FIX: Instagram “Your Account Was Compromised”

SOLVED: Instagram “Your Account Was Compromised”

Instagram “Your Account Was Compromised”: Instagram is working hard to make sure that their platform is pristine. They are seemingly on the warpath, cracking down on Instagram users that appear to be using third-party apps to help grow their accounts.

Instagram does this by sending them a warning notification. With this warning notification comes the suggestion that they change their password. They say this because they assume that the third party app has shared your password with another service, in order to help you get more engagement.

However, this could just be their way of reeling in their users and limiting them to the option of paying Instagram itself for ads. Nobody wants to be blocked or restricted on Instagram, so let’s take a look at why this happened and what you can do about it.

Why This Has Happened

As we mentioned, Instagram has been pretty busy lately, cracking down on users who are affiliating with third party companies. The main thing that they are focusing on is third-party companies that cache users’ passwords in order to provide them with a service for engagement and growth.

Instagram has been doing a lot to limit this activity, including sending out cease and desist notices, blocking accounts that have been compromised, and cutting off access to third parties. It’s clear at this point what Instagram is trying to communicate: if you don’t comply with the terms and conditions, Instagram will block you. And, if you are a brand that uses third-party apps to get ahead, you will be blocked as well.

They claim that they are most concerned about the security of their user’s personal information, like usernames and passwords. This is definitely one thing to be worried about, especially if you use the same or a similar password across multiple platforms. The risk of being hacked does increase when you align with a third party app.

How to Fix It

Instagram Account Compromised

One of the first things you need to do if you get this message from Instagram is to change your password. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to wait at least a week to use your account again. After a week, we suggest manually growing your account for a little while, until things settle down.

You’ll also want to consider changing the proxy that you’re using. Remember, there’s a good chance that Instagram has red-flagged the one that you were using, so if you want to stay off their radar in the future, then it’s best to change proxies.

Lastly, you’ll want to check the compliance of the third-party app you’re using. There are many different companies out there that offer a variety of different engagement and Instagram growth services, and as a result, they will have different security measures and regulations of compliance. As long as they are in line with Instagram’s guidelines, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The Ultimate Fix

If you still feel like you’re at risk of receiving Instagram’s ‘compromised’ message again, then perhaps it’s worth changing your automation provider altogether. The fact that you have received the message in the first place means that there’s a good chance the one you’re with right now is just going to get you in even more trouble in the future.

If you’re not keen to get in trouble again, but still need help with your Instagram growth, then we strongly suggest that you go on the hunt for a different automation provider entirely. Here are our suggestions from our reviews of the best Instagram services.

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How This Affected Big Brands Too

Don’t worry – if you thought you were the only one to receive this message, you’re not alone. In fact, Instagram’s tunnel vision is so bad that they’re catching big brand names in their net that don’t even belong there. Big social media management apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, both of which comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions, are running into trouble on the popular social media app.

Users of both popular management tools are reporting that they, too, have been receiving Instagram’s ‘compromised’ message, even though they’re not doing anything wrong. If these warnings really were a mistake, this brings to light another issue that’s concerning – how accurate is this attempted crackdown that Instagram is implementing?

It seems as though nobody is immune to the blitz, as Instagram continues to boldly – and blindly – restrict its users left right and center.

Final Thoughts on Compromised Accounts

If your Instagram profile has been impaired by Instagram’s recent crackdown on third-party apps, you may be feeling like your time on the gram is over. However, as you can see, we’ve got the solution to make it all better – and it’s easier than you think. If you’re already with companies like Buffer and Hootsuite; it’s worth getting in touch with them about this issue.

However, if you’re not, we highly recommend trying the suggestions above, as well as changing up Instagram automation providers to make sure that you can continue on with Instagram while remaining compliant without getting the annoying account compromised message.

What else can you do? Well if you lose your account you can always start again, but this time, buy an aged Instagram account to give you a jumping kickstart.

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