Instagram Adds Direct Messaging Feature to Windows 10

Instagram Adds Direct Messaging Feature to Windows 10

If you tend to use Instagram on your PC through Windows 10, then you may notice that something has changed when you next access the app. This is because Instagram recently updated their software so that it can now be called a progressive web app, or a PWA.

This means that you’re interacting with the Instagram app differently, in a way that makes it feel a bit more native.

A native app or native software is something that has been developed for exclusive use on a particular platform. This can help optimize its performance. However, a lot of people out there think that Instagram’s latest effort is a bit of a mixed bag.

Instagram Win10

Right now, you can’t upload photos directly from your computer, but you can send and receive direct messages. The good news is that the app performs better on PC than on other past devices like Surface Pro X.

It’s not hard to see what Instagram is trying to do – by making their users experience through Windows 10 more progressive, they’re going to benefit their users a lot more than hinder them. For a long time now, Instagram has put Windows 10 on the back burner, with hardly any updates happening for a good amount of time.

However, now that it’s a progressive web app, you can expect to see more frequent updates. The biggest reason for this is that it’s a lot easier for Instagram to make these changes, so you can expect it to be much easier to use Instagram on Windows 10 from now on.

The next thing they need to do is develop PWA with the iPad.

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