SocialMeep Review 2024: To Avoid or Not?

SocialMeep Review: To Avoid or Not?

SocialMeep Review 2024

With all of the competition on Instagram these days, having a strong follower base is vital to the success of any company or brand. Using a growth service to build real followers is a common practice, but not all growth services are created equal. 

With a notorious reputation for shady business practices, the Instagram growth market makes it no easy task to determine the reputable services from the ones that will hurt your account. 

Today, our review will examine the self-proclaimed best source for organic Instagram followers, SocialMeep. We are all about transparency, so we’re going to take a look and see if SocialMeep can hold their own, and we’ll also give you a few alternatives if you don’t want to take the plunge.

Let’s get going. 

Who is SocialMeep? 

SocialMeep logo

SocialMeep is an Instagram growth service that promotes real, organic Instagram growth if you use their service. While this is exactly what most people are looking for, it’s increasingly hard to find. We’re sure that SocialMeep is more of the same— a bad growth service that swindles their clients.

Instagram growth services started years ago with the sale of fake followers, and once this fell through, growth services changed their spin, saying that they could provide Instagram users with real followers, and not the fake ones that were basically deemed treason by Instagram. 

All growth services used Instagram automation and bots to engage with users and bring new followers on. Instagram quickly noticed this was damaging the user experience and effectively banned automation services from running on the platform. 

Services that use automation simply can’t provide results; they have to operate so minutely that there will be virtually little to no engagement, and ultimately you’ll be losing followers. If not, your account will get flagged.

Why do you think so many of the top Instagram automation services dropped out of the game completely? 

SocialMeep says that you can “Get More Real Instagram Followers Using Organic Instagram Growth Service & Automation Tool.” They then go on to say no bots, and no fake results. 

Excuse me, come again? 

This makes absolutely zero sense. SocialMeep is trying to manipulate users into purchasing their product and they’re not even sure what they’re trying to advertise. 

The long and short of it is that SocialMeep is another bad automation service that pretends they can provide real results when they can’t. 

Busting The SocialMeep Myth

We really wanted SocialMeep to be a standup service, but they fall so short on so many levels. Not only are they claiming no bots with an AI service, but they also boast auto-targeting.

They say that they “analyze millions of users” but only engage with ones that are related to your account. 

Sorry, that’s just not possible.

The other downside to using automation is that you can provide your targets all you want, but at the end of the day, a robot cannot confirm that the account is, in fact, valuable to your profile or niche. It also can’t guarantee that the profile is real, so any claim that states otherwise is simply untrue. 

It’s fundamentally flawed to say “all automatic. All organic results.” Those two statements are contradictory in nature, and their promises of organic growth through these bots are bound to fall flat. 

Real Reviews? More Like Really Not

Now, if we take a look at the reviews that SocialMeep has on their site, there are countless floating profile blurbs that tell you when the “client” signed up, and how many followers they’ve gained since using the service. 

If we take one for example, Nicolette Mason, she’s supposedly been a follower since April 2020. They say she’s gained 17k followers since starting the service. That’s roughly 2,248 followers monthly. That’s hilarious! 

There’s no way an automated service like SocialMeep is pulling in a monthly average of over 2,200 followers. It’s simply not possible with the limitations that Instagram has on the service. And if that’s true (which it’s not), they’re either fake followers or bots that will eventually fall off. 

The best part? When you click on the blurb with Nicolette’s incredible “growth,” it doesn’t take you to a review page, nor does it take you to Nicolette’s Instagram.

It takes you right back to SocialMeep’s landing page! Not a single review blurb directs you to any substantial information; all of them go right back to the landing page. No thanks. 

SocialMeep is the New SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain Dashboard

Infamous for terrible service and lie upon lie, SocialCaptain was taken down in the last wave of Instagram automation crackdowns. If you visit their page, now all you’ll see is a blank white screen with the words, “SocialCaptain is no longer in operation.” 

SocialMeep seems to be the revamp of SocialCaptain, opened up under a new name. If that’s the case, definitely avoid. There’s a good reason why SocialCaptain had to close down, and now they’re trying again, which won’t make their service any better. 

Even more alarming, SocialMeep has completely stolen their website from an Instagram analytical program, HypeAuditor. No, really. Exactly the same. They changed the copy and everything else is 100% the same. 

That’s definitely not a good look. They don’t care about transparency or brand identity, they just want to look legit enough for you to give them your hard-earned cash. 

SocialMeep Review Verdict

So, it’s pretty clear that SocialMeep falls way far short of the bar. They aren’t upfront about what service they’re offering, they provide misleading reviews and fake information, and they copied their whole website from another page. 


Not to fear, though, there are still a few services out there that can actually help get your Instagram growth where you need it to be. 

Top SocialMeep Alternatives

1. Growthoid


There’s no question that Growthoid is completely changing the Instagram growth game, and we’re here for it. They use completely manual growth methods, which means that they do all of their interactions by hand. 

That’s just as good as if you were doing it yourself, except now you don’t have to! 

Once you sign up, Growthoid gets you started with a dedicated account manager; you give them your targeting information so they know which kinds of accounts to engage with, and they’ll take over from there. 

They work through engagements and interactions with users in your target audience to grow your following, which is the most proven method for organic Instagram growth. When you grow your real followers, you also get higher levels of engagement. 

Growthoid is incredibly transparent in all that they offer, and their support team rocks. They have no-contract plans and a money-back guarantee. We are totally on board with Growthoid. 

2. Growthsilo


Another service that is completely managed, Growthsilo will help grow your real, targeted followers through detailed targeting instructions. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re actually gaining real followers and you’ll also see a boost in your engagement. 

Once you sign up, you’ll get an account manager that will take care of your Instagram growth. We love that. 

Growthsilo has two different monthly plans so you can choose which one is best for you. There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time, and they also offer a guarantee. That’s true service. 

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