of the best Twitch growth on the market; you can buy live Twitch viewers from them and they’ll have a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your viewers. 

You can choose exactly how many viewers you want using their sliding scale selector, and then you check out and wait for them to deliver your order. 

They offer 24/7 customer support, as well as social media growth packages for other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. FollowersUp is a popular and well-reviewed option when you’re looking to grow your Twitch viewers, followers, and more. 

6. AudienceGain

AudienceGain helps your Twitch to get as much exposure as possible and they offer a variety of packages for you to buy Twitch viewers monthly, followers, and more.

This is exactly what you need to get more loyal viewers on Twitch. 

You can also grow other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. With customized packages for all of these platforms, AudienceGain is a top choice when you want to become more popular on social media. 

They offer many budget-friendly options and a wide array of tools to get you to the levels of popularity you’ve been working towards. 

7. TwitchFollowers

A bit different than other options on this list, TwitchFollowers offers a few ways to grow your Twitch viewers. They don’t offer set packages, but two different options for gaining more viewers and followers on Twitch. 

TwitchFollowers will allow you to register as a streamer on their platform and buy credits for your channel; when you get a new follower, you give them a credit. This helps you to grow your channel rapidly and ultimately increase your Twitch viewers. 

While it won’t get your viewership up as quickly as some other options on our list, TwitchFollowers is a unique choice if you want to try something a bit different. 

8. StreamerPlus 

When you are trying to get more viewers on Twitch, it can take a while when you use your own organic methods.

You should always keep implementing your own strategies, but buying Twitch viewers from a company like StreamerPlus can be a great way to grow more quickly. 

StreamerPlus offers you a wide range of tools and packages to help you get more Twitch viewers and followers.

They have excellent customer support to help you along the way, and they have only the highest quality offerings for Twitch. 

StreamerPlus is a great option for increasing your reach on Twitch and getting more real and regular viewers for your account. Their pricing won’t break the bank, which is nice too. 

9. Woorke

Any good company understands how important it is to have real and active viewers and followers on social media, and Woorke is no exception. They know how important it is to buy real Twitch viewers, and they can help you with their campaigns. 

You can get more reach and get noticed on Twitch when you use Woorke’s services, and they’ll also help you with your SEO, which is a great way to get more traction online through search engines. 

They don’t require your password like other good companies on this list, and they’ll keep your account completely safe as they provide their services. You can choose between a one-time purchase and recurring subscriptions, so you are in control. 

10. QQTube

QQtube is a provider that can help you supplement live Twitch viewers quickly with many different packages and quantities of Twitch followers.

They also allow you to try their services for free, which can be useful if you want to get a taste of what they are going to provide you with. 

They also offer many different packages to increase viewership on YouTube, so if you use both platforms together, this may be a good choice for your particular needs. 

11. InstaFollowers

Our final option, InstaFollowers, sounds like it’d only be available for Instagram, but that’s far from true. InstaFollowers has expanded all of its service offerings to include Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, and more. 

When you buy from InstaFollowers, you can buy anywhere from 250 Twitch viewers all the way up to 100k Twitch viewers.

These are the standard numbers for most companies, so you know that you can find a package that will suit your needs when you work with InstaFollowers. 

Why Do People Buy Twitch Viewers? 

While it’s not impossible to grow your viewers naturally, it can take a long time. Since social media is all about trends and user traffic, if you take too long to get your popularity up, you might already be behind the curve. 

It’s important that you get to the growth while the platform is just growing in popularity so you can capitalize on all of the potentials that Twitch has. For this reason, buying Twitch viewers is a great option. 

Here are a couple of benefits to buying Twitch viewers: 

  • Higher social credibility 
  • More established reputation 
  • Potential to go viral 
  • Reach more people in your audience
  • Grow more quickly 
  • Make money faster 

With all the benefits of buying Twitch followers, it’s not surprising that people are doing it. The problem is that some companies out there are shady and simply want to make some money off of these hardworking Twitch users that need viewers. 

They’ll sell very low-priced viewers, but these are fake or low quality, which can ultimately put your reputation at risk.

For this reason, you’ve got to do your research and know which companies out there are worth your investment and which ones just want to take you for a ride.

We’ll discuss briefly how you can make money on Twitch with more viewers and then dive into all the companies that can help you get them.

Live Twitch Viewers: Make Money on Twitch 

No social media platform is exactly the same, and on Twitch, viewers is one of the most important metrics for a successful platform. When you have more viewers on Twitch, you can make more money— plain and simple. 

Since Twitch is all about live streams, you have a couple of ways to make money on the platform.

Because Twitch is mostly for video game lovers, the most popular type of content is game-related, but it’s not the only kind. 

You should always implement not only great content but your personality as well— people will want to be loyal viewers of your channel if they like you, so that’s key to a successful Twitch. 

These are the two main ways to make money on Twitch: 

  • Regular streaming: when you live stream on Twitch, your viewers can give you donations, tips, and gifts if they like you. For that reason, beef up your content and get people hooked to generate regular income from your live streams
  • Subscriptions: you can set up a subscription for your Twitch, allowing people to access all of your content for a monthly fee. Once you have a lot of Twitch followers and viewers, this can be a great option, but Twitch does take a large percentage of your earnings, so if you can generate income through your streaming efforts, it might be better for you. 

In any case, it’s no question that you need viewers to make money on Twitch. Buying them can help you get more viewers in the long run and make your Twitch profitable for you.

How Can I Buy Twitch Viewers Safely? 

Like we said earlier, there are quite a few companies out there that sell nothing of value, and you don’t want to waste your time (or money) with these companies. Do your research first and know how to buy Twitch viewers safely. 

All of the 10 companies we mentioned on this list offer reliable and reputable services, and they can be verified against the following criteria for your peace of mind.

Whenever you are considering buying Twitch viewers, or any social media growth packages for that matter, always reference the following 5 factors to make the best purchasing decision. 

High Retention Rate 

A big problem that people run into is that they buy Twitch viewers, they see them appear, and then they just suddenly disappear, or disappear over time. That’s basically like watching your money vanish. 

This happens because Twitch clears out fake or low-quality viewers, so you have to ensure that you buy from a company that only sells high-quality viewers.

Top companies will always offer high retention rates, making it more likely that these viewers will stick around. 

Depending on the quality they may also be active on your channel and you will see increased viewers over a period of time.

Always look for companies that offer high retention rates and/or guarantee that the viewers they provide won’t drop off. 

When you have a bunch of viewers and then you don’t all of a sudden, that can really hurt your reputation and also raise some eyebrows with Twitch, so always make the best choice when it comes to Twitch viewer retention rate. 


The saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and that’s pretty much the case when you buy Twitch viewers. If you buy extremely low-cost packages of Twitch viewers, they’re probably not going to do you any good in the long run.

We know that you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution, but you have to look for what is reasonable; why would companies be able to provide such low-cost Twitch viewers if they are high quality? 

The truth is that you can still find high-quality Twitch viewers that are still affordable, they’re just not as cheap as some other options out there. 

Always check out the pricing options and the quality that you’re getting; it’s much better to make a bit more of an investment for something that will actually help you instead of just buying the cheapest thing out there and regretting it later.  

Quality of Viewers 

You always want to ensure that you’re getting real Twitch viewers at a reasonable delivery speed. In general, you’ll see a few different options: instant delivery, or drip delivery. 

If a company claims to be able to send you thousands of viewers instantly, you may want to keep looking; this looks bad not only for your account but also in the eyes of Twitch.

You should always ensure that the company will deliver high-quality Twitch viewers at a safe speed. 

Sometimes, companies say “instant,” which means they start right away, but will slowly be delivered over the course of a few days to keep your account from looking spammy or raising any red flags. 

Site Security 

You’ve always got to be sure that you protect yourself and keep your account safe, and one thing you must verify is that the site is secure with SSL encryption. Another thing you want to look into is the payment method. 

If the payment method isn’t secure, your financial data will be at risk, and that’s no good. Always ensure that the company’s site keeps you safe and that the payment gateway protects your information. 

Information and FAQs

If you can’t find detailed information about the Twitch viewers and the way the service works, that is always a red flag.

The company’s website should offer a good amount of information about what to expect from the service and how everything works. 

Look for their payment policies, refund policies, or guarantees, as well as their Twitch viewer quality. If you can’t find details about this or their pricing packages, find another company. 

You should also keep your eye out for a FAQ section; this is a good indicator that the company cares about their clients and wants them to have answers to common issues or questions that people encounter when buying viewers. 


Before we let you go, we are going to resolve any final doubts you may have about buying Twitch followers so that you can make the best decision for you and your channel. 

These are the most common questions we get. 

Is Buying Twitch Viewers Illegal?

No, buying viewers for Twitch isn’t illegal. In fact, when you buy real and high-quality viewers that are delivered naturally, Twitch won’t even know and you won’t have any issues at all. 

If you buy really low-quality followers and they start to pollute your account, that’s where Twitch will start to get suspicious and could decide to check out your profile.

They want people to have integrity when they use the platform, so if you’re trying to gain too many viewers, they might wonder what’s going on. 

A reputable company like UseViral or SidesMedia will always keep you safe, so you can rest assured that you won’t have any trouble with your Twitch account. 

What Makes a Good Company to Buy Twitch Viewers From?

This is a common question, so take a look at our guide to buying Twitch viewers above to view the exact criteria that makes a company a good choice. 

The main elements are viewer quality, pricing, site safety, delivery speed, customer support, as well as information and FAQ on the website.

You can also check out their reviews to see what current or past clients have said. 

Are all Twitch Viewers High Quality?

Unfortunately, no. You really have to investigate the company to ensure they are going to deliver you something of value when you buy Twitch viewers. 

If they are fake, they are likely to fall off of your account.

Read the company’s website carefully and make sure that you know they will deliver real, high-quality Twitch viewers when you purchase their services. Do I Need Real Twitch Viewers? 

If you want to make money and encourage more viewers to watch your stuff, having real Twitch viewers is the best way.

You want to continue to use your own strategies to gain more Twitch viewers like having a set streaming schedule, posting the schedule on other sites, promoting your videos, and more. 

When you buy real Twitch viewers, they will help you to get more real Twitch viewers as you’ll have a better reputation and more social cred. The quality of your Twitch viewers is really important.  

Conclusion: Buying Twitch Viewers 


All in all, buying Twitch live viewers can be a great way to gain traction on Twitch and get more people to watch your live streams.

There’s a lot of potential on Twitch, so you should definitely give it your all and continue to produce awesome content so that more people will want to follow and join your streams. 

When you purchase live Twitch viewers from a company on this list, you’ll be sure to get high-quality viewers that bring your account more growth and more viewership over time.

This is the goal. Make sure you always buy from a reputable company. 

Keep implementing your own Twitch strategies and buy live Twitch viewers monthly or one-time to give your growth a boost! 

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