6 Instagram Bio Ideas To Attract Your Ideal Followers in 2024

6 Instagram Bio Ideas To Attract Your Ideal Followers

A picture can paint a thousand words, right?

So if your Instagram feed is already awesome, then there’s no real need to have any information in your Instagram bio? We wish it was that easy, but sometimes just having your name isn’t enough.

The end goal of an awesome Instagram bio is to increase your follower numbers and attract more of an audience to your business or feed in general, so how can you wow people in 150 characters or less?

What Is The Point Of An Instagram Bio?

Researchers believe that it takes people less than two-tenths of a second to form an impression of your feed. If you use your account for business or are aspiring to become an influencer, it is vital that your Instagram bio helps you stand out.

Your Instagram bio is your marketing tool, it can be used to tell your audience your mission, where you are based, and what differentiates you from other businesses. We’re here to help, we know it’s tough trying to condense this into 150 characters or less, follow our steps and we’ll help you step up your bio game!

More is Better 

You have 150 characters to capture the imagination of your audience enough so that they click follow, but 150 characters seems like a lot when you are not sure what to say!

You can now put links in your Instagram bio which helps fill the space, but what do you do if you have more than one website or other social media platforms you want to direct your audience to? There are interfaces out there that allow you to add all your content to one page and create one URL that you can put in your Instagram bio.

This means that your audience can access all of your content through one URL, simple isn’t it! Now not only does your Instagram bio look instantly more filled out, you’ve also got a variety of content people can engage with.

You can also add a handle to your Instagram bio, this could be for affiliate business, another influencers feed or another Instagram profile that you have! People who want to engage with you will be more inclined to click through to other profiles you have!

Tell Your Audience Who You Are

Make sure that your organization or name is in the name field on the Instagram. This is different to the username field, the username is the handle people can search you by, but the name field will show your name on the bio.

Users will search you by this and having it on your bio will show consistency!

So, you’ve put your name in the bio, what next? You’ll see a lot of people and companies with nothing but their name in there, but this isn’t enough. You wouldn’t meet someone in person ask their name and then leave?

This is what a blank bio gives off, it’s an abrupt end to a conversation that was only just beginning, so now it’s time to get thinking, what do you want to say?

Write For the Kind Of People You Want to Engage With

If you are wanting to become an influencer who loves fashion, tell people that in your Bio! Let the know your loves and interests but keep it real and genuine. People want to know the real you, there is no point in being dishonest, if you don’t like working out and don’t fill your feed with content about it, don’t say it! Be honest and open.

Consider your demographics, your targets and your overall goal, if you are business make sure you appeal to your consumers, if you’re promoting a sustainable product, let your audience know that these are values that you believe in! Your bio is like a presentation, write as if you are talking directly to one person.

Add in small personal details, dream of island living? Put it in, you might engage with people who are already doing it or share the same dream. Love traveling?

Put it in, the more you can say about yourself the more open, honest and likeable you will seem to your audience and then that will translate into more Instagram followers.

Create A Story with Your Bio

So we’ve got your name on the lock, you’ve input your links to your other content and you’ve told your audience and consumer base what makes you tick, what next?

Now we tell the audience what they can expect from following you. If your business is in the pet food industry, tell the audience that your content will be focused around super satisfied cute fluffy pets, or if you’re an influencer, what your focus will be, fashion, food, workouts or travel.

The more you tell your potential audience about your visions and mission the more information the audience has to make an informed decision about whether they want to engage with you. Telling a story helps break downs information and is easier to remember and fundamentally relate to!

Utilize the Highlight Reel!

One of the newer features of the Instagram update is the ability to save stories to highlights, utilize them to showcase what you’ve got!

Create different categories of highlights and add your favorite stories to them. You can break down the categories into new products, promo ideas, locations, shops, how your products are made, and the day-to-day workings of our business.

Likewise, if you are an influencer, you can categorize your highlights into what you told your audience you enjoy, maybe food, travel, and fashion. The more content you can put into your feed, the more your audience will feel like they are getting to know you!

Use Fonts and Spacing

Give your Instagram bio the extra personal touch by changing the font on your bio. There are loads of different options from traditional fonts to complex options.

Don’t overload the design element of this, you run the risk of scaring people off! One thing you can do is embolden your mission and values in one font and input your interests in a different yet pretty font. You don’t need to keep the font the same throughout the bio, but don’t make the changes between every single line.

Overloading formatting can make your bio difficult to read and may put people off. You can also add emojis if they fit with the story you are trying to tell! Make the bio interesting and keep considering the bios you like to read and engage with.

Final Thoughts

An empty Instagram bio is a wasted opportunity to engage with your target market and audience, but make sure you consider what you want to say as mixed messages or incorrect information can turn people off from your feed.

Think about bulking your bio out by adding links and other handles that link to further content. Using an online interface that allows you to upload links and use one URL to direct audiences to all your content is another way to keep people engaged, keeping people within your content will potentially increase revenue.

Be real with your target audience and consumers, make sure that you aren’t spreading misinformation, be true to your values and what you want to promote, that way it’ll be easier to write for the people you want to engage with and create the narrative to match.

Your Instagram bio is your marketing pitch to a global audience, whilst you only have 150 characters you can really sell yourself and your content in this space. Make the most of the space you have and remember that people like real people!

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