Instagram API Updates: Why Automation Is a Tricky Business

Instagram API Updates: Why Automation is a tricky business

If you have been using any sort of social media growth service in the past, you are probably familiar with Instagram updates, companies shutting down, API problems, etc If you’re new to this, just a heads up, the roads a little bumpy at times.

What is The Instagram API?

API is short for Application Programming Interface, and in layman’s terms, this is how apps communicate with one another. Instagram has an API that allows other apps and programs to use its interface with its business.

Why is Automation on Instagram so Difficult Now?

Instagram has been making changes to its a lot API recently.

Instagram got rid of its public API in 2018. This now means that third-party apps can’t use Instagram’s API without getting permission from them first. This means that Instagram gets to choose which features it shares and which ones it doesn’t, which, of course, means that the features are going to be limited. 

While Instagram announced this change, they actually put it in place earlier than it was supposed to be, which meant that a lot of third-party apps were left high and dry. For example, if a manager of social media had been using one of the apps to see the follower count of a rival, they were now restricted from doing so. This is just one of the many changes that occurred with their most recent update.

This also means that if you had used an Instagram followers app to grow your account or bought followers, Instagram most likely deleted these accounts from your follower count.

The New Instagram API

So, what did Instagram put in place of its public API? They’re calling it ‘graph API.’ As you may have already guessed, there are many more limitations around this API than their previous one.

Here is one of the many updates that occurred in this recent update. Businesses can track their hashtags to see their content reach, but this is limited to just 30 tracked hashtags over a week. This means that if you want to switch out one of the hashtags, you’ll need to wait until a week has elapsed.

Naturally, developers are hard at work building on this new API so that they can make the most of the features they do have access to. Once they’ve received Instagram’s permission, they can then create apps that can take advantage of these features.

Why Stellation Media?

Stellation Media

The good thing is though, Stellation Media has some of the best developers around the world who are constantly reacting, fixing and updating their algorithm to coincide with Instagram’s API.

Depending on the complexity of the API update, sometimes fixes can take up to 2 days while others 2 weeks. They always strive to make sure things get fixed in a timely manner and also run hundreds of tests to ensure the safety of their client’s accounts.

Stellation Media employs a team of developers that are continually working on responding, updating, and fixing their algorithm so that it lines up with Instagram’s API.

Because each API update is different in terms of complexity, sometimes the fixes can take a couple of days. Other times, they can take as long as two weeks. Stellation Media always makes sure that things are fixed and resolved in good time.

They also conduct many different tests that work on improving and maintaining the safety of your accounts. Because Stellation Media has some of the best developers working on this, you’re guaranteed great results.

What Is Stellation Media Doing About It?

With Stellation Media, you get access to a dashboard where you have access to many features, like being able to track your analytics, as well as schedule upcoming posts, see who has direct messaged you recently and grow your following in general with their mass story engager.

They have developers working around the clock to keep up with any API changes. Sometimes it can take a day or two to catch up, but rest assured they are always on the case.

One of the things that you’ll notice about their dashboard, which you won’t be able to find with too many other companies, is that you get complete control with it.

This means that you don’t have to get in touch with your personalized account manager to do anything. Needless to say, if you do need something from your account manager, they are available and will respond promptly to your emails.

Stellation Media is based in the U.S. and offers unique strategies that can result in excellent Instagram growth.

Stellation Media

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