Seek Socially Review 2024: 5 Stars or No Stars?

Seek Socially Review – Is It a Scam?

Seek Socially Review 2024

With the entire world going digital, social media is now more important than ever.

The platforms continue to expand in terms of marketing and business opportunities as lots of people are using social media to find new services, products, news, music, and pretty much everything else related to their area of interest.

And this means that a cross-platform presence becomes simply vital for businesses, influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, and more.

Because when you have a strong online presence together with a dedicated follower base across multiple social media platforms, your chances to become more popular and successful are way higher.

But that being said, managing one social media account is no easy task, let alone many of them.

Each platform has its own distinct requirements and functions and requires the user to continuously upload high-quality content and constantly engage with their followers.

On top of that, the number of users and business competitors grows with each passing year, making it difficult and extremely time-consuming to get noticed and build the proper following.

The good news is that many services have begun to offer users help in growing their social media reach, building brand awareness, and gaining credibility.

Unfortunately, many of such companies are shams and are only looking to turn a profit, but there are still some of them that might help you greatly.

That is why it’s so important to do your research and prepare in advance. And that’s where we come in.

Today we will take a closer look at one of the most popular services in the industry – Seek Socially.

In this review, we will discuss what features does this service have, how it works, and if we consider it to be a reliable option for your social media growth. So, read on.

What is Seek Socially? 

Seek Socially logo

Seek Socially is a social media growth service that claims to specialize in growing a real following and providing genuine engagement across multiple social media platforms in order to reach more people and thus add value to your business.

They offer a variety of ways to engage with your target audience on the platform of your liking and gain lots of real, high-quality followers that will not drop off once you cancel.

And since this is the most common issue happening with social medial growth services, that will probably be the most important and valuable feature that Seek Socially provides.

Now let’s take a closer look at how this service functions.

How Does Seek Socially Work?

Seek Socially Work

The most distinctive feature of this service is that they combine the power of human intellect in a shape of an experienced and knowledgeable Account Manager with a reliable innovation of Artificial Intelligence, and together they will take your results to a whole new level.

And while we usually trust humans, we might still feel pretty skeptical about automotive systems. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

Seek Socially has developed its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to closely mimic human behavior and to automate tasks that users would normally perform on their own, such as following other users, liking photos, and more.

It will interact with users’ posts on your part, saving you a great deal of time and streamlining the workflow.

Seek Socially’s AI is extremely well-developed: it will ensure your account remains compliant with the platform’s terms of use and keeps the level of engagement within appropriate levels, thus delivering remarkable results without harming your account.

And the best part, as we have already mentioned earlier, is that the service interacts with real users, not bots or fake accounts, making it extremely valuable for your social media growth.

Benefits of Working with Seek Socially

Seek Socially Features

We compared Seek Socially with the other social media growth companies we tested previously, and found out a considerable number of benefits:

Dedicated Account Manager

This is the feature that has truly impressed us.

Seek Socially has completely reinvented the wheel and instead of only offering a bot that will probably get you flagged by the social media platform if left unsupervised, they provide a dedicated account manager that will take control of your account growth.

As soon as you sign up, an account manager will contact you to discuss your growth campaign and provide your targeting options.

The Account Manager then will follow your instructions to the letter, and work along with highly trained AI to deliver real followers that will help your account gain credibility and not only boost your follower count.

Works with Every Social Media Platform

As you can see from our review, SeekSocialy is offering you growth across pretty much any social media platform you can imagine, and this makes things so much easier!

It takes a great amount of time to grow just one social media network, let alone multiple at once.

And when you choose to work with SeekSocilly you’re getting the opportunity not only to build a stronghold on one specific platform but simultaneously strengthen all the other ones you find relevant to your online presence campaign.

Advanced Targeting

There is nothing worse than getting a bunch of irrelevant followers that are not interested in your niche and will never engage with your content.

That’s why we paid special attention to what type of followers Seek Socially would gain us. And we were beyond pleased with the results we got.

Seek Socially were extremely precise in their targeting and delivered above and beyond what we asked for, presenting the results we couldn’t have imagined. 

They offer location and hashtag targeting, together with gender filtering, which means you will get the best results possible when it comes to follower quality.

And since this is another feature that many other companies fall short in, we were more than impressed with what we saw with Seek Socially.

Authentic Social Media Growth

Seek Socially knows how important it is to get real, authentic growth and engagement, no matter what social media channel you’re focusing on.

That’s why they are strongly committed to delivering a highly targeted audience that will help provide real interactions and engagement on your account. 

But you may still be wondering why wait longer and pay more for a service that provides real organic followers when there are companies claiming to deliver those in 24 hours for way less?

Well, the answer is quite simple: QUALITY.

Even if you save some time and more on working with such services, you risk losing so much more:

  • The reputation of your account will suffer from the spam coming from the fake accounts;
  • The engagement to follower ratio will drop, making it obvious for other users that your followers are fake, and it might hurt your credibility;
  • Your chance to work with other brands will be significantly lower as the real engagement is what truly matters in such partnerships and as we have already learned there is no engagement from the fake followers;
  • Fake followers will not remain on your account for long: lots of them will probably disappear after another routine platform’s check.

So if you plan to gain great credibility and exist on the social media market longer, we suggest you invest in a trustworthy service like Seek Socially, that utilizes only organic methods and delivers real followers that will stay and boost your account.


Our Seek Socially wouldn’t be complete without a quick pricing overview.

Starter Plan:

At $44 per month, you’ll gain access to such features as organic growth, hashtag targeting, and throttled growth speed.

Premium Plan:

The Premium Plan is absolutely unlimited and will get you access to all types of targeting, auto-optimization, and support.

This package will cost you $99/month but will help you grow your following even faster than the Starter Plan.

Both plans offer a money return guarantee, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment in case if you find out that the service wasn’t the right one for you.

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The Pros & Cons


Customer Support:

This is probably the most important feature to have among the companies that offer similar services – if there is a need, you can always reach out to one of their designated Account Managers, so they can help you resolve an unexpected technical issue you faced or provide an answer to a question.

And we believe that if a company provides customer support that you get a hold of on a 24/7 basis, this clearly states that the safety and security of their customers is their top priority.

FAQ Page:

We were also pleasantly surprised to see that SeekSocailly has a Help and Frequently Asked Questions page on their website.

We think that features like these are very important to have, as they allow you to learn more about the service before committing to working with them long term.

Secure Website:

Upon further inspection, we’ve noticed that Seek Socially’s website is secured with HTTPS to protect all the important data stored within.

Knowing this definitely makes you feel better when you finally decide to partner with them.

Visible Pricing:

Another Seek Socially’s big advantage in comparison with similar companies is their full transparency.

It was very easy to find the in-depth description of what exactly they offer and how much it’d cost you.

We also think that the prices are very reasonable for the high-quality service they provide.


No Free Trial:

The only disadvantage we found was the absence of the free trial, so you can’t give this service a try without committing to it long term right away.

But since their package prices are very affordable and with the cancellation policy in place, you can definitely sign up for a starter package and give this service a go. 

And if it turns out that it’s not what you expected, you can easily cancel it at any time.

So, is Seek Socially a Scam?

Since there are so many services out there claiming that they can boost your engagement in no time and get you thousands of followers, people get rightfully sceptical.

And so did we.

That’s why we decided to give Seek Socially a try and see for ourselves.

We were so eager to see whether Seek Socially would deliver on its promises and improve our social media growth, or turn out to be another scam.

And we are finally here to happily announce that Seek Socially is definitely NOT a scam! After we signed up and purchased our package, we were contacted almost immediately and were on the way to gaining more real followers within the first 24 hours.

We haven’t noticed anything sketchy about the process we went through and felt completely safe with the registration and payment method.

They also offer responsive support, upfront, and informative website, and none of their plans are based on false promises or scams.

Review Verdict

While there are plenty of various growth services to choose from, it’s crucial to pick one that is good at what they do and has a lot of experience in their area of expertise.

Seek Socially has been delivering outstanding results to thousands of clients around the world for over 6 years now, and they’ve become one of the top social media growth services up to date.

They work not with one but all the most influential social media platforms, like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, to provide you with a great number of real followers and a variety of engagement types while saving you time and helping your business stand out and get the interest and attention it deserves.

So after taking all of their benefits and features into consideration, we would certainly recommend Seek Socially.

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