FollowFox Review 2024: Can You Trust Them?

FollowFox Review: Can You Trust Them?

FollowFox Review 2024

Instagram is still the premier social media platform for business marketing, brand awareness, customer relations, and so much more. There is tons of potential on Instagram if you can capture and harness the power of a large audience. 

FollowFox is a company that claims to be able to get you a large audience that will help your business and revenue efforts on Instagram. 

It’s no secret that you can also generate more interest in your brand or business through the platform, but in order to do so, you’ve got to get your content out to more people. 

Can FollowFox truly help you do this, or are they another dime-a-dozen Instagram growth company that makes big promises with little results? It’s tough to find reputable options for Instagram growth these days for a variety of reasons. 

Our main goal is to figure out which ones are viable, and which ones are all talk. 

FollowFox Review 

FollowFox Followers

In this FollowFox review, we’re going to take a look at what FollowFox is, what their pricing is like, and whether or not they’re a recommendable option for Instagram growth. From what we know, they are not a company you should trust with your Instagram growth. 

We’ve done extensive research into and testing of FollowFox and their services to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date review. That way, you can make the best decision for your Instagram and avoid any trouble with your follower growth or Instagram use. 

Let’s find out more about FollowFox and why they are likely not an ideal choice for Instagram growth. 

What is FollowFox?


FollowFox is an Instagram growth company that claims they can provide you with real Instagram growth if you decide to become one of their clients. They go out of their way to mention that they don’t use any gimmicks, bots, or fake followers

They also make the claim that they are a service that only uses a team of real people to generate your growth. Their clients can supposedly get ahead with a real, engaged audience after working with them. 

With a big promise of over 3,000 followers monthly, that’s a really steep claim. Even if they have real people in charge of the growth, they simply cannot promise any sort of follower range like this, because any type of organic growth is always unpredictable. 

Is FollowFox truly the awesome service that they hype up on their website? 

Based on what we’ve read and what we’ve experienced, they are far from it. They haven’t been able to provide real Instagram growth and they are very shady in their business practices. 

We’ll take a closer look at why that is in the subsequent sections. 

How to Get Started with FollowFox

To get started with FollowFox, it’s a pretty simple process: 

  1. Visit their official website 
  2. Choose your membership— either monthly or yearly 
  3. Complete the checkout process.  

It’s relatively easy to get started with FollowFox, but it’s more difficult to cancel your plan. You have to wait for them to confirm, and even if they bill you again, they won’t issue you any refunds. 

FollowFox Review: Pricing

FollowFox Pricing

FollowFox offers three different plans that can be purchased either monthly or yearly. The cheapest plan starts at $59 per month, which is simply too expensive for the limited results that you gain through their services. 

They have two other plans that come out to $89 monthly and $229 monthly, neither of which offer you better results. They claim to offer targeting for all three accounts as well as reporting, and from the reviews that we’ve checked out online, there is virtually no difference in any of the plans other than price. 

We opted to test out the Influencer plan, which supposedly comes with weekly reporting, yet we never received any information about our Instagram growth from FollowFox and what is supposed to be our “real” account manager. 

Overall, their pricing is way too high for what is offered and for the quality of services. 

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Do We Recommend FollowFox for Instagram Growth? 

FollowFox is not a reliable option for Instagram growth, and we highly recommend that you DO NOT use their services to get more Instagram followers. They are dishonest in their business practices and don’t provide real results. 

They would have you believe that they are the top company to get more Instagram followers, but the reality is that they simply take advantage of people that are trying to grow their Instagram account legitimately. 

This is really a shame, and there are a variety of different things you can review that will show you this company isn’t one to be trusted. 

Below you’ll find all of the reasons that we don’t recommend them. 

Fake Reviews 

The first notably fake thing they have on their website are alerts that will tell you what their “clients” got in terms of follower growth for the month. One popup came down with a “client” from California that allegedly received 1,200 followers for the month. 

First off, they say you can get over 3,000 followers monthly using their services, so based on that, their service doesn’t work as they describe. Not only that, you can’t check out this “client’s” Instagram platform, so how would you really know? 

These are just falsified ads that are trying to get people to sign up. There’s nothing legit about these claims. 

Second, they claim to have tons of positive reviews and showcase many of those reviews on their website. These reviews are not real, and they are clearly falsified with no way to verify the claims. 

You can figure that out if you visit their Trustpilot page. All of their “glowing” reviews are invited and/or purchased. You can see that there are real, authentic reviews that are negative and they clearly don’t provide nearly the caliber of service that they claim to. 

Most real reviews were completely negative, showing that the company provided them with inorganic growth that was completely subpar, and the company’s customer service is basically non-existent. 

FollowFox makes huge claims about their quality services, but they are one of the worst Instagram growth companies on the market that look to capitalize on people’s need for Instagram followers. 

Reviewers have complained of inappropriate activity and even nudity appearing in their feed after using FollowFox, and many clients also complained that they unfollowed accounts that they wanted to keep on their account, leaving the person embarrassed to have to keep re-following accounts that they care about. 

They followed tons of accounts they had no interest in, and they didn’t get any results from this, making their account look like a spam account with a lot of inappropriate comments and messages. 

After FollowFox was contacted, no action was taken, and no response from the company. Many of their clients even got blocked or banned from Instagram, left with the remnants of their once professional and thriving account. 

This is a terrible sign that FollowFox uses zero organic growth and employs bots and fake followers to feign results. Even in the event that FollowFox claimed the account was cancelled or even a refund would be sent, their previous clients continued to be charged and never received a dime from them. 

FollowFox cannot be trusted, that’s for sure. 

FollowFox Trustpilot

No Accountability 

FollowFox does have a terms of service page, but if you look closely, they take no accountability for the services that they provide. If they don’t deliver results, it’s basically your fault. 

In their terms of service they say that the niche and content offerings both dictate the results that their service provides, but they have absolutely no guarantees or offerings in place, and they won’t issue any refunds if you don’t get the followers. 

This is such a big problem because they basically have free reign to provide you with nothing and then just blame it on the client, no matter how great their content offering really is. 

Why would a company then promise 3000+ followers if they have no intention of really delivering on that promise, especially if the results are really as uncertain as their terms of service claim? 

FollowFox doesn’t care about their clients and they certainly don’t care about their results — they simply care about turning a profit. This is a huge red flag and you should avoid their services for this reason. 

There’s nothing on their website that confirms nor explains how they actually provide real results through “Instagram growth experts” manually, which leads us to believe that this is also just a marketing ploy to get people to sign up. 

The results that we encountered in our tests as well as other real reviews certainly reflect that FollowFox simply provides the bare minimum through fake and bot followers. They aren’t accountable for anything else. 

Bots and Fake Followers 

During our tests of FollowFox, we gained virtually no followers at all. They made huge claims of getting over 3000 per month, and they were nowhere near that; we barely received any even the first week that we used them. 

What’s worse, the followers that we did get were completely fake, low-quality, and not targeted based on the instructions that we provided. This had nothing to do with what our Instagram is about and everything to do with the sloppy and irrelevant targeting that FollowFox did, which wasn’t anywhere near the instructions that we provided them. 

All of the followers that we gained from FollowFox dropped off, and in order to cancel our account, it was nearly impossible. Their support team doesn’t respond quickly, and you have to keep hounding them. 

After we got through tons of bot replies, we were finally able to cancel the account, but it was definitely a headache that we didn’t want. Their customer service is abysmal and we wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. 

Hopefully they don’t continue to charge our account, since we’ve heard from many of their clients that after you do finally get the chance to cancel, they’ll keep billing you anyway. 

Also, we noticed that some of our favorite accounts were unfollowed, which means that they have no idea what they’re doing when they follow and unfollow users, just like some of their previous clients have said in reviews as well. Complete disappointment. 

Review Conclusion: AVOID 

All in all, FollowFox is a total scam. They do nothing beneficial for your account and we do not recommend using them in any way. 

They claim to be a service that will save you time, when in fact you end up wasting time trying to get them to cancel the service and re-following all of the accounts that matter to you. 

You’ll see a bunch of fake followers if you get anything at all, and you’ll wish you’d never tried them out in the first place. It’s better to keep working on your own organic Instagram growth and not trust a word this company says. 


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