SocialViral Review 2024 – Is It Safe? Does It Work?

Social Viral Review – Safe and Working?

SocialViral Review 2024

How many times have you tried to get your Instagram page off the ground without any help? Pretty tough, huh?

There is no way around it, Instagram is a challenging social media platform in many ways. 

The top three challenges include:

  • Time-Consuming
  • Algorithm
  • Heavy Competition

It takes many hours every day to engage and get followers on Instagram. That and the time it takes to plan and create content for your niche make time a big challenge for most Instagrammers.

While Instagram’s algorithm is designed to protect Instagram users, it’s also very restrictive when you consider the engagement limits and terms of use rules. 

Instagram was once easy to use and anyone could gain a niche audience with just a little effort. However, like all social media outlets, it grew into a giant in the industry with an overload of competition across virtually every niche.

Anyone who has been using Instagram for any length of time since its beginnings will understand the struggle.

If you struggle to know what it takes to grow your Instagram, you might want to consider trying a third party.

Not all of them we would recommend, though, which is why we do reviews like this.

Let’s review SocialViral in particular, and decide whether we think they’re worth associating with or not.

SocialViral is an Instagram growth service that offers exclusive, real Instagram views, likes and followers.

They claim that their engagement is unique enough to make them stand apart from other growth companies, and they promise to take care of their client’s reputations. 

Let’s see if that’s true.

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What is SocialViral?

So, what is SocialViral, then? Well, put in layman’s terms, it’s a growth service that can help you get more Instagram engagement.

In this case, they are selling followers and forms of engagement.

With most companies that sell engagement, you never know who’s behind the curtain or where they are headquartered. 

They hide their identities, which may be for identity protection, but many times, they simply don’t want anyone to know where they are.

Not so with SocialViral. 

SocialViral is operated by Storm FZE, a PLC (Private Limited Company) out of the Creative City Creative Tower on the 19th floor in Fujairah, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

What’s so great about knowing where a company is headquartered? It’s not necessarily about where they are located, but that they are transparent about it that there is an actual address for the business.

Established in 2019, SocialViral seems to deliver consistently quality followers and engagement for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Spotify.

We are making our focus on Instagram services for this review, since it tends to be one of the most difficult of the supported networks.

One of the things that stands out to us is that they promise quick delivery, as well as good rates.

They want to be accessible to everyone and anyone, which is why they work hard to deliver high-quality features at a fraction of what they might cost elsewhere.

They also claim that their likes are genuine, which again, if true, is a great advantage to have over others out there.

Why Would You Buy Followers and Engagement

While we do not usually advocate buying Instagram followers or engagement, we do understand it may have its place for those trying to get started on Instagram.

Since Instagram is set up to rank your content based on how much engagement you’re getting, it’s unlikely that your first post is going to boost your rankings right away.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post content. Just the opposite. You need to get in there and post content on a regular basis. Every day, more than once per day, is optimal. 

Regardless of where you buy Instagram followers and engagement, you do need to be cautious about overusing such services. Taking care not to stand out on Instagram with bought engagement is the best way to protect your account from getting banned.

Most people who get banned from Instagram are either misusing the service, overusing the service, or using low-quality service and fake engagement.

Don’t be that Instagrammer, okay?

To help you avoid being the Instagrammer that misuses followers and engagement, here are some of the daily limits you need to know.

Instagram Limits

Instagram has no limits on how many posts you can upload daily, but it does have rules for limits on post engagements and following and unfollowing users.


Follow and Unfollow actions are measured equally on Instagram. You can follow/unfollow up to 150-200 times per day. It’s advised not to send more than 10 follow requests per hour.


The like interactions fall between 800 and 1,000 per day. If you’re a newbie on Instagram, experts advise that you keep it at 800 or fewer until you gain some traction on the platform to avoid getting banned. The safest like engagements should be no more than 10 likes in an hour.


You can unlike images/videos up to 100 times per hour. Where follow and unfollow are equal interactions according to Instagram, likes and unlikes are not the same.


Yes. Instagram has a daily limit for comments on posts. The limit is between 180 and 200, but the longer you’re on the platform, the more comments you are allowed. 

Direct Messages

DM marketers need to know there are technical, no fixed limits on DMs. However, it’s wise to keep them between 20 and 50 if you’re new. Otherwise, you can send 50 to 100 direct messages.


If you have used Instagram at all, you see multiple hashtags on many posts. The hashtag limit on Instagram is 30 per post, which is generous considering that other social media platforms frown upon more than two or three.

These are the primary activities one would engage in daily on Instagram, and the limits that Instagram places on them.

We hope this little break in the review will serve as a helpful guide for however you choose to engage on Instagram.

Now, let’s get back to how SocialViral works.

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How SocialViral Works

SocialViral works by dividing its services based on how much you have in your budget for social media marketing.

This means that if you need help getting more followers, you can check out their follower range, but if you need assistance getting more views or likes, they’ve got these too.

All you have to do is toggle across left or right to find out how much X number of followers, views, and likes is going to cost you.

This way, you only have to pay for what you get, and nothing else.

SocialViral Features

Social Viral - Featured

As we mentioned above, SocialViral is a pretty straight-up company that doesn’t have a lot of frills.

This means that they offer Instagram views for your videos and stories, followers for that follower count, and likes for that content.

That’s it. We appreciate how specialized they are, and think that this will take them a lot way.

Sometimes, you don’t need something complicated – you just need something that’s going to work, and work well.

SocialViral Pricing

Social Viral Pricing

Each service is put into different categories, and then you get to choose what you need. For example, if you need 50 followers today or this week, it’s going to cost you $1.49.

You can then toggle right to see how much more followers are going to be.

One thousand followers are going to cost you $13.99, and 5000 followers are going to cost you $39.99.

In general, we think that their price points are more than fair, and can help you make a real difference with your Instagram engagement.

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Pros and Cons

Let’s check out their pros and cons:

  • Secure site
  • Flexible rates
  • Multiple accounts
  • Instant delivery
  • High-quality features
  • Affordable pricing
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial

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Review Verdict

So, ultimately we think that SocialViral has a lot to offer their clients and also has their best interest in mind.

We know that SocialViral just want to provide a high-quality service for each and every one of their customers and can offer different rates based on what they need.

This means that if you have a small budget right now, you can still benefit from their successful services.

Try out SocialViral today to benefit from a unique approach to your Instagram growth that you won’t be able to find just anywhere.

Final Reminders

We write these reviews to be helpful to our readers. We always appreciate your feedback because it helps us know more about you and what you want to see in our reviews.

Furthermore, we like to recommend that everyone using any kind of outsourced engagement, including buying followers and engagement, do their own research on these companies as well as the type of engagement.

Your number one priority on Instagram is to protect your reputation, which in turn protects your account. 

Once you lose your reputation, no matter how, you will have to start over and struggle to build something new. 

Getting suspended or banned on Instagram can be a reputation killer, so do whatever you have to do to avoid that issue. For instance, don’t share prohibited content, go over the daily limits, or use fake engagement or bots. 

You can avoid these situations simply by reading Instagram’s guidelines and new lists of prohibited content, daily limits, and its ban policy. The terms of use have all this information included. 

However, if you want the information fast and in clear form, you can always perform a search for Instagram’s daily limits or Instagram’s policies. 

Yes. This research will take time, but when it comes to protecting your Instagram and maintaining your reputation and followers, it’s well worth it.

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