Growthsilo Review: Does it Deliver as an Instagram Growth Service?

Instagram has been around for over 10 years now, but its appeal and potential for business-minded people is as strong as ever. With shoppable features, influencer marketing, and true authority as a platform, everyone’s still looking for a piece of the Instagram pie.

There is a huge amount of competition, however, making it hard to gain traction on the platform and grow a substantial following to help you meet your ultimate goals. 

With plenty of tools out there claiming to boost your Instagram follower count, how can you know which ones deliver results from the ones that are simply fluff? It’s the question we’ve asked ourselves time and time again. 

We decided the only way to know was to try them out, and one that truly captured our attention was Growthsilo. Growthsilo is one of the most popular organic Instagram growth services on the market, and we wanted to know why. 

In this Growthsilo review, we’re going to outline how it works, what features it offers its clients, and our final decision about whether or not Growthsilo can actually help get you more Instagram followers. 

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Growthsilo Review 


All things considered, we’re approaching this review from the perspective of real follower growth on Instagram. After all, it’s no secret that a bunch of fake followers won’t help you in any way. 

In fact, services that simply fill your account with fake followers can actually hurt your Instagram performance, and using bots to spam a bunch of users isn’t much better. 

These are the main things we were looking for when we evaluated Growthsilo’s services, and we’re confident that Growthsilo is a legitimate option that can help you in the way of Instagram growth. 

Let’s check out our findings.

How Does Growthsilo Work? 

Growthsilo Instagram Growth

Growthsilo is classified as an organic Instagram growth service, which means they don’t simply send you a bunch of followers in bulk. They actually work to interact with users in your target audience and gain you more followers the natural way. 

The unique thing about Growthsilo is that they don’t use any bots or automation to do this. They use dedicated account management to follow your targeting instructions and then engage with the right people. 

This is important because the more connected to your content your followers are, the better your engagement levels will be, and this is a key part in growing an Instagram account. 

Instagram’s algorithm gives content more reach when it has a high level of user engagement because likes, comments, and other interactions show that users find the content valuable and are likely to want to see more as time goes on. 

Growthsilo delivers effective targeting and brings you more followers that are natural and real, which was a big deal for us. 

Let’s examine these features more in detail to understand exactly how they help Growthsilo to grow your Instagram account. 

Growthsilo Review: Features 

Growthsilo effectively works as a stand-in for your own efforts. The main way that users grow their following on Instagram is to interact with users on the platform through liking content, viewing stories, leaving comments, etc. 

As you may imagine (or know from personal experience), this can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. There are only so many hours in the day, and with content the most important factor in your Instagram success, it’s important to spend that time working on strategy, planning, creation, and more. 

That’s where Growthsilo comes in— they can take over that repetitive work for you so that you can optimize your content. This only helps you in the end, since you will have better content being seen by more people through Growthsilo’s efforts. 

Here are the four main features of Growthsilo and what we thought of them. 

Account Management 

Growthsilo isn’t run by bots or automation; you’ll have access to a designated account manager that will be in charge of your Instagram growth. 

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After you sign up, you’ll be contacted immediately and will then provide your targeting instructions so that your account manager can get to work evaluating your profile and building an effective campaign. 

One thing that we liked about Growthsilo is that we didn’t have to worry about bots bringing in fake or skeptical accounts because the whole process is more effective when it’s managed by a real person. 

What’s more, it gave us peace of mind that we wouldn’t be doing questionable things on Instagram that look spammy or undesired; this can harm an Instagram profile’s reputation, so we were happy to see that no funny business was going on. 

Overall, it was very easy to get started with Growthsilo and the experience with our account manager was a positive one. 


The next Growthsilo feature that we wanted to discuss is targeting. Targeting is vital to ensure you get more Instagram followers who actually care about your content. If they don’t, forget about your engagement and/or conversion rate. 

Growthsilo uses different elements such as usernames, hashtags, location, gender, and more to help get you the right type of followers. After all, if you’re a local business in South Carolina and most of your followers are located in Vancouver, what good does that do? 

Overall, the targeting options Growthsilo offered were comprehensive and effective in reaching relevant users. In addition, having an account manager helped to make sure that these users did, in fact, meet the targeting instructions. With bot services, it’s nearly impossible to verify this, so we were glad to see that the results and followers were connected to our niche.

Finally, because Growthsilo’s managed service can follow any targeting instructions, it’s not limited to any specific niches or industries; it can work for anyone in any market. 

Pricing and Plans 

Growthsilo Pricing

Growthsilo offers two principal plans: Launch, and Accelerate. Both plans are based on the value of the services they offer and we found them to be fair. 

The Launch plan includes 10 targets with your account, but doesn’t include features like VIP email support, location targeting, gender filtering, and blacklist. All of these features are available on their Accelerate plan, which also offers you a whopping 60 targets, making your audience that much more relevant. 

We found the Accelerate plan to be much quicker, but the Launch plan still provides great results. The right plan for you depends on your sense of urgency and specific need for targeted followers. 

Another plus is that both plans are no-contract and charged monthly, so you have flexibility regardless of which you choose. Both come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, which gave us peace of mind and also showed us that Growthsilo backs up their services. 


Last but not least, we took a look at Growthsilo support. Nothing is worse than contracting a service and then never being able to reach the people running it. We didn’t have that problem with Growthsilo. 

Growthsilo support is responsive, helpful, and clearly dedicated to helping any clients that have an issue and can’t find the answer in their FAQ section. 

Is Growthsilo a Scam? 

Growthsilo Customer Review

All in all, we can say with complete confidence that Growthsilo is not a scam. Their website is secure, our payments are secure, the growth is real, and they contact you right away to get your service up and running. 

There are plenty of companies out there that will take your money and run, but Growthsilo isn’t one of them. Our hope in the Instagram growth industry was rejuvenated after working with Growthsilo. 

Final Decision: Growthsilo Review 

We would recommend Growthsilo to anyone looking to get more real Instagram followers naturally. It saves you time and helps you to focus on creating innovative and high-quality content that will only help the service to work better. 

Their plans are reasonable and you can cancel them at any time, which we approve of. If you need more Instagram followers, check out Growthsilo. 

Review Summary 

Growthsilo is an organic Instagram growth service that helps you get more Instagram followers through natural interaction with users in your target audience. No bots and no automation is involved, keeping your account safe and secure. 

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