Transform Your SMS Marketing With These Killer Tips

Transform Your SMS Marketing With These Killer Tips

New year, new slate, and in terms of social media growth, there is no time like the present.

If you’ve been getting okay results but want to take your social media growth to the next level, why not make this your new years’ resolution?

Instead of putting all of your time and focus into blog impressions and social media likes, let’s talk engagement.

Let’s also get into SMS, and why it’s the way of the future in terms of digital marketing.

What is SMS?

SMS is, of course, text messaging.

The text messaging market place is largely untapped, which makes it a great place to put your business in front of people. Believe it or not, texts have a 98% open rate, meaning that they’re potentially one of the best ways to market your product or service.

What’s so good about SMS Marketing?

It just used to be social media that had great management tools. Not anymore.

New companies such as Textback are popping up and leading the way with all sorts of SMS services; including analytics, autoresponders, & scheduled texts.

Let’s take a look at why SMS marketing is all you this year.

1. Network

One of the most important things to do through SMS marketing is network – and nurture the relationships that you establish. You’re not going to get long-term results if you just communicate with the people on your list every now and then, you’ve got to be consistent, and persistent without being annoying.

If you text your customers once a month or so when you remember to, they’re going to forget that they’re even subscribed, and their interest levels will be low. Keeping those relationships going is vital to keeping your customers interested, subscribed, and purchasing your product.

2. You’ll Be Matching Their Expectations

It’s normal to feel like you’re annoying your customer with SMS – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as you use a double opt-in method, you can make sure that only those that are interested in being on your list are.

This means that because SMS marketing is based on consent, you’re not only reaching customers that want to be reached, but you’re doing it in a way that’s super convenient for them. When you match their expectations, you bring them closer to a sale.

3. You Need Decent Site Traffic

If you want SMS marketing to work well for your business, you need to have a decent level of established website traffic. This is because SMS sits at the bottom of the sales funnel – it’s meant to pull your customers through to being converted with offers that they can’t refuse.

Try to make sure that your site is getting at least 20,000 visitors a month.

4. Content is Still King

No matter what anyone says, content is still king in the world of online marketing. Remember that your content shouldn’t be spammy in any way – your ultimate goal in sending a text is to start a conversation, not to pressure customers into buying something.

Share important, relevant, and interesting information that is going to inspire them to find out more – or even purchase your product.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that other strategies still have their place in business, but SMS is one of those aspects that is super underrated right now. With everyone focused on other marketing strategies, be one of the first to make it big in the SMS marketing industry.

Not only will your customers become more interested in your product, but you’ll be able to create and nurture long-term relationships.

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