Ways to Increase Church Tithing

Ways to Increase Church Tithing

One of the most important aspects of a church is tithing. Many churches have struggled to increase their offerings in recent years and are looking for new ways to improve their church attendance and revenue.

The following post discusses some creative, innovative ideas that will help your church create a more lively congregation and generate more funds.

What Is A Tithing?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, tithing is defined as a tenth part or proportion of one’s income given regularly for religious purposes. This can be both monetarily and in time spent volunteering at church events.

Tithes are traditionally given to the church building but can also be used by the pastor or minister in a more public ministry.

Ideas On How To Increase Your Church Tithing

Church Tithing

Churches are increasing their tithing rates by having increased interaction with younger members who most likely do not have enough money to donate. One creative idea would be to offer lower-tier rewards for those with smaller budgets, including free coffee on certain days or early access tickets to fundraisers.

Another great strategy might be creating an event where children could spend time playing games while parents fill out donation paperworks nearby, so they don’t feel pressured about joining.

Increasing Tithing Rates with Technology

Another way churches are addressing the issue of low tithing rates is by using technology. One idea would be to have a text campaign where people sign up and donate via texting their name, address, phone number, and the amount they want to give every month.

Software solutions like Aplos allow nonprofits to optimize technology to raise funds, donations, and tithings for their congregation.

This will help keep church members fresh in mind when it’s time for them to start donating again. It can make it easier for them than writing out checks or going through an app on their phones.

Finally, another great option might be having parishioners make donations online instead of at Sunday services. This can take away from other aspects that go into running these events like preparation or clean-up afterward. 

How Can Your Church Increase Tithing?

Church Tithing

While the global crisis continues to affect our lives, nonprofit organizations like churches are looking for accessible alternatives to help their donors, sponsors, and members to donate or give in the most convenient way.

Here are some proven ways to help your congregation increase their tithings and funds:

Community Outreach

Create a community outreach page to share your happenings, requests for volunteers, and donations. This will help bring in new members and allow the current congregation to learn more about what is going on within their church.

Weekly/Monthly Tithing Challenge

Start or participate in a weekly (monthly) tithe challenge by posting it on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. This can encourage others who are looking for ways of giving back through tithing to be part of this particular group with clear guidelines. 

It’s also helpful because people may not know how much they should be donating without guidance from pastors and religious leaders. This could lead them towards feeling guilty if they cannot afford anything at all despite being called “a faithful follower/citizen of the church.”

Start a Digital Tithing Campaign

Church Tithing

Start an online tithe challenge where people can sign up to donate a set amount of money each week and then watch as their donations grow over time. This is helpful for those who want to be more involved in tithing but may not have any extra income or financial stability on hand at this moment in their lives.

It will also give them something exciting to look forward to every week when they log into that account, potentially bringing about some positive feelings related to giving back through tithing without the pressure of having a certain fixed donation amount due each Sunday morning before worship services start.

A Free Space On Your Church

Church Tithing

Offer space within your church building so that it can serve as a waypoint for other religious groups looking for a new place to meet. This is especially important in urban areas that are seeing rapid changes due to gentrification and redevelopment.

Many long standing religious organizations are being pushed out from their long-standing spaces within proximity to congregants or parishioners who have lived there for generations.

Furthermore, you can also improve tithings, donations, and offerings by:

  • Hosting a fundraising event for your church
  • Search for significant gifts wisely
  • Create a user-friendly donation page, preferably mobile-friendly
  • Provide a text to donate or tithe options

Final Words

Tithing is still a voluntary act from a congregant to the church, with individual motivations and expectations. Tithing can be seen as an act of faith or simply a matter of generosity for those who want to give back.

For all these reasons, churches have been trying different strategies on how they can increase tithings. One may find success in many ways: by hosting fundraisers, searching for significant donations wisely, creating user-friendly sites where people could donate more quickly through their phones, and providing text-to-tithe options.

The key is finding what works best for your congregation so that you’re able to see great results! Church members will also feel more fulfilled knowing that they’re helping the church and having a part in what they believe.

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