Ecommerce Instagram Ads: 5 Tips That Will Generate More Sales

Ecommerce Instagram Ads: 5 Tips That Will Generate More Sales

Most organizations and brands have transferred their business to online platforms. Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms that is popularly used to drive campaigns and sales. With the introduction of features such as the Instagram shopping feature has enabled the advertisement and purchase of products through the platform.

However, to optimize the platform for ecommerce, the tips listed below will come in handy.

1. Use High-Quality Professional Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform. Thus, to successfully appeal to your followers, your ads should stand out among the millions of images available on Instagram. Your picture should capture the attention of your viewers. If you do not use high-quality images, your viewers might scroll down without even noticing your ad.

Aside from using high-quality images, your posts should be relevant to your product or brand. More so, you should strive to disguise your ad as a regular Instagram post. If you blatantly present your post, it may be a turn off to your potential client. Thus, avoid catalogue-like post and or instead, use pictures and videos that appeal to users in a friendly and warm manner.

2. Combine Your Posts with Captivating Captions

Although Instagram is a visual-based platform, you might be required to accompany some posts with captions. High-Quality and professional images are meaningless if they are not understood by viewers.  This means that you may be required to add captions to explain the link between your visual post and your product or brand.

In addition, you may occasionally include a call-to-action in your posts. An Instagram call-to-action direct your viewers to take action on the visual ad posted. More so, you can always include a clickable link to your external business website.

3. Include Influencer in your Instagram Ad Campaign

Influencer marketing is a prominent Instagram marketing strategy. You need to conduct research on the multiple micro-influencers operating within your sector. These Instagram sensations will help you reach out to the smaller audiences. If you collaborate with influencers for your Instagram Ecommerce ads, you will reach out to a specific market niche that would otherwise be difficult.

Aside from helping you penetrate your target market, influencers will present your advert in a more appealing manner. Influencers are trusted more by their followers and your ad will be received more positively as compared to when you directly make contact with these influencers.

4. Use Optimized Hashtag to Reach Out to a Greater Audience

Hashtags can help you widen the audience for your ad. You need to use hashtags that are specific to your industry for your ads to be seen by your target audience. Hashtag analytic software will ensure that more people, including those who do not follow you, see your ad posts. They will also help your content get discovered across multiple social media platforms. When your Instagram ad is shared on another platform, such as Facebook, the hashtag will also be published there.

5. Employ Tools for Selling with Instagram

To ensure that your adverts can translate to sales, it is essential to use the available selling tools on Instagram. You can also employ hashtag selling. One such tool is the Inselly. With a tool such as Inselly, you can mark your product as a buyable item so that viewers can find and buy these items using the Instagram platform.

Alternatively, you can create a clickable storefront. The software lets you connect multiple products with a single image. With the link in your bio, a potential buyer can visit a store and purchase a product using the “buy now” button. This will make shopping easier.


Ecommerce Instagram ads are the way forward to generating sales. If used appropriately, you can easily convert your Instagram followers into customers. However, for you to successfully make sales from Instagram ads, you need to employ various tips, including the use of high-quality visuals in conjunction with a clear and understandable caption.

Also, you should broaden your reach out through the use of hashtags and influencers. There are also tools to help you convert your adverts into sales.

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