TubeAssist Pro Review 2024 – Is It Still Working?

TubeAssist Pro Review 2024

A few people have recently asked for my thoughts on TubeAssist Pro – so here’s my review of the software.

Bots are prolific nowadays and are a great way to automate ongoing functions like following, commenting and posting on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

But what about YouTube?

Yes – there are bots for YouTube as well – it’s a different ball game, but the premise of how it serves your account is similar.

A YouTube bot helps to increase the views on your videos by acting in place of you. It can reply to comments on your views, and search for similar videos to your channel and like them.

This, in turn, helps people to come full circle back to your channel and increase your views and subscribers.

Automation is a time-saving strategy that works well with YouTube – anyone with a YouTube channel knows how much time and effort it takes to make, edit and upload videos, primarily if your channel is set up to publish two or three a week, or even daily.

Let’s check out one of the bots available – there can be many to choose from, so its good to know which are the ones to go for.

What is TubeAssist Pro?

TubeAssist Pro is a YouTube bot, that does it’s best to operate well within the confines of YouTube’s terms and conditions around automated engagement, so it is fairly safe to use and doesn’t run the risk of growing your channel too fast.

The key to a successful automated growth is ensuring that it’s still slow enough to seem natural.

While it has been a contentious topic on the Internet recently about using automated bots to increase your following and popularity online, this bot, while automated, doesn’t overdo it as some others might..


Tube Assist Pro has many of the necessary services that most other YouTube bots have, the most basic being the option to like or unlike other people’s videos. These functions extend into the share and comment feature.

This enables you to automate sharing and commenting on other people’s videos, making it more likely that they’ll take notice of you and in turn visit your channel.

TubeAssist Pro also can reply to comments on your videos which is probably one of the most time-saving functions, depending on how many comments you receive on a given video.

Engaging actively with your subscribers is one of the keys to maintaining a successful YouTube channel.

Other features include the ability to private message subscribers automatically, as well as visiting their channels and subscribing to them in return.

If you are activated enough to beat them to it and subscribe to their channel first, they will much more likely want to check out your channel and want to revisit in the future.

One of the best aspects to Tube Assist Pro is its ability to systematically search for other videos and playlists, and play videos multiple times.

These functions increase your chances of getting more views on your videos – the more you’re interacting with similar YouTube channels, the more people are noticing your name and branding and are likely to want to view your content as well.

However, it is worth noting that this kind of automated software can very easily be abused – when you’re scheduling automated liking, searching, viewing and commenting, you quickly run the risk of overdoing it and making it evident that you are artificially interacting with your subscribers and fellow YouTubers.

This can look spammy and will decrease your chances of maintaining popularity amongst the YouTube community.

It’s all about balance and remembering that not everything needs to be automated to be successful.


There are three primary options when choosing TubeAssist Pro, so it all depends on how new you are to the YouTube community and what your outsourcing budget is for automated interaction to boost your subscribers.

The one account version is the most basic and recommended to anybody who is just starting out because it can take a little bit to get used to the software, so its best to learn all about how it works before you apply it to multiple channels.

This version comes at three different price points, $69, $99, or $139 and they are all one-time fees. The most expensive at $139 is called the “Ultimate Version” which includes all the essential functions you would want to automate your channel.


If you’re operating more than one account, it would be best to go for the five accounts version at three different price points of $99, $129 and $189 again all one time fees.

The third option is the unlimited accounts version, starting at $169, then $199 and finally $299, all one-time fees. There are multiple payment options with the unlimited accounts version – you can choose to pay per year (it’s a different price), per month or even $7 for three days to see how you like it, then $129 a year for the most basic option and so on.

TubeAssist Pro vs Tube Adder Comparison

Let’s quickly take a look and see how TubeAssist Pro compares with another favourite YouTube bot, Tube Adder (See my Tube Adder review).

Tube Adder offers all the same computerised functions that TubeAssist Pro does, except with a couple of added advantages.


Unlike TubeAssist Pro, Tube Adder is a bit more sophisticated at fluctuating its automated speed so that it remains within the confines of YouTube’s rules and regulations. Tube Adder also offers a three-day free trial so that you can play around with it for a little bit and see if you like it.

Tube Adder doesn’t have a monthly subscription option which means that you only pay a one-time fee, whichever level of subscription you choose.

Tube Adder’s prices seem to be a little more affordable as well – they are all one-time fees.

The difference in prices between TubeAssistPro and Tube Adder is that Tube Adder charges per service, instead of bundling all its essential services into one package.

You might not end up using all of the basic functions that the bot provides, so by paying per service; you end up guaranteed to get what you pay for.

If you do feel confident that you’ll use all of the services they provide, they do have the option of paying for a combo deal, which at a one-off payment of $64.95 is still a lot cheaper than any of the possibilities that TubeAssist Pro has on offer.


In conclusion, I rate TubeAssist Pro a 4/5 whilst I give Tube Adder a 5/5 – so TubeAssist Pro comes in at a close second.

It has many advantages and is still a relatively safe automated system to be used with YouTube.

While it doesn’t fluctuate its speed to keep you safe from spamming, it does work on a moderate level without running the risk of overdoing it.

The most significant difference that makes it second only to Tube Adder is its pricing – it could be seen as a little overpriced, but if it’s still within your budget and you’re prepared for that, then it’s a great automated service.

It comes with all the functions that you could want to use to promote your YouTube channel.

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