Flick Review – Is It the Best Instagram Hashtag Platform?

Nobody said that it would be easy, but lately, for a lot of people, it seems virtually impossible to grow their brands successfully on platforms like Instagram.

There are tools that can help, like Flick (A.K.A Flick Tech, Flick.tech) whom we are going to review today.

The competition is hotter than it’s ever been, and the ability to come up with the ultimate hashtag strategy seems to be reserved to tech nerds, or people who have exclusive access to ultimate resources.

However, it doesn’t have to be this unattainable – in fact, there are now ways to make sure your brand gets in front of the right people in a seemingly impossible time frame.

Let’s review Flick who have been making waves in the social media management industry, and see if they’re worth aligning with your Instagram business account.

Flick Review

So, you may be feeling frustrated at the lack of attention on your Instagram posts lately.

You may also feel pretty satisfied with your hashtag game – but not completely. Perhaps you’ve started to hear the word ‘strategic’ floating around the rumor mill lately, and you’re curious to find out more.

As the social media marketing industry continues to get bigger and bigger, brands have to come up with new and unique ways to stand out.

One of these is being strategic with the hashtags that they use. However, this is easier said than done – in fact, most people simply don’t have enough hours in their day to implement their hashtag strategy to a point where it is reaping the rewards.

Flick.tech - Viral Posts

While there’s nothing wrong with putting a trending hashtag on your post, there is a lot more that goes into working out the perfect hashtag strategy than this, and Flick is here to make it a lot easier.

Our Favourite Hashtag Tools

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What is Flick?

Flick is a hashtag discovery tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people find the perfect hashtags for their niche and industry.

Flick can significantly reduce the amount of time their clients spend on researching the perfect hashtags for their profile.

In fact, they reduce it so much that it’s only going to take you a few minutes – when normally it could take hours.

Flick Review - Hashtag Search

They allow users to filter their hashtags based on engagement and size, in addition to topic.

Using hashtags that you’ve been able to find through Flick can help you connect better with your target audience, which of course, is going to increase your growth, engagement, and ultimately, your lead generation.

Getting Started with Flick

Flick is more straightforward than you may anticipate – their service model is simply this: search, manage, and optimize. Their hashtag search feature lets you find other hashtags that are relevant to the ones that you’re already using on your posts.

This means that if you search #blessed in their search engine, you will get a list of other hashtags that relate directly to this search – and they make sure that they rank high in engagement, too.

Another feature that is popular with Flick is their ‘viral post finder.’ This can help you find and understand your different types of content, and how each type performs across your audience.

You can also find other people’s content that includes this information too. Images will come up in their search results, and you can see how and why they’re so popular.

When it comes to the management side of things, you’re looking at their hashtag collections feature. This is where you can archive and build a library of favorite hashtags that you want to keep for future use.

You can even export these lists to various devices, making it super easy to save them and apply them to future posts.

Flick tech has just come out with a mobile app that can help you access hashtags that you’ve stored in your collection already.

Last but not least, Flick tech offers a hashtag metrics feature. This is all the data that Flick thinks is relevant and important to the hashtags that you have searched.

Flick Review - Hashtag Collections

They will present you information around things like potential reach and daily average post count, as well as average likes. This is going to help you work out which hashtags are working well for your brand, and which ones aren’t.

It’s pretty easy to get started with Flick. Once you’ve logged in to an account that you’ve created, you can connect your Instagram business profile. If you need a little bit more to figure out if they’re a good fit for you, they also offer a free seven-day trial.

Pros & Cons

Just like all other companies out there that you’ll find in this industry, Flick has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about those below:

  • Advanced hashtag strategy tools
  • Specific to Instagram
  • Services are easy to use and clean
  • Set up is simple and straightforward
  • Plenty of tutorials and helpful information to assist you
  • Feature request portal
  • Ability to download and export
  • Can only be used with Instagram

Flick’s Pricing

Flick has a variety of different price points, so it all depends on what your budget looks like. Their Lite version is just 4.99 pounds a month, and with this, you’ll be able to connect one of your Instagram accounts, while making the most of their analytics function and basic search tools.

Their next plan up is going to cost you 9.99 pounds a month, and this one is the best if you’re just getting started with your brand online, and you need a bit of everything. It comes with access to hashtag collections, search results, and suggested filters.

Their most expensive plan is 49.99 pounds a month. This is ideal for anyone who has multiple Instagram accounts that they’re managing. It can help you with up to six accounts and can save up to 500 hashtags in your collection.

As we mentioned earlier, Flick offers a free seven-day trial, too, in case you want to check out how they work against your accounts before you commit to anything.


What is Flick Used For?

Let’s have a quick recap of what Flick is primarily used for. Flick is a social media management software that offers various features, including social media monitoring, customer engagement, brand tracking, content management, and analytics.

Does Flick.tech Come with a Free Plan?

No – but it does offer a free seven-day trial.

Does Flick Tech Come with API?

No, Flick does not come with API.

Review Conclusion

Whether you’re new to the social media marketing scene, or you’re an old hat looking for a refresher, Flick is an excellent option.

From being able to help you with all of your hashtag tracking & monitoring to helping you archive hashtags for later and even export them to various devices, there’s a lot of ways that Flick can make a big difference to your brand’s online presence.

Don’t forget to check out their free seven-day trial, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even their most expensive package is affordable according to the majority of brand budgets.

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