How to Embed Your Instagram Feed on a Website – and the Tools to Help

How to Embed Your Instagram Feed on a Website – and the Tools to Help

If you’ve got your brand on Instagram, then you are already doing it a world of good. We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms, and it is a great opportunity for your brand when it comes to marketing.

Of course, with these kinds of opportunities, there’s also been a trend lately in the world of business to integrate your Instagram feed with your website so that people can check it out when they visit your website for further information about your brand. First, you need to prioritize great website design, and then consider integrating your feed.

What is an Instagram Feed?

So, what are we talking about when we refer to an Instagram feed? This is the curation of all of your content on Instagram that visitors to your Instagram profile can easily swipe through to get a better idea of your brand.

Most organic engagement on Instagram results in people searching for particular keywords in the search bar, and there is a good chance that they have landed on your feed through these keywords.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what we think are the best tools to help you embed your Instagram feed into your website.



One of the best tools to help you embed your Instagram feed onto your website in the market right now is Taggbox. This company can not only help you build trust among your clients, but it can also help to increase your engagement and increase conversions on Instagram by displaying your feed effectively across all of your different platforms out there.

With a company like this, you can easily generate an amazing Instagram wall within just a few minutes, and the best part of using a tool like this is it allows you to get the rights to users content so that you can expand your digital content pool.

It can also help you with quick and easy UGC curation through profiles, usernames, and hashtags. It can help customize your feed with beautiful layouts, designs, and themes. They have a powerful moderation panel that works automatically and can filter out explicit content.

You can also use this tool to generate insightful analytics around the performance of your content and real-time updates so that you can only ever use what’s working.

Of course, this tool is compatible with most website builders out there, including WordPress and Wix. Did we mention that you can get two weeks free through their free trial, that they have a really solid customer support team?

Instagram Embedding

Instagram Embedding

Instagram has a feature these days, which allows you to embed your content onto your website, but the trouble with this feature is that you can only do it with one post at a time. This is why you need tools like Instagram Embedding.

We love that this tool is simple and easy to use when it comes to embedding your content, and it is an excellent solution for people who are trying to embed a lot of content from their Instagram profile to their website in a short amount of time.

We love that through this tool, you can access a wide range of content, and the best part is that you don’t need to be a technical expert to get the job done. 

The only downside to Instagram Embedding is that they don’t have the biggest range of features, which means that if you literally just want to use it for your embedding needs, then they can help you.



Next on our list to help you embed content from your Instagram profile to your website can help you with your YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook platforms as well.

They say that they can also help you increase your followers, but their features mainly focus on collecting content from Instagram into their widget feed and displaying it on your website so that you can bring more awareness and exposure to your brand.

They offer content aggregation from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and they have different widget layouts and designs that have been created for many different uses. We like that they come with automatic content updates, and you can use them with WordPress and Shopify, as well as other platforms out there.

Most of their basic features come with their free package, but if you want to unlock some of their more advanced features, you will have to pay for their premium service. Some of the content updates take a little longer than normal, so if you’ve got the time to wait for this, then it shouldn’t be a problem.



Flockler is a social media aggregator that can help you aggregate content from social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, Instagram. We love that your social media feeds can be displayed on social walls, events, digital displays, and digital signages.

With this kind of tool, you can create an Instagram content feed and include it on your website so that your visitors end up spending more time there.

Their features include feed customizations, which come with different themes and styles, as well as content moderation so that you can filter relevant content for your Instagram feed. They have plugins that work for Shopify and WordPress, and their API access makes the entire process super convenient.

If you want to work out what is working and what’s not in terms of data analytics, they offer this feature as well, including various plans with a number of different price points depending on your budget. They also come with really good customer support.

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon

Another really popular plugin that you can use for your WordPress website is called Smash Balloon. This tool can provide the functionality of creating and embedding your Instagram feeds and has features for Twitter and Facebook as well.

It focuses on giving its customers the complete freedom to create their feeds according to what they like in terms of content, which means they’ve got a lot of room to customize.

Curating user-generated content isn’t talked about on their website, but they still have a lot of great features that you can make the most of. These include being able to create multiple feeds for your Instagram content without any limitations and curating content using Instagram hashtags.

They can also help you customize with many different layouts, and their simple setup makes it a breeze to get started with them. They optimize your feed to allow for a quick response time when it comes to people viewing your website on their smartphones and can filter content with hashtags and keywords.

They make sure to update their software regularly, and they have three different price plans depending on your budget. 



The next tool on our list is called YotPo. This eCommerce marketing platform can focus on the aggregation of visual user-generated content through your social media platforms.

They will display your Instagram feeds on your website as shoppable content, and they talk about being an enterprise technology as well as an integrated solutions platform that is dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses. Their solutions revolve around loyalty programs, referrals, visual marketing, and customer reviews.

With a company like YotPo, you can curate and collect visual content from Instagram into a single feed, and you can also create custom albums, as well as personalized galleries for your website.

They can help you manage your content with multiple domains support, and their features come with a dedicated success manager so that you can rely on them for expert advice, as well as key industry insights.

The Benefits of Embedding Your Instagram Feed


Awareness and Exposure

Featuring your Instagram feed on your website is going to help you bring traffic from your Instagram profile to your website and vice versa. This is ultimately going to result in an increase in brand exposure and awareness among potential clients.

It is a great way to increase your communication and promotional touchpoints with your users, and it is also a great initial step towards growing your website and your brand in general.

Authenticity and Trust

One of the two most important factors in having a brand online is authenticity and trust. Both of these factors shape your brand’s image and contribute to its long-term success.

This is why it is important to include authentic user-generated content that can be trusted through your Instagram feed onto your website. The more of this that you include on your website, the more you will be able to build social proof for your brand.

This is also going to help increase brand loyalty and influence potential consumers’ online behavior as they decide whether to check out your brand or not.

Interactions and Engagement

One of the biggest points of having a website is so you can get maximum user engagement, which is going to help with conversions. If you have your bright and diverse content from Instagram on your website, then users are much more likely to engage and interact with it.

As we all know, Instagram is a very visual-heavy platform, so the likelihood of people spending more time on your website if you have embedded your Instagram feed is high. It is also going to help with the ranking of your site on search engines like Google, as well as how easy it is for people to discover it.

Growth and Conversions

One of the biggest goals when it comes to having a website for your brand is to convert people visiting it into people who are going to pay for your product. However, you can’t just think of conversions as sales, but as other forms of revenue building, including gathering their information and getting those data forms filled in.

Instagram can help you with this, as the better the user experience on your website; the more straightforward the conversion process is going to be. Increasing conversions is going to lead to an amplified customer base, as well as brand growth in general.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a really popular social media sharing platform, so if you have your brand on it and you are trying to grow it at the same time as your website, why not integrate the two and generate even more hype around your brand as a result?

If you think that your website is lacking when it comes to visuals, try embedding your Instagram feed so that when people visit your website, they have something beautiful to look at.

This is also going to result in them spending a bit more time on your website, which is going to increase the likelihood of visitors turning into loyal, paying customers. Good luck!

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