Best Instagram Marketing Courses, Certifications & eBooks

Best Instagram Courses & eBooks (2018): The ultimate marketing guides

Are you searching for an Instagram course so you can become a pro?

This list of the best Instagram marketing courses (both paid & free) will help you not only get started, but will also help you become an expert if you decide that’s what you want.

Best Instagram Marketing Courses, Certifications & eBooks 

I have included training courses and certification classes that are ideal for beginners, intermediate users, and experts alike. There’s even a source for free courses.

At the time of publishing, over 30,000 professionals have used these courses to boost their knowledge and ability to succeed with Instagram growth and engagement.

Instagram Authority by Alex Tooby

Instagram Authority Certificate by Alex Tooby

Instagram Authority is the kind of Instagram marketing course that can not only get you started but can make sure that you’re set up for longevity.

It’s easy to get excited about Instagram marketing at the beginning, but if you don’t get taught the important business skills it takes to get into the industry and stay in it, you’re not going to last the distance. Instagram Authority puts a huge amount of emphasis on the foundation that you build your skills on, which is setting you up for success from the very beginning.

From helping you learn how to write an attractive, effective bio, to figuring out which hashtags are best for your niche, and creating a cohesive theme that fits well together, there’s nothing that Instagram Authority can’t help you with in terms of your business growth. They want you to win at gaining targeted followers, and their easy to learn course can make this happen.

Customer Review: “I knew that when I first started out in the Instagram business arena, I needed to give myself the best chance from the very beginning. I didn’t want to jump into an Instagram marketing course and not know what I was doing, and I didn’t want to skip important foundational steps that were going to keep my online business strong. Instagram Authority doesn’t rush ahead or skip any steps – their methodical, careful approach to my Instagram business growth makes me confident that they want my success to last for a long time.”

Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Followers


Every Instagram user wants followers.

Businesses usually need relevant followers more than individuals, but everyone still desires that exposure.

To date, this is the bestselling Instagram course online. More than 37,000 students are enrolled and over 6,000 have given it rave reviews and high ratings.

If your goal is to gain super targeted Instagram followers that convert into paying clients while you broaden your brand on this platform, this course is highly recommended.

How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months!


Rob Level is the trainer for this certified course.

He is a social media expert and an entrepreneur that understands what it takes to get exposure on Instagram. His business is Dark Glow Media LLC and through this, he has helped people to attract thousands of followers.

You will learn how to gain hundreds of Instagram followers every single day by using the secrets of influencers and celebrities.

More specifically, he promises that you will find out how to get up to 5 times the comments, 3 times the likes, and 4 times the views on every single post.

Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer


If you’re looking to monetize and grow your Instagram profile, this course offers a step-by-step method that will help you make money through your Instagram account.

Marina Arantes and Antonio Araujo are the Instagram influencers that created this course and are both entrepreneurs.

These two influencers have trained over 15,000 professionals, which has helped them get high ratings for their courses.

You will learn how to become popular on Instagram as an influencer and how to address sponsors and partners that will pay you to promote their products and services.

Instagram Marketing in 2018: Ultimate 30 Days Action Plan


In 1.5 hours, this course created by Ustin Kompaniets promises to teach you to master the art of Instagram marketing.

You will learn strategies that help you grow your business by growing your Instagram followers into the thousands. Learn to leverage your account and add to your influence using Instagram ads.

The elements of this course will show you how to convert your followers into paying customers by generating high-quality content and implementing dynamic strategies for marketing campaigns.

Ustin is a filmmaker, social media expert, and professional photographer with more than 10 years of experience.

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass 2018


Social media innovator and entrepreneur, Diego Davila created this course to help people and business owners make more money.

He will show you how to master the power of social media, including Instagram marketing – to build relationships, a community, your brand, and boost your sales.

You will also learn how to effectively reach out to new customers.

Diego has taught over 111,000 people how to do all this, which has earned him thousands of rave reviews for his courses.

In just 8 hours, he teaches you how to create a master strategic plan and generate multiple business opportunities right from your Instagram account.

Thrivesocial: The Instagram Marketing Handbook (No Longer Available)

Thrivesocial is the best marketing handbook/ebook that I have found so far. This ebook shares a lot of knowledge and secrets of how to achieve optimal Instagram growth.

Inside the eBook:

  • Engagement tips and tricks that will attract followers and have them telling everyone about you.
  • Profit & earn using monetisation strategies that Instagram professionals use to earn revenue from their accounts.
  • Improve growth with thousands of genuine followers and gain clients in the process.
  • Learn to hashtag properly and boost your engagement levels and visibility.
  • Quality content is the key to building interest and getting engagement and it is what gets followers that convert into customers.
  • Become a success story – just like the Instafamous people you see & read about.

Insta Pro Academy

Insta Pro Academy Certification

Insta Pro Academy is the premier online Instagram marketing certification – it is everything you need to learn how to grow your Instagram account successfully, without having to resort to buying one.

They use their expertise to be able to help you work out how to grow your brand quickly and attract the right kind of people to your content.

They make sure that your Instagram business strategy is optimized for success, based on your industry and niche. This step by step system means that you can figure out exactly how to launch your business on the gram, from zero to 100.

What’s more, they even give their clients up to 5 of the highest converting sales funnels that have already been optimized for Instagram traffic, as well as some other bonuses that are going to help you start making money ASAP.

The best part? It’s all digital, which means that you can get started straight away. Their 8 step process is going to get you building a successful Instagram client based in no time.

Customer Review: “I can’t tell you how much I loved this course and how much it taught me about growing my Instagram account successfully. Before I invested in it, I had next to no idea about anything when it came to putting my brand on Instagram. This didn’t matter, though – because this 8 step course made sure to cover everything, so I didn’t get left behind. If you’re someone who knows as little as I did at the beginning about growing your Instagram business, I highly recommend checking out Insta Pro Academy.”

SkillShare (FREE)


SkillShare is one of those websites that just seems to have it all. From helping you go viral on Instagram to helping you realize your dreams as an Instagram influencer, they have a wealth of information that’s going to get you far.

From figuring out how to shoot, edit, and share your content in the best way to becoming a successful social media entrepreneur, there are many different types of resources that you can check out.

While a lot of information out there is free to use, the only downside we can see with SkillShare is that their free resources are quite limiting. This means that you’re probably going to end up paying for an Instagram marketing course at the end of it all, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve got the budget for it, we recommend making the most of the impressive volume of knowledge you can find on SkillShare. 

Customer Review: “I think I like SkillShare because of the way that it is set up. Instead of SkillShare telling me what it thinks I need to hear about growing my Instagram business, it simply holds a vast database of resources and information that relates to this topic. This means that I can take the time to figure out what resonates with me the most, and what is going to really help me get my Instagram profile off the ground. It’s great because it caters to a wide variety of people who are going to all be in different stages when it comes to their Instagram knowledge and success. If you’re looking for a wide variety of different options to choose from, I highly recommend checking out SkillShare.”

Final Thoughts

The eBook and these 5 courses will help you turn Instagram into the ultimate marketing machine, so you can earn some extra income this year and, in the years to come.

This kind of expertise is invaluable for you, your brand, and business.

With any of these courses, you will gain invaluable insights for your Instagram marketing strategies and ad campaigns. Additionally, you will learn how to boost your fans and followers to build relationships that convert into paying customers that results in higher revenue.

Whether you are a business owner, an individual desirous of becoming a successful influencer, or a professional in social media marketing, there is something for everyone to learn in these courses.

Other Ways to Grow Your Account

These courses are just a part of the puzzle to grow your brand.

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