TikTok Lets Parents Set Time Spent on App

TikTok Lets Parents Set Time Spent on App

TikTok knows better than anyone how addictive their app can be, which is why the popular social media sharing app is giving parents a lot more control over how long their children spend on it.

TikTok has introduced a new Family Safety Mode, which allows parents to control how long their children spend on it. Cormac Keenan, who is the head of safety and trust at EMEA, says that the goal here is to develop a healthy relationship with online services and apps.

Family Safety Mode

This is just one of the many new features that you might see come up on your feed. The company has even collaborated with influencers on the popular app, to help remind people to take a break from TikTok every now and then. Usually, these videos will come up once someone has spent quite a long time on TikTok. While those that aren’t using Family Safety Mode can simply scroll past this, people who are using the parental control won’t be able to watch the app for much longer.

TikTok’s blog post has said that they will keep introducing new ways to keep their community safe so that they can keep the focus instead on what they care about – sharing, creating, and being able to enjoy joint and individual creativity. 

In the Family Safety Mode, parents can limit and restrict who is allowed to send their children messages. They can even turn the messaging feature off completely. They can also limit what content their children can see when they are using the app. Right now, Family Safety Mode is only available in the UK, but TikTok is currently working on making it available to other markets.

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