How a Broken Link Superseded BTS’ Single Release Hype

If you’re on TikTok or read our articles regularly, you will know by now that BTS has been preparing to release a snippet of their latest single in anticipation of their album release in the coming weeks.

The K-pop boy band was set to make history yesterday when they released a cut from the single – but instead, TikTok stole the show because it stopped working.

Not long after BTS released their clip, a search function feature of TikToks started to come up with ‘error’ messages. This particular part of the search engine is in charge of helping people find specific song tracks, so when people tried to use it to find their favorite new BTS song clip, they were greeted with messages explaining that the app had failed to connect to the network.

While the rest of TikTok was working as normal, BTS fans quickly started to realize that they had inadvertently broken the app by overwhelming it as they tried to find the new song clip.

However, this isn’t the first time that the BTS ‘army’, as they are popularly known, have overwhelmed websites and apps trying to gain access to things like tickets, song debuts, and merchandise. Interestingly, though, in this instance, it wasn’t technically the fans that got in the way of the song working properly.

In fact, it was the result of a broken link. Essentially, TikTok applied the wrong link to the song, which resulted in the search engine not working. Once TikTok was able to replace the link with the correct one, hundreds of videos featuring the small clip of the brand new single started flooding the app.

So, while TikTok had a slight hiccup when BTS first released their brand new cut, the malfunction was more to do with a wrongly used link than anything else.

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