Gramista Review 2024 & Better Alternatives

Gramista Review & Better Alternatives

Gramista Review 2024

Today we are going to review Gramista and look at some alternatives too.

We all know that it takes time to grow your Instagram account, we have to find other users who’s content we like, follow them, like it and engage. If you were to grow your Instagram manually like this, you would never be away from the platform.

Thankfully, there are other ways that will free up your time and make sure that you can get back to creating the content.

Instagram automation tools aren’t new the market is well saturated with them, so when it comes to choosing one it can be tough. If you are unfamiliar with automation tools, they are paid for services that automate actions on your behalf through your Instagram account.

These actions will help you grow your account and reach new audiences through utilising different strategies such as the follow/unfollow strategy, following relevant hashtags and finding users that meet the targeting information you have given the tool.

Each product has its own strategy that it uses to grow your account.

Gramista Review: What Is Gramista?

Gramista Review: What Is Gramista?
Gramista Review: What Is Gramista?

Gramista is a paid for automation tool that works with their customers Instagram accounts. They have been established for a while and promise quick growth when you use their package.

Gramista is one of the few services that we have seen that offer packages by the day, week, month or 3 months.

Usually automation tools operate on a monthly basis as this is the shortest amount of time for a strategy to become embedded and begin yielding good results. A day package isn’t enough for this type of strategy to work, as it is the compounding actions that create the results.

Gramista Review: How Does Gramista Work?

Gramista Review: How Does Gramista Work?
Gramista Review: How Does Gramista Work?

Gramista is a tool that is under your control, so it will operate within the terms you have set out for it. When you first set up your Gramista, you’ll be asked if what your data points are for the accounts you want the tool to engage with.

Before you input this data, it’ll be worthwhile assessing the audience that you want to attract to your feed, as this will change the answers that give Gramista.

Once you have decided on who your target audience are or what your market niche is, you’ll select the options that Gramista give you. You can select your audience based off gender, hashtags, account and location. From there, Gramista will start interacting with these accounts on your behalf.

Gramista works off the basis that other users like validation and when you validate someone’s content, they will hopefully return the favour. The more people Gramista engages with, the more people will engage with you. Gramista also uses the follow/unfollow methodology, and by the same logic, people will follow you in return for following them.

As the actions are compounded over time, this isn’t the type of strategy that will give you instant results. The more actions that Gramista completes on your behalf, the more people will engage with your content, so Instagram will show it to more people. This type of strategy takes time to build, so a package any less than 30 days isn’t worth your time.

Gramista Review: Features – Smart Mode

Gramista uses some pretty well-developed AI in order to mimic human interactions and behaviour. The more human Gramista sounds, the better the chance that other users will believe that it is you commenting on their posts. This feature also needs to be well developed for security reasons.

If Instagram thinks that it is a bot that is commenting on another users’ content, then Instagram will delete the account that is using the bot.

Gramista Review: Features – Boost

The boost feature does what is says on the tin. For a period of time, Gramista will boost activity and engage with more people and like more content than their normal rate. There are a lot of risks involved with using this feature. When you have an automation tool operating on your behalf, you want to make sure that it operates under the daily action limit.

Anything over this limit can flag Instagram’s algorithm and get your account suspended or deleted.

Gramista Review: Is Gramista Legitimate?

When Gramista first started, they provided their users with a solid tool that grew their accounts. However, this was when automation tools were relatively new, and their technology could easily fly under Instagram’s algorithms without flagging them.

As the automation tool market has become more established, the strength of Instagram’s algorithms has also increased. It is this increase in Instagram’s algorithms strength that has made Gramista almost redundant. They haven’t managed to develop as quickly as Instagram which has left them with an inability to perform.

When you sign up and use the software, it consistently resets and then faulters. Currently, customers are having an issue contacting customer services about their purchase with Gramista and others have had their accounts deleted.

Gramista may not have started out as a scam and at one point it was a legit product that provided a good service. Now Instagram’s pace of algorithm developed has overtaken Gramista ability to stay ahead of the game, it stops it being a safe automation tool for customers to use. If you do use it, you face not only paying money for a service that doesn’t work effectively, but you also run the risk of Instagram blocking and deleting your account.

Top Gramista Alternatives

Thankfully, there are companies out there that have managed to stay ahead of the game when it comes to beating Instagram’s algorithm. Not only that, they provide a better service with a wider range of strategies that will help you reach your growth goals.



Ingramer is a tool that has been developed so that you can fully manage your Instagram growth strategy in house. It is a stable bot that allows customers to reach their growth goals through final tuned and a well targeted engagement strategy. One feature that we really like about this product is that you can also schedule postings to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to engage.

Ingramer uses a multi-faceted strategy to increase the number of followers on your feed. Unlike Gramista, it provides more methods of engagement, such as direct messaging. You can adjust your strategy at the drop of a hat from any of your devices to make sure that your strategy is current and takes into account any new trends that are emerging on the platform.

As long as you use the tool in the correct manner you won’t have any issues with the algorithm set by Instagram. Make sure you keep under the daily action limit at or under what Ingramer suggests keeping your account safe and secure.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation media is possibly one of the longest running growth services for Instagram on the market. It provides its users with an easy to use interface where they can set up their campaign and start growing their accounts.

One of the many awesome features that you get with Stellation media is the tailored response from your own account manager. Once you sign up, you’ll be contacted by one of the team who will discuss your growth goals with you and help you build a strategy to suit you and your content.

The mass story engager is stellation medias latest development to help you stay in the minds of your consumers, even when you don’t have a story to post. Their software assesses the stories of the accounts that you have told them you are interested in, which could be competitors, influencers that represent the same values as you and other accounts that follow any parties you are interested in.

Stellation media provides their customers with a professional and comprehensive service that will allow you to grow your account with the direction of professionals who have intimate working knowledge of Instagram and its algorithms.



Upleap are a fully managed organic growth service that will grow their customers Instagram accounts on their behalf. Before you start it is worth considering what type of audience you want to be attracting to your account. Consider age, location, gender and interests that are the common denominator within your target market and potential client base.

Once you have narrowed this down, sign up to upleap who will then match you with your own account manager. From here, they will input the relevant data points into their software and develop your growth strategy off the back of it.

Because upleap is an organic strategy, you won’t see results as quickly as you would if you were to buy followers, but the wait is worth it. The followers that are gained from upleap are ones that are real and genuinely interested in your content.

Not only do Upleap follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf, it will also view stories from other users that you don’t follow to get you noticed. This, coupled with their engagement strategy increases the chances of other users becoming interested in your content and following you.

The service that they offer their customers is a fully managed one, so if you don’t want an automation tool that you have to check on, Upleap may be the one for you. It can give you a service that will increase your Instagram growth without you having to manage any aspects of it.



Nitreo is a growth service with a difference, unlike others we have reviewed, they focus on hashtag and location engagement. If you are a business that operates a shop or runs events, Nitreo is an excellent way of tracking who has tagged your location in their posts or stories.

Nitreo’s technology also focuses in on hashtags, making sure that you are able to follow people that use hashtags that directly relate to your business or brand. Before you begin setting Nitreo up, have a look through Instagram to see which hashtags you competitors are utilising. Through mimicking your competitors, you can attract their followers to your content.

Nitreo is a safe and secure platform that will help your account grow. If you are just starting out your Instagram journey, they are good option. However, if you are looking for a service that will give you more of a cohesive strategy, then look to another alterative that we have reviewed.

Hashtags For Likes

Hashtags for Likes Logo

If you want to find out which hashtags are currently performing or relate to your content, hashtags for likes can give you amazing insight into which hashtags are performing best. What we really like about hashtags for likes is the fact that you can save lists, which is excellent if you are running more than one account.

You can now also analyse data sets on hashtags for likes. This new feature enables you to assess other users’ hashtags to see which ones are performing and which ones you could apply to your content. Hashtags are the currency of Instagram, so you need to make sure you are using all the available space for them, but you also want to make sure you are using relevant and pertinent ones.

Hashtags for likes will be an excellent addition to anyone’s Instagram strategy as it will give you valuable insight into current trends.

Final Thoughts on Gramista

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, you want to make sure that you are employing a company who understands the algorithms and the nuances of the platform. There are now far better alternatives on the market on than Gramista, so it is worth investing your money and time in these.

The alternatives we have given offer different types of growth strategy, whether you want a fully managed service, an automation tool or just want to be able to assess which hashtags are working, there is a product for you.

Take the hardwork out of growing your Instagram and work with a company that can grow in the background while you get back to creating and developing high level content.

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