How to take charge of your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile will determine whether people manage to find you on LinkedIn and, if they do, whether they decide to connect with you. Given this, it’s worth taking the time to take charge of your profile and ensure that you’re promoting yourself in the best possible way.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your online resume. Even more importantly – it’s an online resume that will be seen over and over again, not just on one occasion. As such, it’s absolutely crucial to get it right. In this post, we look at 4 tips for taking control of your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #1. Be thorough and accurate

The first thing to do to take control of your profile is to make an effort to take control. Your profile should be complete, with all fields filled in, you should take some time making sure that all of your links work and you should change the URL of your profile to your company name. Further, make sure to provide plenty of details of your achievements. Let people know what experience you have.

Tip #2. Build quality recommendations

When you fill in your profile, people are aware that you are going to be putting your best foot forward. To make your profile seem more compelling, then, some of the best tools are recommendations from others. If you have quality recommendations then people are more likely to leave with a positive impression of your abilities. Note that the key word here is “quality”. Seek positive recommendations that give a sense of your skills and come from trustworthy sources.

Tip #3. Integrate content from other sites

One time saving way to add a lot of content to your profile is to integrate content from other sites. For example, if your Twitter feed is relevant to those you want to connect with on LinkedIn then you can link the two sites. Similarly, you can link WordPress so that your blog posts appear in your profile. This can increase the amount of content on your LinkedIn profile without increasing the amount of time required to achieve this.

Tip #4. Make connections

There’s no point spending lots of time on your profile if no-one views it. To increase your number of profile views, one of the best techniques is to make connections with other users. Not only might these users look at your profile but having lots of connections means you’re more likely to turn up when others search for people on LinkedIn. Once again, making quality connections to people that have lots of quality connections themselves is the most important consideration.

Tip #5. Use a bot

Lots of marketers are turning to LinkedIn bots and other tools to automate their accounts.

What techniques do you use to optimise your LinkedIn profile?

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