TikTok Stars Show Their Struggle with Diabetes

TikTok Stars Show Their Struggle with Diabetes

Best friends Beth McDaniel and Ellen Watson recently posted a video of themselves getting ready to go out for the night, and they had no idea that they were about to go viral. The video of them getting glammed up received upwards of 500k views overnight, and it’s not because of what they were wearing or their before and after glam shots.

It’s because the students from Northern Ireland showcased their glucose scanners that each wears on the arm to help them manage their type 1 diabetes.

Instead of trying to hide the small discs as a lot of people would be inclined to do, Ellen and Beth showed them off for the world to see and even pointed to them as they danced around.

The video made them viral sensations literally overnight, and the phrase ‘Diabetic Duo’ was coined. Ellen says that it’s ‘just been crazy’ because lots of people have been tagging their own friends in the video who are also managing diabetes.

Even people that don’t suffer from diabetes were commenting on the video asking about it, which opened up the conversation.

Beth McDaniel and Ellen Watson

Ellen and Beth wear the scanners to help them keep on top of their blood sugar levels. The readings can then be scanned using their smartphone, and they can share the results with anyone who needs to know.

It’s a preferred alternative to the conventional method of pricking a finger to draw blood, which can be painful for some and even cause numbing. A lot of people choose to hide their monitors, but Ellen and Beth have chosen to be open about it.

They believe that choosing to get a message about their medical condition to the masses is essential, and they’re glad that they’ve received so much support for it.

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