WHO Joins TikTok for Reliable News

WHO Joins TikTok for Reliable News

The World Health Organization has just joined TikTok, in an attempt to share accurate information about the coronavirus to people who use the app. This is a timely decision, as more and more people start to panic about the potentiality of a global pandemic.

WHO said that they are joining TikTok to provide its users with public health advice they can rely on. Considering how much fake news is out there about topical health issues like this, WHO’s move onto TikTok is pretty pivotal.

WHO - TikTok

WHO is no stranger to social media platforms. In the past, they have joined and made announcements through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is just their latest attempt to trump memes and general misinformation that is floating around.

Unfortunately, there are those on social media who seem to want to add fuel to the fire. Some have even pretended to have the coronavirus in a bid to gain more online attention.

Benedetta Allegranzi, head of infection prevention and control, has explained on the WHO’s TikTok page ways that you can prevent the spread to coronavirus. She recommends that people wash their hands frequently, and use a tissue or elbow to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing, instead of using their hands.

She also recommends sharing any travel information with health professionals if you or someone who know is exhibiting symptoms.

Face masks have become a controversial topic of discussion lately, as fears of the virus have caused many people to buy and start wearing them.

However, WHO explained in another video on their TikTok page that if you do not have any coronavirus symptoms, you don’t need to be wearing a facemask. In fact, facemasks should only be worn by caretakers, health workers, and anyone who is exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.

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