Sheryl Sandberg’s Worried About TikTok’s Growth

Sheryl Sandberg’s Worried About TikTok’s Growth

The COO of Facebook is worried that TikTok is a potential threat. When she sat down for an interview with an NBC reporter, she discussed the way that different social media companies compete with one another for engagement. She said that they compete for users’ attention constantly.

She also said that she worries about how fast TikTok is growing. Because it has grown faster than Facebook did, she worries about it all coming crashing down too soon.

Last November, TikTok was at 1.5 billion downloads, and it was the third most popular downloaded app, which meant that it did better than Instagram and Facebook. Sandberg says she worries about it, but the level of concern is on par with all other innovations.

In fact, the format that TikTok has chosen is considered an ‘antidote’ to many other apps, including Instagram, as it encourages its users to be authentic over anything else – and that includes curating the perfect picture.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, said that he believes TikTok could override Instagram because it relies on its user’s real talent, as opposed to purely posting for social purposes.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg has also voiced her concerns over TikTok’s Chinese origins. TikTok’s parent company is Bytedance, and Sandberg says that there are many people concerned out there about how they’re using people’s data. She’s not alone – lawmakers in the U.S. have also voiced their concerns. In fact, this has led to many government agencies banning its staff from using the app.

Naturally, TikTok has combated the accusations, saying that it keeps data from its U.S. users right there in the U.S. CEO Steve Huffman, of Reddit, says that he believes TikTok is capable of spyware actions.

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