35 Hottest TikTokers to Follow Right Now in 2024

35 Hottest Girls on TikTok to Follow Right Now

You already know that TikTok is one of the hottest platforms on the internet right now, so it makes sense to want to scope out the hottest TikTokers on there too.

With so many TikTok users these days, there’s bound to be a few that stand out for their looks – and they have garnered quite a following as a result.

The Hottest TikTok Girls/Hottest TikTokers

If you’re looking for the hottest TikTok girls that have amassed a lot of followers, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s check them out.

Loren Gray Beech


obsessed with the new @revlon colorstay matte lite crayons ♡ so light & comfortable to wear #playitup #colorstay #revlonxloren

♬ just like magic – Ariana Grande

(Tiktok username: @lorengray)

Loren Beech’s TikTok handle is ‘lorengray,’ and she’s an all-American girl who has both personality and a winning singing voice. Born in Pennsylvania in 2002, she is easily one of the most beautiful girls currently on TikTok. Hot.

She has a follower count of more than 33.1 million, she easily wins the race when it comes to the most followed girl on there. Not only does she have a wonderful singing voice, but she’s also pretty, too. She’s even launched a single, and now has five singles to her name.

Danielle Cohn


Like you still gotta ask me in a cute way

♬ Abow – lei

(Tiktok username: @daniellecohn)

Danielle Cohn’s TikTok handle is ‘daniellecohn,’ and she makes the top six list for being both beautiful and talented. She may only be 16, but she’s wasted no time in attracting a huge following, and with 12.9 million followers, it’s safe to say that she’s one of the most popular girls on TikTok right now. She has worked as a cheerleader and a model and has over one billion likes on her TikTok content.

Nikaila A.


A majority of my followers are black so don’t y’all forget it || #blackwomen #fyp #foryou #shadowbanned

♬ original sound – VIDEO EDITOR

(Tiktok username: @nikkiloves)

Nikaila A. is one of the hottest girls on TikTok right now. With hundreds of thousands of followers, and a whole load of views on her content, you can see why she’s so popular right now.

She makes awesome, interesting content from viral challengings, to behind the scenes videos about her day to day life. If you want to check out more of what Nikaila A. does, visit her TikTok account. With over 80,000 followers and 1.5 million likes, we have a feeling that this rising star is only going to get more popular as the year goes on.

Kristen Hancher

(Tiktok username: @khancherz)

Kristen Hancher’s TikTok username is ‘kristenhancher,’ and she is not only a sexy TikTok influencer, but she is from Canada – and slightly older than some of the girls on our list.

She has over 23 million TikTok followers and is easily in the top six prettiest girls on TikTok. Just in case this wasn’t enough, she’s also got a pretty sizeable following on YouTube and Instagram as well, making her a triple threat.

Baby Ariel

Tiktok username: @babayariel)

Baby Ariel’s username on TikTok is ‘babayariel,’ and so far, she’s been a fan favorite for her sexy looks and beautiful personality.

Ariel is an all-American social media figure, and she hails from Florida. She has been pretty busy these past few years, having been featured in Time magazine and Forbes as one of the most influential people on the internet. She has been nominated for numerous awards apart from these, and currently has over 29 million TikTok followers.

Anna Zak


Guess where it is ☀️🐢 @roeesendler #fyp

♬ original sound – Chips

(Tiktok username: @anna.zak)

Anna Zak’s TikTok handle is ‘anna.zak,’ and this pretty model, singer and internet personality, comes from Russia.

She is considered one of the most influential Israeli girls on the internet and has amassed a big following on Instagram as well. Her follower count on TikTok is over 4 million, and 1 million on Instagram.

Amal Rsoh

(Tiktok username: @amalrsho20)

Amal Rsoh’s TikTok handle is ‘amalrsho20’, and as you may have guessed, this beautiful TikTok influencer is 20-something years old. Born in Turkey, Rosh has been modeling for top fashion brands and appearing in many different videos for a while now.

Not only is she a pretty model, but she can also sing and is even considered to be a comedian, too. She has 1 million followers currently on TikTok.

Sarah Magusara


The first slow mo was alright, the 2nd one tho 🥲

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 댄서소나 – 댄서소나

(Tiktok username: @sarahmagusara)

Sarah Magusara is not only a sexy TikTok influencer, but she’s also pretty good at dancing, too. In fact, this is what made her popular in the first place, and she has even had dance-offs with other beautiful TikTok users, like Sophia Diamond. While she may be beautiful, she’s also showing off her dance skills in many of her videos, which is why her TikTok followers love her so much. She’s easily one of the hottest girls on TikTok right now.

Sophia Diamond

Tiktok username: @sophia.ilysm)

Speaking of Sophia Diamond, she’s the next prettiest girl on our list. While she may not be able to dance quite as Sarah can, she’s still managed to amass a pretty good following on the world’s favorite social media sharing app with her sexy smile and quick dance moves.

She manages to sync her movements up perfectly with the song she’s dancing too, making her fun to watch.

Zira Brown


Wow she really took the phone 😂 #ShortcutRun

♬ original sound – Zira

(Tiktok username: @zirab)

Zira Brown is a famous TikTok star who hails from Fort Pierce, Florida. She has been gaining a lot of attention lately on TikTok for her good looks and great video content.

She comes up with original sketch comedy routines, and a lot of the time collaborates with other TikTok users to create musical montages. She started way back in 2015 on Musical.ly, and has since amassed as many as 1.5 million TikTok followers.

Khushi Punjaban


Mere video toh gharwale bnate a 🤪🤪 Instagram- khushi.vivekchoudhary #vkcouple04 YOUTUBE Channel- mr & mrs choudhary

♬ Video Bana De – Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz & Aastha Gill

(Tiktok username:@khushi.punjaban )

This sexy social media personality and influencer of fashion can be found on TikTok at @khushi.punjaban. She was born in 1995 in New Delhi, India, and she is most famous for her TikTok videos that have made her a star in her home country. She loves to upload dancing, lip-syncing, and funny videos to her 10 million TikTok followers. So far, she has over 500 million TikTok hearts.

Somya Daunkar

(Tiktok username:@somya_daundkar)

This hot TikTok model, influencer, and artist has managed to amass over 10 million TikTok followers in seemingly no time at all. She was born in 2002 in Maharashtra. While she has completed school, she hasn’t yet officially graduated. She has more than 400 million TikTok hearts to her name, which is pretty impressive.

Rebecca Zamolo


I can’t believe I found this baby video of me in Big Bear 🎥. #fyp #toddler

♬ Hi watermelon sugar – Alisa 👼🏻

(Tiktok username:@rebeccazamolo)

Rebecca Zamolo isn’t just a hot TikTok star – she is a gymnast as well, and likes to showcase her gym skills on her popular social media account. When she’s not making videos to do with being a gymnast, she and her husband make videos around comedic things. She is pretty well-liked in general, which is why she has over 12 million TikTok followers right now.

Nagma Mirajkar


Which one suits me the most ? #whichhaircolor || Should I change my hair colour for real ? 🌚 #Atrangz

♬ original sound – Nagma Mirajkar

(Tiktok username:@nagmaa)

This incredibly popular TikTok star has some of the best funny and fashionable videos on TikTok right now. Being from India, this means that she’s not only popular in her home country, but in other parts of the world like America, as well. She currently has over 13 million fans and more than 300 million hearts.

Zoe LaVerne

(Tiktok username:@zoelaverne)

This attractive American TikTok star and social media personality are hugely popular not only on TikTok but on her other social media channels as well. She has been around since TikTok was Musical.ly, and she likes to post comedy videos, as well as lip-syncing challenges. She currently has over 250 million TikTok hearts and an official style guru badge. She has even collaborated with other influencers on the social media sharing app.

Aashika Bhatia


😢😢🥺🥺💔💔 #fyp #foryou @satviksankhyan 💔

♬ original sound – Aashika Bhatia

(Tiktok username:@aashikabhatia)

This popular TikTok star currently has over 400 million hearts, and 14 million TikTok fans. She is known for her lip-syncing and dancing videos, which is why so many people love to watch her on TikTok. She has even been called the most famous actress and TikTok star.

Mackenzie Ziegler

(Tiktok username:@mackenzieziegler)

Makenzie Ziegler is one of the hottest girls on TikTok right now from America, and she is also one of the most popular, with over 16 million TikTok fans. She has gained a lot of followers in a short amount of time, and as you can expect, her videos and profile, in general, is very popular among TikTok users.

Lauren Godwin


Blueberry hair has come to an end…💙 Do you guys like it🥺 #foryou

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

(Tiktok username:@laurengodwin)

This sexy TikTok star is also incredibly talented and has become incredibly popular for her humorous TikTok videos. She also loves to make challenge videos as well on the popular social media platform, where she creates challenges of her own, as well as collaborating with some of her friends and other social media influencers. She has since officially joined the ranks of some of the most popular TikTok influencers.

Garima Chaurasiya


Duji var kyaa 100 times I love you my Tiktok fam♥️🌸🙈 #gimaashi #foryou

♬ original sound – 😘Multani😉 – Multani

(Tiktok username:@gima_ashi)

This incredibly talented and sexy TikTokstary from India is liked by so many people on TikTok that she now has over 500 million hearts, and 18 million fans. She has received a lot of love from her fans as a result, and she is also considered a celebrity on other social media channels too, so, all in all, we think that she’s a pretty hot, popular star online in general.

Liza Koshy

(Tiktok username:@lizzza)

You might know Liza Koshy from other social media channels, most notably from Vine and YouTube. She has been able to use her already established fame to make a pretty smooth transition over to TikTok, where she has already been able to amass over 19 million TikTok fans. She also has over 150 million TikTok hearts as well and is known for her lip-syncing videos.

Avneet Kaur

(Tiktok username:@avneetkaur_13)

The next hottest TikTok star on our list is Avneet Kaur, an incredibly famous Indian star that started out her career as a child actress, and has been on many different films and TV shows in India. She was also on Dance India Dance, which means that she’s naturally talented when it comes to making those TikTok moves. She has since grown her TikTok to be one of the most popular accounts and collaborates with lots of others on there as well. 

Sameeksha Sud

(Tiktok username:@sameeksha_sud)

The next hottest TikTok girl on our list is Sameeksha Sud, a social media influencer who has more than 20 million TikTok fans. She has also collaborated with a lot of other famous TikTok influencers. This 30-year-old actress knows how to garner more and more fans, and currently has over 800 million hearts on TikTok.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani


jalebi baby #jannat_zubair29 #foryou #foryoupage #fyp @ojustha29 @ayaanzubairofficial12 @_arshiyajahan.7_

♬ original sound – jannat_zubair_29

(Tiktok username:@jannat_zubair29)

The next hottest girl on TikTok is Jannat Zubair Rahmani, and with over 400 million TikTok hearts so far, we only see good things in her future. She was also an actress back home in India and has since been given many awards around her acting. She even won Best Child Actress. As you can imagine, she is an incredibly popular, attractive TikTok influencer that currently has over 20 million fans.

Nisha Guragain

(Tiktok username:@nishaguragain)

This Indian TikTok star is one of the hottest girls on the platform, and with over 500 million TikTok hearts, it’s easy to see why. She has been followed by people from all over India and makes lip-syncing videos, many of which have gone viral. She currently has over 20 million TikTok fans, making her one of the hottest, most popular girls on the platform.

Arishfa Khan

(Tiktok username:@_arishfakhan_)

This popular actress hails from Ganga and is known for many different Indian TV shows that have proven her to be pretty famous. She has many followers on TikTok as a result, and over 800 million hearts. With more than 23 million fans, you can see why this TikTok influencer is so appealing.

Addison Rae

(Tiktok username:@addisonre)

This 21-year-oldTikTok star is from Louisiana in the United States. She might have started young, but since then, she has amassed quite a following on the popular social media sharing app. She currently has over 1 billion TikTok hearts, and 27 million TikTok fans. Interestingly, the videos that she does with her parents are the ones that she’s most well known for.

Carlie D’amelio

(Tiktok username:@charlidamelio)

This incredibly popular and hot TikTok star is currently one of the most followed influencers out there, which is definitely saying something. She is well known for her dance videos and even competed professionally in dance at the Diva Dance Competition in Hartford. She also puts up lip-syncing videos and currently has more than 40 million TikTok followers.

Holly H


i made a dance. hi 🙋🏼‍♀️

♬ Love Nwantiti(Remix) – 🥲❤️‍🩹

Tiktok username:@hollyh)

Holly H had a pretty good thing going for herself on Vine before it got shut down, and while many people lost out in a huge way when Vine was no longer, Holly managed to translate the majority of her fan base to TikTok and retain her influence as a hot social media star. This 25-year-old from the U.K. is one of the most influential TikTok stars to date and is considered a girl crush for millions. 

Dixie D’Amelio


living in my cute custom red tracksuit and sipping my favorite red velvet latte from @originaldonutshop❤️ #DSHPPartner

♬ Christmas City 30 – Auracle

(Tiktok username:@dixiedamelio)

Name seem familiar? This is because Dixie is the older sister of another hot TikTok star, Charli, who we talked about up there. This TikTok influencer is known for her dance and choreography videos, and since she has been on TikTok, she has managed to sign a deal with a major talent agency, along with her sister, in 2019.

Garima Chaurasia


My new hair color🙈🖤 thanks to Tiktok @rugeesvini__ #rugima #gimaashi #foryou #trending

♬ original sound – garimachaurasia996

(Tiktok username:@gima_ashi)

This attractive TikTok star is from India, and she is also a model as well, which explains why she gets so much attention on the popular social media sharing app. She has gone viral in the past and currently has over 18 million TikTok followers.

Avani Gregg


anyways 🤨 MAKEUP CHECK 😎

♬ original sound – Very very yes

(Tiktok username:@avani)

The last hottest TikTok girl on our list is Avani Gregg, an All-American beauty who is from Indiana. She is 19 years old, and she has wasted no time in amassing a huge following on the popular TikTok platform. She was just 14 when she got her start, and she has since joined other TikTok creators to make some pretty popular content. She currently has over 13 millionTikTok fans.

Shweta Bhintade

(Tiktok username:@x.shweta.x)

This famous model and Tiktok star is from India, and she is best known for her comedic and lip-syncing videos.You might already have guessed that she has a huge following in her home country, and she has a major following on Instagram as well, where she models and shows off her fasionable outfits. She is even considered a comedian on TikTok. She has over 600,000 fans on TikTok.

Tilda Harris

(Tiktok username: @tildaharris)

The next hottest TikTok girl on our list is from Nigeria, and she has been able to attract as many as 300,000 followers in her short career on the newest social media sharing app. They posts story time videos of topical content, and she also loves to lip-sync as well.

She is 27 years old, and she does a lot of fan engaging videos, which makes her super popular and really relatable.

Kiera Please

(Tiktok username: @kierapleaze)

Kiera Please is another hot female TikTokker who has been around for a while and knows how to create exciting, interesting and original content. She is known for cosplay videos, and she is just 25 years old.

She knows how to play the piano, which fans have been able to see in some of her videos, and she is from Virginia. So far, she has been able to amass 30,000 subscribers, which we think is pretty good.

Briar Jones


The soothing skin solution is here! @AveneUSA 30secondstosoothe, aveneusa, sensitiveskin, #avenepartner

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

(Tiktok username: @heybriajones)

Briar Jones hasn’t been that famous on TikTok for very long, which means that she’s one of the newest additions to our list. She has over 140,000 followers on TikTok currently, and says that Kansas is her hometown.

She considers herself to be a bit of a fashion influencer as well, which we can get on board with. You can find her on Instagram, too. With 200,000 fans, we think that this rising star is only going to go up from here.

Final Thoughts

So, there it is – our picks for the prettiest, hottest TikTok girls right now. It’s harder than you think to be awarded this title, and as you can see, the majority of them have huge followings.

As TikTok gets bigger, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more girls move up the ranks, but for now, this is the definitive list of hot TikTok girls that you have to check out. Happy TikTokking!

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