Young Boy Hospitalized After ‘Skull-Breaker’ Challenge

Young Boy Hospitalized After ‘Skull-Breaker’ Challenge

A 13-year-old boy has been hospitalized with a concussion after his friends performed a viral challenge on him that has been circulating the popular social media sharing app, TikTok. Stacy and Marc Shenker, the boy’s parents, say that their son experienced seizures after his friends subjected to the popular and dangerous challenge.

The challenge requires two people to stand either side of the victim. The victim is then led to believe that they are going to teach them a dance.

When the victim jumps, the two people on either side of him kick his legs out from under them, which causes them to fall back and land on their back, or their head. The boy’s parents said that he was lying there unresponsive, and an ambulance had to be called.

The challenge allegedly began at a school in Venezuela. If you hit your head when you fall, there is the chance that you can fracture your skull, or even die as a result.

While the trend seems to have given way to other viral challenges on TikTok right now, there are still some that seem determined to do it. The good news is, though, that a lot of TikTok videos using the hashtag #skullbreakerchallenge on the popular app are warning people against doing it.

One user, Chane, said in her video that people don’t realize how serious doing something like that actually is. There are also many people who work in emergency services who are using the opportunity to inform and spread awareness on why a challenge like this can potentially be so dangerous.

The superintendent of Cherry Hill Public Schools, Joseph Meloche, wrote a letter to parents where he warned them not to let their children try challenges like this when they see them on platforms like TikTok.

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