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Magic Social REVIEW

At this time, it looks like Magic Social isn’t taking on any new clients.

There’s a lot of speculation as to why they were shutdown. I’m not 100% sure what has happened.

The good news is; there’s always other companies to work with. Here’s a list of alternative growth services you can check out.

Important News on Automation

Unfortunately, Instagram has updated its algorithms and nearly all bots and growth services are either not working or are no longer accepting new clients due to the load.

What I can tell you, is my current approach to get around this:

1. Stellation Media has one of the only working growth services with a user dashboard in the industry. I put one of my clients on their top service for 10 days a while back, and they had over 1200 new followers!.

2. You can use Stellation Media in conjunction with Hashtags For Likes to find trending hashtags, which is 100% compliant and increases engagement exponentially. Your account is completely safe. The best thing about this service is that you can & should use this with another service as it isn't automated at all. They also offer other tools and analytics. Check them out.

I've tried everything.

These services and this approach will give you the best chance to boost your account right now.
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Magic Social is a service that’s entirely managed for you – all you have to do is reply to comments and messages. What this means is that you just get to watch the engagement on your end and see how many people are following you for your content.

This is because Magic Social specifically targets users within your niche, so there is a really good chance that they’re going to like what they see.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there who sell Instagram engagement that promises you a very specific number of followers per week or per month. While this sounds ideal, it’s not – all this means is that they’re bulk selling you engagement, which isn’t going to be real. This type of engagement is going to make your account look popular initially, but it’s not going to hang around for too long, and you’ll end up being right back to where you started.

This is why you want to use an organic Instagram growth service like Magic Social – they make sure that the growth is slow and steady.

Why Magic Social?

So, why should you use a social media manager like Magic Social then, as opposed to buying your engagement? Well, before we get into that, as a disclaimer it’s worth knowing that they’re going to need your login information. Companies that just sell you fake engagement don’t require this, because they aren’t going to be doing any work with your account.

Now, let’s check out some great reasons why a social media manager is a better option:

  • They Are Experts: unlike fake engagement, Magic Social focus on building your engagement slowly but surely – which gives them a lot of experience in this industry. They are now experts in their field and know exactly what it takes to build up a loyal, tight-knit community on your Instagram. While the growth may be slower, the quality is going to be much higher because they’ll be real.
  • It’s Cheap: unlike Facebook ads that suck you dry, social media managers like Magic Social aren’t going to break the bank. They’re going to target a variety of different followers, and they’re going to do it for much less than it would cost you to set up and promote a Facebook or Instagram ad.
  • You Get More Time: one of the biggest downsides to doing your engagement yourself is just how much time it takes. These days with the competition so high, you’re looking at hours a day just to make sure you keep up with your growing community. Because this is the main thing that Magic Social takes over, you can sit back and think about what else needs to be done for your business.

Why Use Magic Social?

So, we’ve gone over a couple of reasons why a social media manager is a great option. Now, let’s talk about why you should use Magic Social in particular.

For one, they’re going to be like your very own personal Instagram engagement assistant. They’re going to get those tasks done that you just can’t bear to think about anymore, and they’re going to do it in a way that is natural and organic. Don’t get too carried away here, though – you’ll still need to make sure those messages and comments are replied to.

So, what is it going to take for you to get your hands on a Magic Social plan, then? Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take to sign yourself up to a Magic Social service:

  • Simply fill out their short question form
  • Talk to them about who and what you’re thinking about targeting
  • Magic Social will start executing your customized engagement plan
  • You will begin to see the results on your Instagram within a day

Again, we need to remind you that you’re going to have to give up your login details. This is an integral part of making sure Magic Social can do their thing – without your details, they simply can’t engage with people for you.

We’ve talked about how to get on board with Magic Social, but we haven’t gone through the specifics when it comes to how they implement their engagement plan. Let’s see what this plan is made up of:

  • Magic Social’s very own smart filter
  • Your usernames, hashtags, and locations that you’ve given them
  • A customized targeting plan, so they’re hitting the bullseye every time

Results from Magic Social

We wouldn’t be able to recommend Magic Social as we are without having tested it out ourselves first. We used our test account, of course, to make sure that it was safe. We gave them our login details, talked to them about the kind of engagement we wanted and let them do their thing.

When we saw the results, we were impressed. Magic Social managed to get use over 180 new followers just within the first four days of the service. Their engagement also didn’t cause any ‘action blocked’ notifications to occur, which is the biggest indication of Magic Social’s safety.

Magic Social Pricing:

We briefly talked about how you’re not going to be paying much for a service as good as Magic Social – but we didn’t go into specifics. Let’s see what their price points are then:

  • Yearly: for a year of their service, it’s $420
  • Monthly: if you’re just looking for a month’s worth, you’ll pay $38
  • If you’re looking for a weekly subscription, you’re going to pay as little as $15

The beauty of these prices is that they cater to everyone. You may just be starting out on your Instagram journey and have the tightest budget ever – or, you may have been around for a while and have a much more flexible cash flow.

Either way, Magic Social is an Instagram tool that is designed to be accessible to all who want to build up a solid Instagram account and showcase their branding to the world. Don’t forget that Magic Social’s engagement is organic, so you have to be prepared to be patient with it.

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