5 tips for creating visually pleasing email marketing

When businesses create email marketing campaigns they tend to spend a lot of time coming up with copy that will grab the interest of potential clients. Equally importantly, however, is the question of whether the copy is visually compelling. This post will look at the aesthetics of email marketing.

Coming up with a visually compelling email for marketing isn’t just about knowing what looks nice. It’s also about knowing a little bit about some technical details and about how your email is likely to be displayed when clients view it. Below, I’ve presented five simple tips to help businesses create visually pleasing marketing emails.

Tip 1. Choose a suitable alt text for images
By default, many email clients do not display images in emails. Instead, the recipient has to click a button to allow the images to be displayed. Many of those who receive your marketing email will not bother to do so. This means that instead of an image, many people will just see a box containing the alt text for that image. Make sure this alt text is descriptive and that it communicates the same message that was contained in the image.

Tip 2. Avoid annoying writing
Hopefully in the modern world of email marketing people already know this but in your emails you should avoid using writing in all caps or constantly using bold font. It’s harder to read writing written this way and so readers will be discouraged from considering the message you’re trying to convey.

Tip 3. Send in multipart format
If you’re sending an email in HTML format make sure to send a text version as well by sending it in multipart format. This means that anyone viewing the image in plain text won’t have to put up with HTML tags making the email hard to read.

Tip 4. Think about colours and fonts
Its easy to not think about fonts when you write your emails but a good font can really change the feel of your email. Spend some time thinking about the fonts and colours you use in your email (and make sure the ones you choose fit in with your branding).

Tip 5. Test your email on different email clients and hardware
Your email will end up looking different in different email clients and will look even more dramatically different when you compare how it looks on different hardware. For example, it can be a challenge to develop an email that looks good on a computer and on a mobile phone. Testing will make this process easier.

What techniques do you use to create visually compelling marketing emails?

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  1. As a content writer who’s been studying copy writing, I’m learning more and more about different writing styles and “voices” to use, depending on the context. It’s interesting because there really isn’t a “one size fits all” format for advice. What works in a press release may sound too stiff for a blog article. What are your thoughts on using second-person language (e.g. “you/you’re”) in email marketing?


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