TikTok Tests External URLs to be Added to Clips

TikTok Tests External URLs to be Added to Clips

Last year in October, TikTok started testing out a few new features, including being able to add external links to videos, to provide viewers with additional context. Now, it seems as if TikTok has decided to expand on this, which would allow users to include a link to three main sites – Yelp, Wikipedia, or Trip Advisor.

Tiktok Links

This feature will help creators add more context to their content, and from a digital marketing point of view, while it’s not as good as being able to include a backlink to your personal website, it can be good for credibility.

TikTok has been playing around with different linking features for a while now, and last November, they trialed how eCommerce links might come across in TikTok videos. This feature is an extension of how TikTok generates the vast majority of its revenue in Asian industries.

Tiktok Ecommerce

The local version of TikTok in China, called Douyin, now accommodates many different eCommerce options, which has helped the app transform into a popular platform for online shopping.

The success of this has led TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to start experimenting with links on TikTok as well. They’re even testing, including links in the bios of user-profiles, too.

Making sure that it can produce some kind of revenue for both itself and its users are going to be an integral part of keeping the platform sustainable in the long-term.

So far, without the use of links in videos, nobody has been able to develop a good enough revenue stream to be posting consistently.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that Vine collapsed because its creators soon realized that they could make a lot more money on other platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat.

If TikTok wants to stay afloat and keep its popular reputation, it will need to increase its monetization tools, and fast.

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