Stellation Media Review 2024 + Discount Code

Stellation Media

Stellation Media Review 2024

Stellation Media is a group of creative marketers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries that bring a unique and passionate approach to how they are able to help successfully grow your brand. When you work with a team like Stellation Media you get passion– not just a project completion.

Built on a foundation of innovation and teamwork, their team is driven by the success of their clients with results that connect each client with their users.

Stellation Media offers many services such as web design, advertising, email marketing, and more. In this article we are going to focus on their social media dashboard and of course their best and main feature, Mass Story Engager.

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Stellation Media Review

Stellation Media is an expansive range of different features that can help with your social media growth on multiple online mediums. From social media platforms to email and even website building, Stellation Media can do it all. Look below for our exclusive Stellation Media discount coupon.

Why Stellation Media Is The Future Of Instagram Growth; My Review.

Instagram has been making changes to its API alot recently. If you are not familiar with an API you can check out this article for further information.

Instagram got rid of its public API back in 2018. This now means that third-party apps cannot use Instagram’s API without getting permission from them first. This means that Instagram gets to choose which features it shares and which ones it does not. Of course, that means that the features are going to be limited.

When these updates occur, depending on how complex the update is, companies can shut down completely because they do not have the development team to update the backend code/algorithm in a timely manner, thus having to refund each one of their customers.

Fortunately enough, Stellation Media has some of the best developers around the world who are constantly reacting, fixing, and updating their algorithm to coincide with Instagram’s API.

Depending on the complexity of the API update, sometimes fixes can take up to 2 days, and others, 2 weeks. They always strive to make sure things get fixed in a timely manner and also run hundreds of tests to ensure the safety of their client’s accounts.

Stellation Media employs a team of developers that are continually working around the clock to ensure timely responses, efficient updating, and stable fixes to their algorithm so that it lines up with Instagram’s API as accurately as possible.

With each API update being different in terms of complexity, in some cases the fixes can take a few days to process. At other times, they can take as long as two weeks. Fortunately, Stellation Media always takes the time to make sure that things are fixed and resolved in a timely manner.

Stellation Media also conducts many different tests that work on improving and maintaining the safety of your account(s). Because Stellation Media has some of the best developers working on their services, you are guaranteed great results with the help of their social media dashboard and mass story engager.

A Review of Stellation Media’s Social Media Dashboard


Stellation Media offers their clients a very in depth social media dashboard with various features depending on the package you choose to buy. Their main selling point is their mass story engager which is the main tool on the dashboard that grows their clients account(s).

Depending on which package you invest in, you will have access to a dashboard where you have many useful features, such as being able to track your analytics, schedule upcoming posts & stories, see who has direct messaged you, auto send direct messages to new followers, edit photos, and so much more.

One of the things that you will notice about the dashboard, which you will not be able to find with any other company, is that you have complete control. Managing your Instagram account has never been easier.

A Review of Stellation Media’s Dedicated Account Managers


Before we get into the various features Stellation Media has to offer, we wanted to talk about their dedicated account managers and development team. Stellation Media has 3 dedicated account managers and with their rotating schedules, emails are answered 7 days a week, typically within 12-24 hours!

You will not find this type of customer service anywhere else in the industry. As a US based company, their team speaks and communicates fluent english and all account managers go above and beyond for their clients.

They also have a dedicated help center and a getting started guide that will answer a majority of your questions. If you do have any though, they are just an email away!

Stellation Medias social media dashboard is no joke, you know they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their dashboard. We have not come across another company with a dashboard that is this user friendly on both mobile and desktop.

If clients are having any technical difficulties with their dashboard, they also have a developer that answers emails as well which we found to be very helpful.  They are constantly improving and updating their dashboard and even surprising their clients with new features as they are developed. Now let’s get into their features.

Stellation Media Review: Features

Mass Story Engager

If you have a business or you simply just like attention, this Mass Story Engager feature will bounce back engagement faster than Stellation puts it out. Essentially, your account will be engaging with accounts via their story.

Views are outdated and pretty much the only tool competitors offer, but Stellation goes that extra step by providing great, proven results. So to break it down, Stellation allows you to target competitors within your prefered industry or interests and engage with their followers.

Your account is able to engage with sticker interactions, polls, questions, sliderpoints, and quiz answers. Real interactions in turn provides high conversion rates which is the bottom variable of Instagram growth. You will find it extremely useful and convenient.

I, for example, check my activity log and daily stats to keep up with how well my account is progressing, if changes need to be made, or if I need to switch up my targets for variety.

DM Welcomer

Before Stellation I was not a fan of automation tools. I did not like messages or photos going out that was not real time. I felt like I lost a sense of control of my own business, I was often finding mistakes in my posts, and it just was not working out for me. But after signing up with Stellation and talking to them about my doubts, they were totally transparent with what I should expect.

Their DM Welcomer feature, right from your dashboard, allows your account to send an automatic message to anyone who follows you. So as soon as they hit that follow button, bam they’ve got a new message. You are able to completely personalize the message to best fit what suits you. This feature allows you to build rapport and build a larger fanbase.

You are allowed to add up to 5 personalized messages and turn the automation feature on and off for your convenience.

Auto-Posting / Scheduler

Stellation’s Auto Posting Scheduler will become your new best friend. The amount of time it saves you is so unreal. I’ve tried other services, but I find myself having to post one post to one platform at a time. With Stellation you are able to upload an entire gallery of photos.

I have so many photos on various sites, so the fact that I am able to connect my Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox, and Urls is amazing! Stellation spoils users by allowing them to select individual or multiple accounts to post to.

I typically edit all of my photos and videos before I upload them into the scheduler, but if for some reason I need to make a change I can crop and flip my photos when necessary, this is something I really enjoy.

When I am ready to schedule my post(s) I can select a specific time, add a comment, save my repetitive captions into a clipboard, a write new captions, schedule posts in advance, and view it all on Stellation media’s calendar view.

Instagram Analytics

Your dashboard will be your virtual office. On your dashboard you are given the resources to view how well your Instagram is progressing. Obviously, the more you are investing into the mass story engager and other programs, the higher the progression rate. You will see your Instagram’s engagement has grown.

One of the greatest feelings about having a personal or business brand on Instagram is knowing and seeing that engagement has risen, but what’s even better is that Stellation provides the ability to compare specific dates.

For example, if your Instagram account has been signed up for a Stellation program, you are able to compare your engagement rate from your start date, to now or even, hypothetically speaking, two years later.

Your engagement rate consists of your likes, follows, and comments. Your evolution chart is able to filter from showcasing your daily account statistics to your 30 day stats. I personally get a kick out of knowing which post(s) of mine receives the highest engagement, and of course Stellation offers just that.

Another kick ass feature is the ‘Future Progressions’ section. I like to know, based on how I am doing now, where I can potentially be in the future. Amongst many of my goals, one of them is to always beat those projected numbers, no matter where they said I would be.

How insane! No other service out there is able to give you THIS much analytics about your brand.

Inbox DM

Stellation Media’s Inbox DM feature allows you to access and utilize your DMs right from your back office. For those of you who receive tons of DMs a day or are simply tired of responding via your phone, this feature is the one for you.

Inbox DM is the new email for Instagram that only Stellation Media can offer you. Building connections is already an extensive process within itself, but now you have multiple streams of sources to keep your communication gateways open at all times.

Image Editor

The built-in image editor is one of the best tools you could ever utilize when taking your image(s) to the next level. The individual features allow you to apply changes that best fit your needs. If your feed has a specific theme or your brand has a certain color aesthetic, you will be set with the full capabilities provided.

You have the ability to apply color grades, filters, drawings, text, and more. If you prefer certain aspect ratios for your image(s) you are able to resize, crop, apply pre-set croppings, shadows, and frames.

If you are in need of a flyer and are looking to create it yourself, the individual features allow you to flip images, incorporate a multitude of fonts to choose from, apply shadows, stickers, frames, and more.

If a mistake was made, there are options to undo and redo any changes.

Profile Editor

Stellation Media’s Profile Editor is a simple, yet powerful tool. With the Profile Editor you are able to edit your captions, your profile picture, your bio, the name associated with the account, who you are following, and who you have blocked.

This tool is a great tool to have on hand when subtle changes to your account(s) need to be made.


Review: Packages & Pricing

Out of all three packages to choose from there are many great perks, but you will ultimately have to choose the package which best fits your needs.

The $99/month Mass Story Engager Package:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Mass Story Engager
  • Basic Support
  • Engagement, Followers, & Impressions
  • Analytics & Reporting

The $149/monthInfluencer Package:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • The Top 4 Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Engagement, Followers, & Impressions
  • Analytics & Reporting

The $199 Rockstar Package:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Full Access To Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Engagement, Followers, & Impressions
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Industry leader
  • Views AND interacts with stories
  • Extremely safe
  • One of the few growth services on the market delivering results
  • Top support team
  • Top development team
  • Up to 1500 real, targeted followers per month
  • Premium pricing (use the discount coupon below!)

Stellation Media Discount Coupon / Code

And the best news? Sometimes they offer discounts and coupons, especially on longer packages. Want a Stellation Media discount coupon? Luckily we were able to secure an exclusive coupon. Here it is:

How to Use Your Stellation Media Coupon

1. Click “GET 20% OFF” button.
This will open a new tab that takes you to Stellation Media.

2. Copy the coupon code.
The coupon should be copied automatically, but if it’s not, select and copy the code that is highlighted on this page (in place of the button after clicked).

3. Enter the coupon code at checkout.
Paste your discount coupon in the appropriate box.

4. Enjoy the promo savings!
… that’s it, enjoy!

Stellation Media Review: Closing Thoughts

Based on your platform goals you’ll pick a package that best resonates with the wants and needs of your Instagram. The customer service is remarkable, your account manager will help answer all of your questions, and you will see your analytics and reporting at numbers you never thought possible.

Automate your business so that you have more free time on your hands, your feed will be consistent, and you will be known by your fans as someone who puts out quality content, regularly.

Get started with Stellation Media here.

Stellation Media
Grow your Instagram with Stellation Media

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