Twesocial Review 2024 – The Instagress for Twitter?

Twesocial Review - The Instagress for Twitter?

Twesocial Review 2024

We decided to review Twesocial to see if it was actually going to help us attract real, active followers to our account.

Twesocial Review

Twesocial uses automated software to find and follow accounts that fall within your niche, and you can customize their features through things like gender, location, and language so that you can get super specific with your audience.

By following the right people using Twesocial’s automated software, our hope, of course, is that these Twitter users follow our account in return, and we get to grow our account.

We tested out their regular plan, which is just $15 a week.

With this, you get a fully managed service as well as real Twitter followers only. With their pro plan, they work twice as hard for you, and you get better customer service as well.

twesocial review - features

The number of followers that we attracted with Twesocial using their automated software while continuing to post our content on our profile was pretty steady overall.

We experience a slow, yet steady growth in our follower count that could be anywhere from five to 20 new followers every day.

We would say that Twesocial received credit for about half of these followers, which we think is pretty impressive. We expected the growth to be slow and steady, especially because they are attracting real Twitter followers that, of course, we’re hoping will stick around.

What we really liked about this is that we didn’t have to do anything on our end apart from initially setting up our features, which means that

Twesocial’s social media managers do the rest. This is definitely an impressive feature that we appreciated.

twesocial review - Instagress for Twitter?

Of course, after our trial ended at the end of the month, the service stopped. However, we still had access to our account, where we could check out our reports and stats.

Let’s take a moment here to talk about what Twesocial is, so that you can learn all about them before you make your mind up about them.

Twesocial is a growth service for Twitter that can only be used for Twitter. This makes them specialised, which comes with many advantages.

They promise to help you optimise your account, so that you can find the right followers and get that engagement rate up.

They claim to be the number one Twitter growth service out there – and honestly we think that this is a pretty accurate statement.

They can help their clients increase their exposure through their advanced filters, and they promise never to use things like fake accounts, a scam, or bots.

They are just a legit growth company, with some pretty sweet features.

Twesocial say that they come with some of the best advanced targeting features out there. This is a great way to find and connect with the most relevant followers for your profile.

Twesocial Features

Twesocial Features

So, let’s break down Twesocial’s features a little bit more. The first way that Twesocial can help you is through their hashtag filters.

They work hard to find the best hashtags for your profile, so that you can be working only with hashtags that are going to put you directly in touch with the people that matter.

Twesocial can also help you grow your following through interacting with the right usernames.

If you give them usernames of your rivals, they will be able to go and interact with their audience, who might be tempted to take a look at your profile instead.

Twesocial can also help find the best followers for your profile through locations, as well. If you go into your Twitter analytics, you will be able to see where most of your existing audience is located already.

This means that you can put your sights on these locations, and Twesocial can get to work targeting these geographical areas for you, so that your followers are legit.

Twesocial also goes the extra mile for its clients, and uses content to target the right people, too.

They find content that looks very similar to yours, and they use this to interact with people that will be more than likely to follow you.

They also use the follow/unfollow method as well, which is proven to be an effective way of growing your following.

Another great feature that Twesocial offers is weekly reporting. This means that you get to see everything they’re doing for you, on a week to week basis.

They will show you what’s working and what’s not, and if something isn’t working, they will tweak it so it’s right for your profile.

This way, they’re always working to make sure that they’re features are legit, and not a scam.

Pricing Review

Overall, we think that Twesocial did great for our Twitter profile while we were using their regular service, and we think that they’re pretty reasonable at just $15 a week.

We think that they’re an excellent affordable Twitter growth option, especially when you review them against some of those more expensive growth companies out there – and those often don’t even come with a personal account manager.

Twesocial has another price point as well that you can try, if you’ve got a slightly larger budget. For $25 a week, they can offer you everything in the basic package, as well as double the growth and exposure, and priority support.

This means that you can grow your account at speeds you’ve never been able to before, which is obviously legit.

We think that for the price as well, you’re going to find it hard to get the same standard elsewhere.

Is This The Instagress for Twitter?

In short, no. It’s not Instagress for Twitter, because that doesn’t exist. This is an organic growth service for Twitter whereas Instagress was an Instagram bot.

But, in terms of results, it’s definitely a comparison you could make with the results that Twesocial offer.

We think that their results were on par with the rest of their service, which was great, especially because it meant that we had more free time on our end to focus on other things, like creating more content.

What We Learned From Using Twesocial 

Not only did we enjoy the service that we received from Twesocial, we learned a lot of valuable things from using their services. It’s a lot different when you work with a serious Twitter growth company as opposed to many others out there that just want to make a profit. 

The results that we got from Twesocial were better than with any other service we provided, and in this section we want to share with you the biggest takeaways we had from using their service. 

Twitter Growth Doesn’t Have to Take up All Your Time 


Many people try to grow their Twitter profile manually and interact with all relevant users in hopes of gaining more popularity.

This can take a lot of time in front of your screen, and it can also distract you from the other tasks at hand. 

We saw that when you work with an organic Twitter growth service like Twesocial, you can reclaim your time and delegate your Twitter growth that would do exactly what you yourself would.

This helps you to refocus your energy on more pertinent tasks that you have, such as creating content, managing your business, or even growing other social media networks.

Targeted Followers Matter 

Another thing that is important to this Twesocial review is that targeted followers do matter.

While we used to just hope to catch the right users at random, when Twesocial asked us to provide our targeting instructions, we really had to think more carefully about who we wanted to be a part of those targets. 

Using more specific targets to engage with users on Twitter is ideal because you’ll get more relevant followers and engagements, and that can lead to more growth over time. This is something Twesocial does very well, and we are glad that they have developed a service like this.

Posting Content at the Right Time Helps 

Not only does it matter what users you’re targeting, you also have to think even further than that.

Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, Twesocial can take over and interact with those users. 

The next step is for you— you have to be posting content at the right time so that when Twesocial directs those users to your profile, they see relevant and recent content that will capture their attention. 

When you know your target audience and when they’re likely to be on Twitter, you can optimize your content strategy and get even more out of Twesocial’s services.

Use Media in Your Twitter Content 

Twitter Content

According to Twesocial reviews, content that includes rich media, such as a photo or video, performs well on Twitter.

It helps your content and it helps you get better results with Twesocial when you create content that catches the eye of your audience.

We didn’t think that using media in our Tweets mattered that much, but after reading these reviews and testing out the services, we realized that it actually did help our results a lot. Y

our content creation is a very important part of using Twesocial because they are getting real users to check out your account.

You need to give them a reason to stay.

Twesocial Provides More Value Than Most Services

Many Twitter growth services, or social media services in general, are just worried about turning a profit. You’re likely to get a bunch of fake followers, and in some cases, you don’t get anything at all. 

This is quite problematic. Twitter sweeps their platform for and removes all fake followers, so if you buy packaged Twitter followers and get a bunch of fakes, you’re going to lose your investment. 

Not only that, if you buy from a company that doesn’t deliver what they say and then you can’t get a hold of their support team, you’re no better off than you were before and you’ll have to be fighting for your money back. 

Twesocial offers authentic Twitter growth and their support team is available every step of the way. That alone makes them better than most other companies out there.

Twesocial Alternatives 

After we tried Twesocial, for the sake of this Twesocial review, we decided to test out a few other services to see if any of them could measure up to what Twesocial provides.

While there were a lot of companies that didn’t hold weight, there were three that we found to be reputable enough to mention as Twesocial alternatives. 

In this section we’ll describe those services and what you can expect when you work with them. 



We were pleasantly surprised to see that Tweeteev is very similar to Twesocial in many elements.

Tweeteev offers a targeted Twitter growth service that uses your specifications to find you the right Twitter followers that will engage with your content. 

They offer two different plans and with organic growth only that is completely safe. You can pay weekly, which makes their services very flexible.


SocialViral - Buy Facebook Likes & Followers

SocialViral has been around for quite some time now, and according to user reviews, their services work not only for Twitter but also for a variety of other social media platforms. 

They offer authentic and real packages for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

You can choose exactly how many Twitter followers you want and they work with their network partners to provide you real followers rather quickly. 

This is a great option if you’re looking for growth that will get your profile moving and help you in the long term.

SocialViral is very fast and reliable, which is why we included them as an option in our Twesocial review.



The final service that we thought worthy of our Twesocial review alternatives was UseViral.

With an established reputation and thousands of network partners to provide you with authentic social media growth, you’ll gain more relevant Twitter followers in no time. 

They have quick delivery, a safe and secure website with various payment options, and other social media services that can also help you build a cross-platform presence that keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Review Conclusion

Twesocial makes sure that you not only have free time on your hands to focus on your tweets, but you’ve also got the right people checking out your profile and becoming your followers.

Your followers are everything on Twitter, so you’ve got to make sure that you get it right. With Twesocial, we feel confident that you can.

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