How to Get Instagram Famous This Year

Today I’m going to tell you how you can become famous on Instagram from scratch.

This isn’t one of those crappy posts that stands on a soapbox and tells you to use hashtags and good photos. We all know that by now. Instead, I’m going to list my proven methodology step by step.

How to Get Instagram Famous in 2024

I have used the following steps over and over again to create countless profiles that have huge followings for all sorts of clients in different niches.

Some of it wont be pretty, but it works.

Create an Attractive Profile

This goes without saying, but you need to create your account and fill out your profile completely. Look at other accounts in your niche to see what they do well. Don’t copy them directly but definitely look to them for some inspiration.

Make sure you choose a username which is memorable, for example:

  • MyName1975 isn’t a good username
  • CoolestCars is a bit better

Make sure you’re only using HIGH-quality photos and videos. There’s plenty of guides on this out there so I won’t cover this in detail as it goes outside the scope of this article – however, I can recommend the Adobe Lightroom app as being both lightweight and brilliant for editing photos. If you’re not sure if your photo is good enough to post – then don’t post it!

Get Active

Now you have an account, you need to get some meat on it. No one is going to follow you if you have 2 posts. Aim to publish 30+ photos over a 4 week period and include captions that are 2-3 sentences in length – enough to get attention but not so long that it becomes a chore.

Over these first few weeks, you can start following people. Follow some influential people in your niche and perhaps a few fans too, but don’t go crazy on this. Your following should always be WAY less than your followers count. Otherwise, you just look unpopular.

Sign up to Stellation Media

Stellation Media
The next step is to use Stellation Media to automate your actions and engagement with real users, aimed at your target audience. Let me explain:

The good thing is this organic growth tool is easily the best money you’re going to spend whilst marketing yourself or your brand on Instagram. You may have heard of Instagress – which was a pretty infamous Instagram bot before – well Stellation Media is a newer, compliant, and safer alternative.

Stellation Media is a growth company who will market your account for you. You don’t even have to set anything up!

Instagram automation is the best way you can reliably grow your Instagram fan-base with real, genuine Instagram followers. There are so many dodgy services online, they promise free Instagram followers and likes. Don’t fall for these, look after your account and use a trusted service with a good reputation. You can’t cheat your way to fame, so use organic methods, like the Stellation Media growth service to attract real users.

If you skip this, then I’m sorry my friend, but your results will be lacklustre at best. This is the difference between the brands with 3000 followers and 100,000. I’m not exaggerating.

Schedule A Post Every Day

Yes, every single day.

Research has shown that daily Instagram posts are necessary to keep your followers engaged to the highest level.

Content is king, and it’s important that you keep your uploads interesting/engaging to keep your users wanting to come back for more!

It’s important you never miss the peak posting times, and always try upload during them, this is going to get the best reaction on your upload, helping you fast track your growth. (Of course, while a growth service is helping increase your exposure on Instagram) This completely lets you focus on putting out the utmost best quality content.

You can use a scheduler to schedule your posts ahead of time. So you can set this all up a week or month in advance and forget about it, letting you never miss a peak posting time ever again!

Do some research to find out the best time to post. Generally, the best time is evenings between 7pm and 9pm as that’s when most people have spare time to browse Instagram. However, this can vary depending on your geo-location and niche, so make sure you do a bit of research and perhaps some A/B testing here.

Watch The Results Roll In

If you have awesome photos and a cool niche there’s no reason why you can’t build a viral Instagram account in a few months with these steps.

I have done it for many of my clients now, some of those accounts now have over 400,000 followers. The best thing is, that these accounts have a genuine fan-base which lasts forever!

Many of my clients have now quit their day jobs and make a full time living from Instagram, there are many ways you can monetise your following – I’ve seen some influencers with 200,000 followers easily making 100k/year from monetisation methods. Growing a social media fan-base in this day and age is very valuable.

I just follow this same process every timerinse & repeat.

Questions? Have Your Say

If you have a question about my methods to gain Instagram fame then please comment below and I’ll help you if I can.

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