Mass Planner Alternatives (Updated 2024!)

Mass Planner Alternatives (Updated 2021!)

If you’re here, it means you know that Mass Planner has long been shut down, and you’re looking for a similar website, tool or service.

The shutdown was another blow for the world of automation, following the forced shut down of Instagress and Archie by Instagram. Because Mass Planner was a site that catered across the board of social media, there’s going to be a lot of love lost with this one.

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So what next then for those of you who relied on the versatility of Mass Planner?

It has certainly sparked a heated debate over whether automated engagement within your social media is a legitimate help or not – some people would argue that if you are paying for the growth of your social media accounts, they aren’t genuine and you’re cheating the system.

However, other people take the stance that automated engagement has its place and purpose – as long as you don’t abuse it.

Mass Planner Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Mass Planner that you can use to continue your automated actions, so hopefully between this sombre news and the discovery of an ideal substitute, you won’t lose too much engagement on your posts in the process.



Growthoid describes themselves as the most powerful organic growth tool for Instagram that you will find in the industry – and just like Trusy, judging on the customer reviews, we’re feeling pretty confident about this statement.

They say right from the get-go that they don’t mess around with bots, fake followers, or spam. All they want is to help their clients get ahead with real engagement that’s going to be around for a long time.

Growthoid wants to help you automatically engage with your targeted community, and not only does their automated growth tool help you grow quicker, but it also saves you a ton of time. Now, you don’t even have to think about the engagement side of things – you only have to think about creating even more awesome content for your brand new audience.



If you haven’t already heard of Growthsilo, it’s about time that you did. If you’re gutted that Massplanner has shut down and you need something that’s going to be the same or better, we highly suggest you check out Growthsilo. These guys truly know what it takes to build a brand successfully online.

Their secret? Doing it all.

Growthsilo is less of a growth service and more of an all-encompassing agency. This means that they cover everything that you could think of for your brand when it comes to its online marketing. From helping you make sure that your website looks good enough for an increase in traffic to making sure you’ve got a good email campaign set up, there’s not a lot that these guys can’t do for your brand growth needs.

Perhaps the thing we love the most about Growthsilo is that they sit down with every new client and ask them about their brand, and what they need. They know that it’s not just a one size fits all, and they can even cater to different budgets, too.

  • Growth agency specializing in every aspect
  • Great pricing
  • Free consultation
  • Good customer support
  • Could be too much for some

Task Ant

Task Ant

The runner up on our list of the best Massplanner alternatives is Task Ant, but they could be a contender for first place too because they’re pretty cool. The reason why they’re so cool is that they’re unique, and bring something to the table that’s hardly been seen in the industry so far.

They caught on early to the concept that hashtags are the most crucial part of any person’s Instagram engagement strategy. This is why they have created their very own search engine for hashtags that features exclusive data and analytics, telling you all about it, and most importantly, whether it’s a good option for your Instagram growth or not.

If you want an affordable, user-friendly, reliable growth service that’s not going to get you in trouble with the gram, check out Task Ant.

  • In-depth hashtag analysis
  • Effective search engine
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe to use
  • Can only be used for hashtags



ektora is a piece of software that can grow and automate your Instagram account for you both organically and safely. Sadly, they don’t offer a trial version because once you download the software you get 100% copy of it, forever.

Nevertheless, their software works perfectly and is secure. With ektora you can perform up to 6000 actions per day. This is a rare promise these days, especially since the recent updates of Instagram. The software is inexpensive and very cheap compared to most online automation services.

Why is it worth it? It uses AI to detect real profiles, so you get engagement from real users from your niche. ektor is a safe replacement for Mass Planner.

Why is it safe? The behavior of the bot is human-like, it uses face recognition. Moreover, it emulates the latest Instagram app version. This way, you don’t let your account take any risk.

  • Organic and safe growth
  • Affordable pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Effective growth
  • No free trial



Upleap may surprise you, just as it has surprised us. This older Instagram growth company has recently redone everything about its services to keep up with the play. They know that these days, everyone is obsessed with being real and authentic, which is why they have changed their features so that they’re now done manually by personal account managers.

There is absolutely no risk of using a company like Upleap as your go-to Massplanner replacement. They even offer a free three-day trial, which you can check out without having to share your credit card details. If you prioritize things like accountability and trust, we recommend that you check out Upleap.

  • Well established company
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great customer support
  • Helpful website
  • Secure https site
  • Free trial
  • Can only be used with Instagram



If you want your Mass Planner alternative to come with a touch of class, then you should check out Trusy. One of the first things that you’ll notice when you visit the Trusy website is that they have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner which you can use to get in touch with them about anything, whether you’ve got an initial question or need technical help once you’ve signed up.

Trusy says that they have finally cracked the code when it comes to your Instagram growth, and we’re inclined to believe them, judging by their reviews. For a relatively new company, they have generated a lot of buzz around their features already, which bodes really well.

If you need something that’s going to understand what it takes to grow a successful Instagram account and really make a difference, then we highly recommend you check out Trusy as your Mass Planner alternative.

Follow Adder

Follow Adder

This Mass Planner replacement is called Follow Adder.

Now, its worth noting that, unlike MassPlanner, Follow Adder is a little bit more specific in its service in that it only caters to Instagram.

Follow Adder is a great Instagram bot, and one of the more popular.

It covers all the necessary services of engagement that you might want to use. Its primary functions include scheduled posts, likes, and comments, new (authentic) followers, and searches by hashtag analysis.

It’s a great system if you’re running a business Instagram account and looking for ways to promote it. Their business services include using data analysis to search and develop hashtags that are relevant to your business and engaging with your audience in a bid to attract their attention to your page.

They also follow users that are following similar accounts to you so you can guarantee a demographic of followers that are looking for exactly what you are trying to promote. They also are able to run contests on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis, which is a proven form of promotion if you’re trying to sell a product.



When Combin talks about their business ethos, they say that it is based around Instagram marketing and content planning solutions.

They know that there’s a lot more than meets the eye to everyone’s Instagram growth strategy, which is why they can help you with multiple facets of your approach. They have a chatbox on their homepage, so you can get in touch with them whenever you need to, and they have divided their features into different categories, depending on what you need.

They have both an automated growth service, as well as a scheduler, so you can schedule content a week or two in advance, and put your focus instead into making even more.

Both their automated growth service and scheduler can be tried for free, and you can even download their dashboard onto your desktop so that you get to retain most of the control.

If you really want to attract new Instagram followers who are going to be genuinely interested in your content, we strongly suggest you check these guys out.

Pinbot AI

PinBotAI Pinterest bot overview

The next Mass Planner alternative is Pinbot AI.

Like Follow Adder, Pinbot is more limiting than Mass Planner in that it only caters to Pinterest – but based on this emphasis, it is also a highly recommended system.

Like Follow Adder for Instagram, Pinbot automates all your marketing activities through their state of the art desktop software, saving you time and making it simple and easy to run a successful Pinterest page. Pinterest, while not as visited as Instagram and Facebook, is the leading social media for online business so if you already have or are thinking of running a business page, Pinterest is highly recommended.

Pinbot offers services like liking and commenting on pins, following, and unfollowing users, and unfollow the non-followers. It also pins unique images, repins relevant photos and actively invites users to pin on your boards. It covers all the basics when it comes to running a daily, engaging Pinterest page. They offer a basic and a premium service, both of which have many benefits. The advantage with the premium service is that you get eleven more features than the basic service.

If you’re serious about your business, Pinbot will give it every chance of being successful on Pinterest.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is the another alternative to MassPlanner – and it’s in another category of social media automation, with similar benefits.

While it caters to a broader range of social media sites, like Mass Planner, it is a management tool only.

This means that while you work with automated systems, you work with them through a team of people that manage your pages for you – they’re like your management team that do all the dirty work while you sit back and focuses on the less repetitive, mundane parts of having a successful social media page. This results in a more authentic level of engagement as you’re not leaving all your interactions online to an automated bot.

Agora Pulse works heavily with data, analyzing the incoming and outcoming traffic on all your pages so that they can more accurately focus on the areas of promotion that your business needs.

One advantage of Agora Pulse is that it’s a good alternative to look into if you want to get away from complete automation for a bit as a result of the recent culling – there’s more than one way to outsource those pesky, time-consuming tasks you would rather not have to do.

Hoot Suite


This Mass Planner alternative is on the same page as Agora Pulse – it is a social media management platform, offering similar services as an alternative to complete automation of your engagement.

It primarily acts as a constant support, simplifying everything that you need to do on a daily basis on each of your social media pages into one easy to use platform that reduces multiple clicks into just one.

This allows you to reply to followers faster, publish content quicker, and be involved in the analysis of your follower’s activity. Like Agora Pulse, they use analytics reports to track and grow your audience with you so you can have a first-hand idea of what it takes to manage a successful business page – without spending hours each day doing those trivial tasks.

Hoot Suite gets you to engage actively with your followers, listening to what they like about your business and what they would like to see, so you can grow your page knowing as much about the demographic you are trying to target as possible. It is a much more hands-on and interactive alternative.



If you’re someone who prefers to go with a Mass Planner alternative that’s been in the industry for a while and really knows what they’re doing, then you have to check out Jarvee.

In fact, it’s going to be pretty surprising if you haven’t heard of them yet. This is because they were one of the first growth companies in the industry, which means that they have a great, well-established reputation.

One thing that we really like about Jarvee is that you can download them onto your computer, and have a lot more say in how they execute your engagement strategy. This means that you can implement it and have it run 24/7 so that your account can keep growing even when you’re not doing anything.

If you’re looking for something that’s proven to be effective, we suggest you check out Jarvee.

  • Well established company
  • Affordable pricing
  • Tried and true methods
  • Great features
  • Help with multiple platforms
  • Hasn’t been working properly lately

Mass Planner Shut Down by Instagram: What Happened?

Mass Planner Shut Down
Mass Planner Shut Down

Mass Planner has been shut down.

Like Instagress and Archie, Mass Planner has fallen under the swift blitz of Instagram in its relentless quest to keep automation off of its platform entirely.

Mass Planner was a favourite amongst automation software, particularly because it was so diverse in its services. Unlike Instagress and Archie who only served to automate Instagram, Mass Planner helped people automate their social media engagement across all social media platforms.

This has brought to light the controversial topic of using automation for your interaction as opposed to actual user activity.

While authentic user activity would seem to be the altruistic path to take, especially because Instagram itself states that automation is against the rules in its terms and conditions, it’s still not seen as a complete violation of running and growing a successful social media account.

It’s more like a white lie than a complete fabrication.

In a fast-paced world where your business pages require regular daily attention across the board, it’s easily excusable to justify the use of an automated system to make sure that your followers are getting a continuation of you and what you’re trying to promote. Plus, some Instagram bots are more organic than others.

Mass Planner helped you manage multiple sites at once, saving you a lot of time. This meant taking those tedious moments of scrolling through and liking other peoples photos and doing it for you, freeing up your time to interact more with your existing followers.

Mass Planner focused on building up your following while you focused on nurturing the existing number. This, of course, is a system that can be easily abused, and people inevitably abused it. The problem with Mass Planner was that people started to become too reliant on it – using the automation for all of their social media interaction, not just some, which resulted in a very obvious spamming.

This meant that many people started to move over the line of argument to the other side – resenting Instagram for becoming a field of automated bots that rendered everything automatic and artificial.

Now that Mass Planner has disappeared, along with Instagress and Archie, chances are you’ll see a drop in your engagement.

However, the perspective now is quality over quantity, as the engagement that is left is guaranteed to be user activity.

If this doesn’t quite cut it, there are plenty of alternatives for Mass Planner out there to turn to.


What is an Automated Growth Service?

An automated growth service is a piece of software that can help you put all of your engagement interactions on autopilot for Instagram. This means that it can automatically like, comment, and follow other people within your niche so that they will want to check out your content in return. As long as the company sticks to Instagram’s guidelines around third party use, this is a great way to grow your profile.

Can it Get My Account Banned?

The only way that companies like this can get your account banned is if they violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. This means that if they go beyond Instagram’s daily limit of interactions, Instagram will red flag your account, and you will risk being suspended or banned. If they don’t violate them, though, there’s no risk to your account.

Will These Companies Steal My Password?

Don’t worry – there’s no incentive for companies like this to steal your password. However, if this is something that still concerns you, you can always change it for peace of mind.

Why is a Free Trial Important?

A free trial is a great way to get to know a company and its services before you commit to anything. The last thing you need is to sign up with a company only to realize that it’s not working – but you can’t get out of your subscription. Free trials give you a great idea of whether a company is well suited to your needs or not.

Final Recommendations

Each of the services mentioned above has a unique way of being able to help you grow your online business, whatever social media platform you are using.

If you are trying to promote your business across multiple pages, you can even combine services like Stellation Media, Jarvee, Pinbot and Agora Pulse, covering all the bases.

It’s good to go for services that are designed specifically for that particular social media platform, like Follow Adder is for Instagram, because then you know you’re getting unadulterated help from an expert piece of software that exclusively works within that field.

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