Social Boost Review – Is It Legit?

There comes a time in the life of an Instagrammer where they might need to admit that they need a bit of help.

If you’re someone who is struggling with your Instagram growth, and you don’t feel like you can do it all yourself, there is always the option of outsourcing some of your actions to a third party who knows what they’re doing.

However, finding the right match is a lot easier said than done. In fact, it can often be downright difficult.

Why, you ask?

Because the industry is a crowded one.

While this might be great when it comes to choice, it also means that there are a lot of companies out there that you’d rather not get to know. It’s hard to wade through the garbage to find the good ones, and if you’re not experienced in this business, you’re going to struggle to know the difference.

It can be near impossible to work it out for yourself, and sometimes you only find out when it’s too late.

Let’s review Social boost in particular, and see if they’re worth it.

Social Boost Review

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Social Boost is a company that offers supercharged Instagram growth to its clients, through an Instagram marketer that acts as a personal assistant. They say that they can help all of their clients market, engage, and grow their Instagram followers. 

They say that, for better or worse, they are like a personal Instagram assistant, and that they have a lot of team members on board, standing by to help you in any way they can. This is promising, but it also smells a bit fishy.

It’s pretty difficult to get lots of people that you have to pay to do manual engagement activity for your clients. There are almost no companies out there that can actually achieve, especially when they get well-known and have a lot of people wanting to with them.

What is Social Boost?

Social Boost says that they are a better way to grow your Instagram account. They ask on their website if you’re tired of using bots and fake followers, as well as coming across companies that offer false promises.

They say that they are subsequently on a mission to clean up the industry of Instagram growth and offer their clients real engagement that’s going to last the distance.

They say that their features are completely organic, and they’re 100% secure and safe to use. What’s more, they say that they’ve been able to help more than 3000 Instagram profiles succeed in finding the right audience.

One thing to be wary of here is that Social Boost seems to use a lot of numbers to try and win over their clients. As we’ve talked about above, they say that they have helped over 3000 clients, which is a pretty interesting number. We think that if it was this many, they would have more positive reviews on their website.

They’ve got a few, but they don’t have nearly enough to think that they have been able to help 3000 people so far.

How Does Social Boost Work?

Social Boost - analytics

SocialBoost works by using unique methods and features to advance the growth of their client’s Insta accounts. They say that they are careful about the features that they choose so that they can get specific with their targeting. This is a way around the bot/spam fear.

The more they are able to target the right audience for each client, the less likely they will encounter people who aren’t interested in their content. They say that through their features, their clients should see an overall increase in their engagement.

This is a pretty standard way to grow a client’s Instagram account, one that you will see being used by a lot of other companies in the industry. We do like this way of doing things, but the one thing that’s not clear here is whether this is done automatically or manually.

Of course, SocialBoost says that they do it all manually, but we find this hard to believe. If they’ve got 3000 clients they’re helping, they’re going to find it pretty hard to manage them all manually, through personal account managers.

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SocialBoost Features

Social Boost

SocialBoost appears to have two main features that they use to grow their client’s Instagram accounts. The first feature is a follow/unfollow feature that is targeted enough to find the right people for a specific niche and industry.

They say that they use this to actively engage with their client’s target audience, as well as the followers of their rivals. They host weekly reviews of their progress and adjust anything that isn’t working.

Their second main feature is called their Instagram Like Sequences. This is where they engage with similar accounts to yours, in the hopes that they choose to follow you in return.

Social Boost claim that this method, along with their follow/unfollow method, gives your Instagram profile a good chance of getting the right people following it. They also claim that this helps to increase your content engagement overall.

There’s nothing really wrong with the follow/unfollow method, except that in our opinion, it’s been overused a bit.

Again, there are a lot of companies out there that have similar services to Social Boost, and one of these features is the follow/unfollow method.

It would be nice if this was as effective as they’re making it out to be, but to be honest it’s a little obvious, and overdone.

Is Social Boost Legit? Is It a Scam?

Social Boost claims to be the number one Instagram growth agency, and they say that their team is handpicked to help their clients with everything to do with their Instagram account. They say that their team is passionate about this, and won’t stop until you’ve got the right people looking at your account.

Social Boost call their team members ‘Instagram growth specialists’, who can help manage their client’s accounts as well as come up with the right growth strategies.

They can also optimize campaigns and analyze results. Additionally, they have a customer success manager who is in direct contact with each client.

This all sounds wonderful, and of course we’re on board with the idea that they can help you manually so that you don’t have to do things yourself, but you still get the same quality engagement.

Earthweb says it’s still worth being wary at this point, though, and questioning how they can pull of features like this when they only use manual growth. At the end of the day, we think it’s fair to enter at your own risk, and take Social Boost with a grain of salt.

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Final Thoughts

Social Boost is an Instagram growth service that says it can help you with authentic, organic, and safe Instagram growth.

They say that through their features for Instagram, they can help find the right people to interact with your content, based on your specified niche and industry. They also claim to offer a team of people who are experts in the Instagram growth field.

Their growth is said to be organic, and they say that with each of their price points, they offer 24/7 customer support. You are also able to cancel each subscription anytime. You’ll find a chatbox on their homepage as an additional way to get in touch with them.

We’re not sure if this is a scam or not so be wary.

2 thoughts on “Social Boost Review – Is It Legit?”

  1. I wa promised by the consultant that I spoke with that if I paid the price, they would have me up to 800 followers within a month…she said that if this wasnt reached, I could get a refund if I wasnt satisfied. I only received 350
    . Well under what I was promised. I have been emailing the company for weeks now..they say I’m not eligible for a seems they will say whatever they can to get a sale but then dont stay true to their word. Also have been waiting for a response for more than 2 weeks now after I had to prompt another follow up email…unprofessional and just annoying really. Wouldnt recommend..

  2. is a scam and I’m trying to spread the word. They stole my money and refuse to refund it. Actually they’re denying ever getting the money I want returned; even after sending proof via screen shots of my bank statement.


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