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How To Improve Your ROI Using SEO Services

How To Improve Your ROI Using SEO Services

SEO is a difficult topic to broach, especially when we are talking about returns on investment. Because of its difficult to pin down nature, unless you thoroughly understand it, then calculating the value added can be very difficult.

But if you are in the know, then you will understand that SEO does improve your ROI. SEO isn’t a cheap service, but it can increase traffic to your site, but how can you make sure that you get your money’s worth from your service?

Here we find out more.

Follow The Latest Trends


SEO is a dynamic and changing landscape. All search engine providers update and change their terms of reference at the drop of a hat, so you need to make sure that your SEO service is aware and even anticipates these changes.

It has been known for websites to drop off the first page of google and never return after an update has been done, so you need to make sure that they are constantly working with the updates rather than ignoring them.

Don’t Just Focus On Google


We are all guilty of just using Google as a default option, however, there are more search engines out there. To maximise your return on investment, you want your SEO to cover all search engine providers.

This means Bing and DuckDuckGo also need to include. Some users will actually go out of their way to avoid using Google, so why ignore the other options that are out there.

Calculate your ROI

ROI Calculation

Calculating return on investment can be difficult, especially as there are so many variants that you need to consider. Who is doing your SEO? Is it in house or have you hired an external agency?

If you are going to do it, how much time on it are you going to allocate? All of these factors make a huge difference when you are trying to calculate something as intangible as this.

Furthermore, it isn’t just a case of measuring click throughs to your site, you will need to assess the conversion of these click throughs. You will also need to draw comparison to the rate of conversion before SEO, during and after.

This will give you a more holistic understanding of the potential return on investment that SEO gives you and your business. There are so many different ways to calculate it out, so you need to settle on one before you try and increase your return on investment. Click here to find out more about it.

Use Natural Language

Natural Language

One way to increase your RIO is to use more free-flowing natural language.

This is something that google are going to be utilising way off in the future when keywords are no longer part of our daily lives, but natural language will not only help to draw people to your site, especially if you have good key word placemat, but it will also keep them there.

You don’t want to look as though you are just throwing key words in there for the sake of it. Natural language makes your entire site read far better and when google crawls it, it will rank better too. The higher the rank you achieve, the higher the RIO on the SEO.

Video Content

Video Content

One of the fastest ways to improve your return on investment when it comes to your SEO is to use video content. Video is now the most popular medium for content and for good reason.

Users no longer have to read; they can simply watch what you want to tell them. It is a faster, more succinct way of getting information across to people and users love it. Make sure that you are putting in relevant content into your site.

You don’t want to be sharing videos that have no relation to what you are doing or to your niche. These videos will also need to be tagged well and given strong descriptions. It is all of these micro efforts that work together to build up a strong RIO.

The better your SEO agency is at finding or creating relevant videos and the better they are at tagging and describing them, the more through traffic to your site you can expect to see.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to increasing your RIO when using SEO services, first you need to work out how to calculate out your RIO. This can be time consuming but worth the effort once you have achieved it.

However, you will need to stick with this method throughout the life time of the campaign. You will also need to make direct considerations about your SEO. Make sure the use of language is correct and utilise video content.

If you are outsourcing you will want to make sure that they are keeping up to date with the latest SEO trends, or you could risk losing your first page spot.

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