The Top Latest TikTok Influencers You Should Be Following

The Top Latest TikTok Influencers You Should Be Following

There are a lot of reasons to join TikTok, with one of them being the opportunity to become the world’s next most popular TikTok influencer. Because the platform is still so young, there’s a lot of room to grow, which means that you might still have a chance to become one.

The Latest TikTok Influencers You Should Be Following (2020)

If you’re not worried about being an influencer yourself and you just want to know who’s who on the newest social media sharing app, then let’s take a look at 25 top emerging TikTok influencers, and why you should be following them.

1. @soxsoul


This rising TikTok influencer is also known as a fitness expert, and while they don’t have that many followers right now, they are quickly gaining a lot of popularity for their interesting stunt videos. They mainly come up with videos and posts that show their moves with these stunts, so if you’re someone who is into stunts and fitness, then Sox Soul is one to check out.

2. @hanamartinx


Hana may only have 700k followers right now on TikTok, but she has wasted no time in growing it as quickly as possible. She is known for her lip-syncing videos, and she usually gets it right when it comes to matching the right sound clip with a video action. She is a talented artist who seems to be able to make awesome content a lot.

3. @wigofellas


The next emerging TikTok influencer on our list is @wigofellas. Not only is he popular, but he regularly creates videos with his mom, and the two of them together play pranks on each other. It’s always fun watching this duo, which is why they’re one of those emerging influencers that really stand out to us.

4. @leticiafgomes


This popular emerging TikTok influencer is from Brazil, and she has become known for her amazing makeup transformations on the platform. She loves to turn herself into popular fictional Hollywood characters, which is gaining her a lot of attention.

5. @chloeroseofcl


This 19-year-old is not only an emerging TikTok influencer, but she is a talented singer as well. She is from the U.K., and her attractive personality and charming appearance make her popular among her fast-growing community. She has even released her own single.

6. @weeklychris


Christian Collins, otherwise known as @weeklychris, is both a model and a blogger. From America, Chris is 20 years old, and his brothers are also well known social media personalities. He is well known for posting videos of himself singing to popular songs.

7. @lani.baker


This 20-year-old American blogger and model is another sibling of Cash and Maverick, who share Chris as their brother as well. It’s fair to say that this is a social media family, and she has followed in her sibling’s footsteps with a lot of lip-syncing videos.

8. Signa Mae @sig


This 16-year-old social media sensation is known for her lip-syncing videos, and she currently has as many as 5 million TikTok followers, making her pretty popular.

9. @ourfire


This next emerging TikTok influencer is actually a couple that has been recognized for being talented vloggers and style gurus. They met on a dating app, they soon began making content together on TikTok, making them one of the most popular emerging influencers right now.

10. @amaraquelindarawr


The next most popular TikTok influencer has actually been nominated for an MTV award and is well known on other social media platforms as well, like Instagram and Youtube. If you like comedy sketches and lip-syncing, you need to check out Amara Que Linda, from Colombia.

11. @maxandharveyofficial


These popular TikTok influencers are from England, and they are famous for their lip-syncing and musical videos. Their posts get thousands of hearts and likes. They have even been able to get on the X-Factor, too. 

12. @carsonlueders


This 18-year-old guitarist, dancer, and singer are known for his Instagram page, and being an internet personality in general. He is also known for being bisexual and has inspired many of his community to be open and honest about who they really are.

13. @tylerbrown


This 16-year-old Instagrammer and social media star is from the U.S. – L.A., specifically. He is popular on all other social media platforms as well, including YouTube and even Twitter.

14. @jelinuh


This social media star is also known for her talented dance moves. She has been doing her thing online since 2015, when she first joined She is 21 years old and was born in Colorado. She is consistent about her uploads to TikTok, making her a popular candidate.

15. @jakepaul


Jake Paul is an actor, internet personality, and YouTuber who is from California in the U.S. He is currently 23 years old, but he has been doing this for a while. He is often caught up in a scandal, and is well known for comedy skits.

16. @ameliagething


This 20 year old English model is also a TikTok star. She is also pretty big on YouTube as well, and has as many as 500k subscribers over there. She is known for her lip-syncing videos, as well as her comedy sketches. She’s pretty popular amongst her fans on TikTok.

17. @caseysimpson


This well known child actor is from the U.S., and was born in California. He already has acting experience on T.V., so you can imagine how this easily translates to TikTok. He loves being silly and fun in his videos, which is perhaps why he’s so popular.

18. @jaydenbartels


This 14 year old is a model, dancer, singer, and actor, and is from the U.S. She has already worked on many different U.S. T.V. shows, so it’s easy to see why she’s so popular on TikTok now. She has over 7 million TikTok followers.

19. @real.ona


Hailey Orona is a social media personality that is only 17 years old. She is also popular on Instagram as well and has been doing her thing on social media since 2015. She currently has over 7 million TikTok followers.

20. @rybkatwinsofficial


The Rybka Twins are potentially one of the most influential duos on TikTok right now. They are from Australia, and they are known for their aerobatic dancing style, which has garnered them a lot of attention and popularity on TikTok. They currently have over 8 million followers on the popular social media sharing app.

21. @dominictoliver


This popular TikTok creator is 26 years old and is from Houston in the United States. He is well known on TikTok for his comedy sketches, and what he loves to do more than anything is have fun and mess around.

22. @officialsalicerose


This 25-year-old rising TikTok star is also big on Instagram and YouTube as well. She is from the United States, and she is known for both acting and being funny in her videos. She has great comedic timing, making her a fan favorite.

23. @joshrichards


This 17-year-old social media influencer and actor is from Canada and is well known for his dancing and lip-syncing videos. He has also acted in a few Canadian movies, and can often be seen collaborating with other TikTok influencers.

24. @zoelaverne


Zoe Laverne is an 18-year-old social media influencers from Indiana. She is known mostly for her lip-syncing videos, and she loves to connect with her fans, making her an easy favorite. She received the crown when TikTok was still

25. @twinmelody


This Spanish duo are twin sisters who are 20 years old. They are both TikTok stars and YouTubers and use their influence to create lip-syncing videos and dance videos. They are so popular at this point that a lot of their videos have gone viral.

Final Thoughts on The Latest TikTok Influencers

TikTok is a fast changing game, and these influencers have got it all on point. Many of them use a variety of tactics including tools for TikTok. But the main thing they have in common is; consistency.

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