Four Cool Email Marketing Features From Top Providers

If you’ve been running your email marketing for a while, you’d know it’s easy to get caught in a rut and keep pumping out the same campaigns over and over..

Have you been sending out the same old boring email marketing campaigns for years? Have you noticed a bit of a drop off in open rates, and an increase in unsubscribes? It’s time to shake things up a bit. In this article we look at four cool features being offered by top email providers. The intention is to give you a glimpse of what services are out there and hopefully inspire you to get some creative spark back into your email marketing campaign.

SocialPro from Mailchimp

In a nutshell, SocialPro allows you to learn more about your subscribers by utilizing publicly available social data. Used effectively, this will allow you to create more relevant and interesting content for your readers. The cool thing about this feature is that it allows you to identify your most influential and loyal customers and send targeted campaigns directly to them with one click. You can also segment subscribers based on the social networks they participate on and send campaigns to them specifically.

Email reporting from Vertical Response

An essential email marketing feature for anyone who takes their campaign seriously is strong email tracking and reporting functionality. The team over at Vertical Response understand this and have developed a great solution for keeping track of your email campaigns. Their campaign dashboard and detailed reports deliver all the stats you’d expect like click-through rates, unsubscribes and bounces. What makes it a particularly good solution though is the addition of advanced functionality such as the ability to track website visits and sales back to those who opened your emails, pretty cool huh?

Autoresponder from Aweber

When new subscribers join your list, their level of knowledge about your company will be much lower than that of existing subscribers. Hence it’s important to bring them up to speed, and an effective and efficient way of doing this is via a set of autoresponder emails. Aweber provide a particularly solid autoresponder service with handy features such as email personalization, a range of customizable templates, scheduled sending, and a very strong analytics for monitoring the success of your campaign.

Manage campaigns from your iPhone with ConstantContact

Find yourself struggling to find time to sit down in the office and manage your email campaigns? ConstantContact hear you, and have developed the perfect solution in their QuickView iPhone app. The app offers full functionality for managing campaigns while you’re on the go, including the ability to create and edit campaigns and monitor campaign performance. A particularly cool feature of the app is the ability to add contacts while you’re out networking, which are automatically synced to the database.

So there’s a glimpse at some of the email features available to you, hopefully they’ve given you some good ideas for improving how you run your campaigns. Keep in mind these are only the tip of the iceberg, there’s much more out there so go out and do some research!

What cool email marketing features have you discovered recently?

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