You Can Now Rent a Private Jet Just for Instagram Photos

Rent Private Jet for Instagram Photos


We all know the pressure to post the perfect photos on Instagram.

A lot of our online engagement with followers depends on the quality of what we publish, especially if we’re using Instagram to build a brand. But there are some out there that are taking the need for likes and follows to a whole new level.


Ever Been on a Private Jet?

Probably not.

While this might be on the bucket list, unless you’re Conor Mcgregor – it’s out of reach for many and has likely not even crossed your mind when it comes to Instagram. But people are getting around the exclusivity of such a luxury.

There is a company in Russia who is letting people hire a private jet, and they’re not charging all that much for it, either.

The only catch is that it never leaves the ground. Staying firmly on the tarmac, these private jets serve a different purpose to wining and dining in the sky – Instagram photos.

People are paying fairly reasonable amounts of money to be allowed on board private jets to get Instagram photos.


Faking it to Make it.

Why would you want to pretend, you ask?

The whole purpose of such an endeavor is to pretend to be something you’re not, just to become famous on Instagram. It’s the new, trending way to appear to be living a luxurious life whilst paying a fraction of what it would cost in reality. Combine these photos with a bot and you’re sure to be on the fast track to a large following.

We’ve already got some high-profile characters dominating the world of Instagram. This type of competition demands an upping of the ante a little bit and thinking of new, creative ways to be a star for a day and give your followers a little bit of the high life.

This Russian company even has a team of hair and make-up artists on standby, in case you want to pay a little extra for the full effect.

From posing with your pets inside to snapping yourself boarding the jet, there are now more ways than ever to live a life of luxury for a little bit before being brought back down to earth – and you don’t even have to leave the ground to do it.

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